Temple University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Temple prides itself on being a diverse and more affordable institution than many other northeast U.S. schools. People who want a quality education at a more reasonable price should attend Temple. Those who are comfortable with diversity and a city setting would also welcome what Temple has to offer.


Temple University is a diverse school with a diverse student population. I feel that any student can attend Temple University and meet people that are similar to them. A person who likes the city and constantly being around and meeting new people should attend Temple. Because of Temple University's city location, it is easy to find something to do and people to do those things with.


Someone who likes the feel of an urban atmosphere but likes to be around suburban artistic hippie individuals.


Temple University is for just about anyone. It has a small campus feel even though it is in a rather large city, and there are a vast amount of clubs and activities to join no matter what your interests are. This schools is for anyone interested in getting a great education , in a non-sports dominated school, with the freedom to do and be who you want to be without any pretention. Students across the globe of all different races and ethnic backgrounds choose to receive their higher education here proves that any kind of person should attend Temple University.


Someone seeking personal fufillment and wanting to experience a life-changing perspective about the world.


Anyone who is seriouse about their future and wants to grow in the knoledge of their feild of interest should go to temple university.


An aware person should attend this school. Temple resides in the heart of North Philadelphia. Though campus security is strong and present, a Temple student must never forget to keep everything in check.


diverse, creative


I consider that someone that chooses Temple needs to go not only to obtain a diploma, but also is someone that wants to learn new things about the real world. Someone that likes challenges; someone that will be open to other cultures; someone that is concerned for something else than just grades; it should be someone that is passionate, and that is willing to share their skills as well as to learn new ones. It should be a person that wants to be part of something different than the rest of the regular students.


A person thinking about attending Temple University has to enjoy living in a city environment being that Temple is in the heart of Philadelphia. One would also need to appreciate a diverse community of people coming from all over the country and world to attend Temple Univeristy. A person interested in the arts, culture, or history of Philadelphia might also be interested in attending Temple. Although at Temple there are many resources intended to help its students it has challenging curriculums that push students so one would need to make school a priority.


Someone who enjoys diversity, and is outgoing.


The people that should attend this school should be people that love big urban cities, or people that are curious about the city life, and also anyione that loves diversity should come here as well.


I can not really describe the type of person who should attend this school, but rather will describe the type or person who should not. If you like a more rural, less hectic environment then Temple is not for you. If you are intimidated by neighborhoods that are more susceptible to crime, Temple is not for you. If you enjoy a small, personal experience with faculty, staff, and other students, Temple is not for you.


The kind of person who should attend Temple University should be someone who is looking to study in a diverse community! He or she should be an outgoing and sociable person due to the large class sizes. The individual should be looking for a great college experience filled with great education and numerous opportunities and activities. Temple University offers a broad range of majors and programs; therefore, he or she should be interested in at least one of these great opportunities.


Students who should attend Temple are those looking for a school in the city, an unique experience, and a diverse atmosphere. Temple is full of great professors, awesome academic opportunities, and full of school spirit. If you are ready to branch out, meet new people, and grow as an individual, you would want to attend Temple. Students are able to prosper in a great environment while preparing for their successful futures.


Anyone who wants to live in the city, or commute to the city should attend Temple. They should be very spirited towards sports and sociable, but still do school work.


Someone who wants to attend to Temple University should be able to spend their school days in a city setting. Temple is a big campus so someone attending should be able to navigate the campus for themselves and feel comfortable asking other for help if needed.


Middle class person


Someone looking for diversity, challenging academics, and excellent career help.


I believe that Temple is better for a student who is willing and able to teach most of the academic material on their own. The students also have to do a lot of research on their own (finanical aid, graduate programs, scholarships, internships, etc.). If you have someone who can guide you through your academic carreer and are confident in your independent skills, then Temple is the school for you.


I would recommend Temple University to students who are ready for an adventure. People who are young and unsure of their future aspirations will have plenty of opportunities to explore choices here. On the other hand, Temple has a large number of older, commuting students, so these people with benefit also. It is a good opportunity to living within a 'bubble' in a large city - Philadelphia.


A person looking for a diverse surrounding should attend Temple University. It was a culture shock when I fisrt started here, but now I am used to the diverseness.


Everyone should consider attending this school. Temple University is a great college, and I love attending Temple. I have made quite a few friends, and have three jobs. Temple offers a range of courses, and the School of Communication and Theatre is the third largest school at Temple University. This school is perfect for anyone who wants a good education, and wants to experience Philadelphia.


Creative, down to earth, open minded students


A person that is dedicated to work. Temple gives away alot of student aid and one of those is work study. Also students should have a lot of school spirit.


I would recommend Temple University to any aspiring college student.


The kind of person who should attend this school is someone who isnt ready for a private university or cant afford it. The classes are still pretty small, so there still is that personal touch in it, my classes avg 40 students. Which isnt bad at all! So remember if you aren't ready for private university come here,but goto Community College og Phila first so you can save even more money!


