Temple University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Party as hard as I study.


I wish I had known what size my room was going to be. i severely under apcked because of my initial stay in J&H. Their closets are tiny and the rooms are average sized. The room I ma staying in is much larger and has a huge closet in comparision. I would have also liked to know from studenst which meal plan is the best. I ended up having a meal plan that was too much food.


If I prepared beforehand, I could have taken advantage of many scholarship opportunities. I wish I knew about the many scholarship opportunites that were available, such as scholarships for certain SAT scores. I also wish I knew about International Baccalaureate exam score equivalencies.


I wish I had known how to effectively write essays for scholarships. I wish I had known that there were all sorts of scholarships all over the web. Don't limit myself to financial aid from FAFSA. I wish I knew the social benefits of dorming. I feel like you make life-long friends and experience campus life on a deeper level. I wish I discovered my passion for filmmaking and that there was a filmmaking program before I applied to Temple.


The only thing I wish I would have known before attending Temple is that school is nothing like the way movies make it seem. You won't make friends right away on the first day, everyone isn't friendly, and being alone is pretty common.


There are a lot of people at Temple!


I wish I had known more about the resources available on campus to assist students. It took me until last in the second semester to realize that there were math and writing services available on campus. I also discovered that the library keeps textbooks on reserve for students who cannot obtain their required course materials. Had I done my research thoroughly, I would've done much better in my second semester of my freshmen year.


Before I came here, it would have been helpful to know my way around the city a little more. For example, the many different sources of public transportation and a little more about center city because you will have to travel a little for some class assignments.


I wish I had known that the school is so diverse. I also wish I had known that the neighborhood surrounding the school is not very safe.


The most important thing I wish I had known before college was to make the most of my experience. In the end, you get what you give. Take advantage of your newfound power to choose your studies and pursue your interests. We are all susceptible to the stresses of youth--DO NOT let this hinder the most empowering experience of your life. Immerse yourself in everything your school has to offer. Surround yourself with those who share your dreams and interests. The life you build for yourself as a student is truly the beginning of a lifetime of adulthood decisions.


It goes by a lot quicker than you can imagine.


This question is the easiest so far. I really wish someone had told me where all the buildings were on campus my freshman year. For the first week of school, I got lost every single day. Now that I look back on it, it's kind of funny but at that time I was a wreck. I did learn some shortcuts to places on campus after the fact though so that was great.


I wish people who have told me to get involved right away. Freshman year was exciting because everything was new, and then when sophmore year came around I was bored which is why I starting joining organizations. I wish I would have joined from the beginning because then I would have never had that semester of boredom.


All of the buildings on Temple's campus that are next to each other connect. I spent all of freshman year walking out into the cold and into the next building when I all had to do was find the entrance inside!


That I needed to take certain courses from my old school at Coastal Carolina University.


I wish I would have known not to worry as much. It is going to be challenging and you are going to have to try really hard, but if you keep on top of your work and really apply yourself you will be fine. There are a ton of people in this school and it is really easy to make friends in your classes because everyone is going through the same experiences, especially in the beginning.


I wish that I had known about the stress levels it took to be a college student. I feel as though I was prepared for the academic aspect of college, but that's not all it takes to be a college student. There are social responsibilities, survival skills, and a lot of growing up involved in going to college. I was not as prepared for that as I should have been.


I wish I knew how difficult it was to find affordable off campus housing after freshman year.


I wish I knew more about the variety of majors offered at Temple University. Therefore, I would not have changed my major three times.


More about the cost, and the area in which Temple is situated.


Before I came to Temple I wish I could have known a little more about time management and ways to procrastinate less. That was a major problem that I had my freshmen year, and learning how to manage my time wisley took me awhile to learn. Temple is a very academic focused school and its very easy to slip and fall behind in classes if your not organized. I also wished that I would have known a little bit more about public transportation and how much money it can save you, if you use it.


Entering as a transfer student, I was never given a campus tour. This would have been helpful to find the library, bookstore, cafeteria, and gym a little easier. Although I am an older student, adjusting back to college life can be difficult, and I wish there would have been some more orientations and tours available for students like me.


I wish I had know more about the school program. Howver, I am glad to chose this School.


