Temple University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


If you do not like partying or large classes, Temple is not the place for you. I went to a high school with around 500 students, then jumped to Temple-- a school with over 30,000 students. It is easy to feel small here, so I think the size of the school is the most intimidating. Partying is also a big part of the Temple scene. Also, although there are many opportunities here, if you are a person who is used to being able to be in many clubs in high school, it's harder to do so here. Temple encourages students to pick one club and stick with it, and I tried to do four at one time, which was not a good idea. Smaller schools that devote more time to clubs and classes would fit better if you do not enjoy the large campus feel.


Someone that is cutthroat or not willing to be in a diverse environment.


Those who would not feel comfortable at Temple would be people who are not used to or dislike a city envirnoment. Anyone who is of a more "elitist" nature or who is not comfortable with diversity would feel unwelcome.


If you are a bigot, if you are closed minded, if you are hateful, stay away from Temple University. The comunity is wonderful. People care about eachother here. Yes, people form groups and will stick with said groups, but people are open to talk to strangers. At Temple, people are open to new ideas –discussions about philosophy, polotics, religion, anything– and we can talk without feeling threatened. If you are someone who is hateful, please, don't poision the water.


The person that should not attend this school is someone who does not want to be with a large diversity of students. The person should not be someone who does not like to walk from five minutes to each building. Also, the person should not be someone that cannot handle crowded areas. The person should not be solely focused on academics as well.


Someone who doesn't like the big city and big school feel.


A person who isn't motivated, who lacks determination, and who isn't serious about their work should not attend this school. A person who doesn't care about their academics and just comes for the social events should not attend this school.


Temple University has a very large population and has an urban campus. People who dislike urban environments with large populations should not attend this school.


The type of person who should not attend this school is one that does not prefer a big school and one that does not like to get involved in extracurricular activities.


The type of person that shouldn't attend Temple University would be the kind of person who isn't willing to put their best foot forward and work towards a bright future, and who wouldn't want a bright future? My point is that no one should be left out from attending Temple Universiy because being Temple Made will allow anyone a spot in a career of someones interest.


A person who thinks that college is nothing but a party. If you are goning to go to Temple you need to take advantage of learing as much as you can. So when you graduate you can get a job that fits your needs.


If you are a person that prefers smaller institutions Temple can be a challenge in that it is a very large university with over 40,000 students, many colleges and programs. It is located in the urban area of Philadelphia, PA. Its size can be very intimidating for someone who is used to more personalized assistance or a lot of attention. Students have to be very independent, adventurous and responsible as there are many distractions. It is also helpful to be a self-starter and comfortable asking questions and taking initiative.


Someone who wants to be in a small, and quiet school.


This is Temple University Japan campus, so if you don't want to be in Japan.


I think this school fit for everyone who doesn't know their major yet


A person that should not attend this school is someone that hates or dislikes urban metropolitan areas. Any stuent searching for a university that is a more cohensive community or second family in a sense should not go here.


You shouldn't come to Kent State if you are not an outgoing person. This college is huge and there are a lot of people here. However, if you don't make an effort to get involved, or are too shy to talk to a lot of people this place can be really lonely. I came in the middle of the semester and it was a little lonely before I found a good group of friends. You have to get yourself out there if you want to be happy here.


A shy person who doesn't want to succeed in life and thinks that they can ge tby with doing minimal work


Someone who is willing to interact with a diverse group of teachers, students and faculity.


Someone who is racist or is not open-minded to other cultures and ethnicities should not attend Temple University. Also, someone who does not work well in big groups, considering class sizes can range from 20-700 kids per class depending on your major and class.


If you are someone who isn't career focused or honestly is not going to school to earn a degree, you shouldn't go to this school. The professors take the course load very seriously, and if you are looking to just go to school to party, this isn't the school for you. Also someone who doesn't appreciate or is bothered by diversity shouldn't go to this school. Temple University is extremely diverse, which is one of the many great things about it, and it is something that is valued within the community.


Temple University is very diverse, anyone could attend this school.


The kind of person who shouldn't attend this school would be someone who is not focused and unprepared. When entering college you want to have a structure that you can follow to do well in class, get assignments done on time, and be able to succedd.


Someone who is not open to a urban city lifestyle. Someone who desires trees. Someone who is not willing to be assertive. Someone who does not like a big, congested campus experience. Someone who is not open to liberal ideas.


I think if a person has a fear of the city or city life, Temple probably isn't the place for that person to attend. Also, if you only like warm, sunny weather, stick to the South. Temple, as does the city (Philadelphia) it inhabits, has a lot to offer -- culture, entertainment ... and bad weather for at least half the school year.


Anyone who doesn't like urban areas or large crowds


Someone who enjoys city life


The kind of person who should not attend Temple University would be the kind of person who does not want to work hard. Temple has a lot of in class and out of class requirements that many of my friends who attended other universities did not. Also anyone who is closed minded or does not like diversity would feel very uncomfortable here. The campus, students, and faculty are very diverse and and many of the classes canter around diversity and the spread of diversity.