Anyone who is serious about their education and wants be successful in life should attend this school


The type of person who should attend this school, is one with an open mind, interested in working in a diverse environment, ready to work hard in the field of their choice.


Anyone who likes a school with a lot of career and socials activities availabale. Someone who wants to be focused and surrounded by other positive people with an endless amount of opportunities.


The type of person that should attend this school is one who likes a bigger campus, the city enviornment and is looking for diversiy in their school both cultural and academic.


A person who is not afraid to try new things, and have a open mind to different opinion's. Someone who wants to learn about different cultures, different feilds of study and wants to learn a new fact everyday. Someone who can handle being busy all the time and loves the city life. Also someone who loves to have fun and loves to meet new poeple. If you have these qualities, you would love Temple University.


Temple is great for students looking for a campus in a city. Prospective students should be street smart, open to diversity, willing to accept others and eager to learn about different cultures. Academically students should be willing to work hard, able to work independly as well as in groups. Many classes at Temple are offered as large lectures so students need to be able to work hard outside of the classroom also. Temple has many clubs, sports and other organizations that offer students a well balanced social life. Prospective students must be able to balance their time accordingly.


The type of person that should attend this school is a very open minded, hardworking, passionate, social individual.


Someone who is not affraid to be in bad areas and someone who is ready to be in a city.


Temple University is located in Philadelphia which is one of the most diverse cities in the country. I believe an open-minded student who is interested in the many cultures and lifestyles of the world would enjoy attending this university. A student who is willing to learn and work hard should go here; committed to their field of study and achieving the highest degree of education. One who after achieving their goals shares their success and knowledge with the world and helps it improve to make this life better for all.


I feel the kind of person to attend Temple University should be a very serious student. A student who wants to proceed in life with his dream. Temple University if a wonderful university of learning. I feel that all prospective students should consider Temple University as a good, academic and pleasant place to got to. If you go into Temple University with a good head on your shoulder and continue to be strong about your years at the University, you will succeed as a student and then as a proud graduate of Temple University. Temple University is a wonderful school!


I do not think there is a certain type of person, just a certain attitude they should portray. Someone who is willing to put time and effort into their education and earn a degree should attend Temple University. I feel that students at Temple try to maximize their education and minimize the time spent attending the university. Students at Temple University are always striving to succeed.


A person that is open minded and ready to soak up new people and experiences. If you are and open person that is looking to discover what you parrion in life is, Temple Uinversity is an amazing place to start you journey into adult hood. They offer so many programs, clubs, and organizations that anyone with any hobby or interest can find others who can relate to them.


Any person who is wishing to challenge themselves not only academically but also socially should attend Temple. It is in the heart of the inner city so if a person has a propensity towards the country, I would not recommend this school. It is not far from downtown Philadelphia, but it is in a totally different setting. It is also in a not-so-nice part of this city so potential students should be fully aware of the environment they will be placed in.


Those who plan to atten Temple University should be very determined and hard working.


The kind of person that should attend my school is a person that loves to be in an diverse environment and loves to meet people from all different backgrounds and cultures. They should be a person who would like to experience (or already enjoys) city life and whom never wants to be bored. Becuase while attending Temple University a person will never get bored with so many activities going on everyday. Not to mention that going to a school in Philly gives one a chance to learn more about U.S. history and wonderful foods (i.e. Cheesesteaks!)


Some one who is dedicated to working hard, able to commute, and is open to a diverse atmosphere.


The type of person who is willing to sacrifice most of their social life is one who should attend Temple University, especially one, who like myself commutes to school and works full-time. As well as being able to sacrifice, the type of peron who should attend Temple is one who is trying to better his or her life for not only individual achievments but also to better the situation for the people in and around his or her life.


All open-minded people who are looking to experience new thimg and work hard.


I think anyone who wishes to be thoroughly prepared for their desired career both academically as well as real world experience can benefit from what Temple has to offer. There are also alot of student "perks" and opportunities for social activities with fellow students that that strive to build commradore within the student body.


A person who may not be sure of what they would like to major in or just wants to have a wide spread of opportunities should attend Temple University because the school has such a wide range of majors and activities to be involved in. Also, the city of Philadelphia reflects the diversity of Temple and is a melting pot of various cultures, allowing students to delve into their unique interests and find direction for their futures.


Any kind of person can attend Temple University because the schol is so diverse that it can be a positive experience for any type of student, regarding race, religion, financial situation, or study habits.


Any student looking for a well rounded education and fulfilling lifetime experience should attend Temple University. There is a diverse background of people and plenty of events around to keep an active, fun, and exciting social life.


Open-minded; Able to withstand crowds, a big city, public transportation, urban sprawl and decay, lots of noise and long lines; Someone looking for real world experience and great connections and networks.