I think that Temple is really for anyone and everyone. It is such a diverse campus, that it makes everyone feel comfortable. It has great learning opportunities, even though some people think it's in a bad location.


If you dont have the passion and motivation for better carreer path or to improve policies, to advocate for the children, homeless, Disables etc. then Temple is not for you.


People who have a problem with living in an urban area, Cold and windy winters, and people who donot like diversity.


There is no one who is unwelcome at Temple University! This institution is welcome to all hard working students. There is a major, club, activity, job, etc. for every type of person here! One will never feel alone in their endeavors and will always have someone to relate to, lean on, and have fun with. In addition, Temple is one of the friendliest campuses I've ever experienced. The students here encourage you to do well in your classes and have fun too. The community here is welcome to all students and everyone can feel comfortable and at home!


Someone who isn't open to listening to opinions that differ from their own or meeting people from different cultures and backgrounds who may have different beliefs.


A person that shouldn't attend this school would be someone who is not open to new experiences. This school encourages students to be open to new experiences and learning opportunities. If someone doesn't like the city, this school is definitely not for them. Also, if someone is undetermined, lazy, and not focused on their future, then this school is not for them either. Temple is all about helping others, and if you're not interested in succeeding, then you're not meant for Temple.


People who can't live without the hype of the city.


The type of person that should attend Temple University is someone who likes diversity and a largely populated school. About forty thousands students attend the University and many international students come to Temple. Someone who is open to learning about and accepting the differences in others would fit in well at Temple. It is also located in a big city so anyone who doesn't mind living on campus and hearing buses, traffic and locals making noise would also do just fine. Because of the large population, many religious groups are present and one should not be judgemental towards others.


Temple is located in North Philadelphia, which isn't the safest of neighborhoods. To be able to get aroudn here, you need to be street smart. The school is fairly large, and some people could be intimidated by the size. People shouldn't atted Temple if they aren't goint to want to walk. The location is close to Center City, so many social activities reflect the city lifestyle. IPeople who don't like cities, public transportation, and noisey traffic should not come here.


The kind of person that doesn't like a big school and all the distactions of being in the middle of the city might cause.


Someone who is culturally self-centered and unwilling to accept diversity should not choose Temple. However, it might be a good choice in order for them to better develop personal skills as they grow older. Temple has an amazing reputation as being a very diverse university; it is filled with students from many backgrounds, with different races and vast cultural beliefs. Even the most stubborn of students learn to appreciate the differences their peers present in the classroom.


someone concerned with school based prestige


If you don't like a large class size.


Students who should stay away from Temple are thoes who do not like the inner city life and want more of a suburban setting. Since Temple is very large students who enjoy smaller classrooms and more personal attenton should not attend Temple. Students who are not self motivated or driven should also not attend Temple.


Someone who is not open to ideas outside of their own mindset.


Temple University is a highly diverse school. Thus, one who is not tolerant, or willing to be open-minded towards others should not attend this school.


Do not attend Temple University if you are not open to new types of people, ideas, and environments. TU is located in north Philadelphia and the city provides an eclectic atmosphere. Everyday, you will be forced to confront someone or something that challenges your perception of the world around you. Do not attend TU if you are not ready to be challenged. Also, do not attend TU if you are afraid to meet all these new people that have new ideas, perspectives, and personalities. I have met people that I disagree with, that complement me, and that inspire me.


This is a school for all types of people; I don?t believe there is a certain type of person who shouldn?t attend. The only problem I actual have with the school is the amount of people who smoke. Since I am not a smoker I don?t like the being constantly bombarded with cigarette smoke, but you can avoid it for the most part so it?s not that bad.


Temple University is a large school and it is a very diverse environment from religion to race. If you are not a big city person, then a smaller school would be a better choice. Also, depending on what you woud like to major in, researching Temple's major offerings is a good tip. If you are worried about SATs, don't attend Temple if you have extremely low scores. Temple normally accepts students with a 2.8 GPA or higher ans SAT scores that are around 1300 or higher.


One who does not enjoy the city-life should not attend Temple University. If one does not become thrilled by the sounds of traffic, beeping cars, the pedestrian crosswalk beeps, and thousands of people enjoying their morning commute, then he or she does not belong on the Temple University campus. One must also want to live in a safe campus community, where walking at night in North Philly is not fearful. If an individual does not like noise, the feeling of safety, or living in a big community, then he or she should not attend Temple University.


Someone that needs special attention might want to cosnider a different school other than Temple. This depends on one's major, however. As a biology major, my classes are mostly large lectures but people with other majors attend classes with approximately 20 people.


The kinds of people that attend Temple University are very diverse. Anyone could attend Temple and be happy here.