I wish I had learned sooner how important it is to become involved on this campus. There are so many different oppertunities offered through extra cirriculars, student organizations, and volunteering oppertunities. These activities provide students with exceptional networking oppertunities to set themselves apart and make an impact within their industry. As a hospitality student I have been able to make connections with industry professionals that I greatly admire. In order to become successful on campus you need to make yourself known by getting involved and networking as much as possible.


One thing I wish I had been aware of when I started college was the benefit of studying and doing schoolwork at the library. I began going up to the library whenever I needed to study, and found that my study habits improved as well. I even met people who were studying the same subjects as I was and we were able to form little study groups. My grades improved, I made new friends, and I was less stressed. Studying and doing my homework in the library made school a place to work.


Before I attended this school I wish I was fully aware of the life of the campus. There are many things to be destracted by on campus, however I learned to find the right balance. I just wish I had known to be prepared.


I was quite aware of how the school functions. I was surprised to see how interactive they are with students, we are not just a numkber in the school.


The amount of financial aid would be lower than what they originally said.


I wish that the program I am in was slightly more catered to my career aspirations. Unfortunately, they have just begun to change the program so that it suits my goals, but I am not going to be able to take those courses. I am seeking outside opportunities to achieve my goals.


I came into Temple very well informed, there's nothing I could ask for.




The biggest wish I have is I wish I would have known how fast the semester would go by. Coming into college I felt like I was somewhat prepared for college life, but the speed that college went by was extremely fast. I also wish i would have known how to manage my money more efficiently. I did not realize how much textbooks would cost, and the amount that it took out of my pocket was shocking to me. Those two things are the biggest things I wished I would have known.


I wish I had known that switching majors would be a breeze. When I was first preparing for college in Fall 2009, I wasn't quite sure that I knew what I wanted to do as for a major. I was nervous I'd be stuck with whatever I chose to enter school in. However, changing majors was very simple at Temple! It was a waste to worry; Temple does a great job with accommodating students as they continue along their education track of choice.


I wish that I had known that college textbooks are expensive.


I wish I had known how much tuitiow would have been exactly and how many loans I needed. I did not receive my finanial aid package until one week before I started school. I also wish I could have had a faculty member to help me find a work study job because I have no idea where to find one and I probably will not be able to find one because all of the positions are all taken up.


Before attending Temple University, I wish I was given more information about financial aid and the amount of loans I would be able to receive. I say this because I am now a senior that will not finsh in the average 4 year plan, and I will run out of school sponsored financial aid. Temple's financial services did not inform me that I would only be allowed to recieve financial aid for 12 semester until my 10 semester, leaving me very upset and searching for addition money to finish school.


Learning, I believe, should be viewed as a gift to be enjoyed. The ambitious hearts of young students scrounge to discover themselves and the professional career that reflects and purports their individualism. Rather than using education as a solely a means to personal ends, I would say I wish I had regarded my learning experience as its own peculiar sphere, which gaily leads into another yet unknown. Moments are mutable, and time transitory and elusive; yet to learn for the purest sake of the gift, enjoy it, and be free.


I don't know


How to be more social in such an environment.


I wish I would have known how liberal the school is and how close-minded many of the professors and students could be. I also wish I would have known how difficult the honors program is and how much the professors expect from their students. I also wish I would have known how dirty and poorly-kept the area surrounding campus is.


I wish I had known how much different college and high school really are, how much work is required from you as a college student, and how much time you truly have to dedicate to your classes and school work.


That every hour spent in college has meaning. Your time can be spent working, or it can be spent partying. I had no intentions of partying when i came to college, but I wish I had known the importance of organizing your time and having priorities as well as good hard work. I wish i had known the level of work that must be spent. As an art student I am up in the late hours of the night doing my work.


I wish I would have known that most students do not live on campus after their sophomore (and many times after their freshmen) year. Because of this, the residential sense of on-campus community is comprised of primarily freshmen and sophmores. There is a different on-campus environment on weekends versus during the school week as upperclassmen are generally not on campus during the weekend. This can be a positive point for some and a negative point for others.


I like spending time with people, sometimes more than I enjoy school. I probably would have considered an additional major or minor just to be able to pursue this. Because of the way my schedule is built, there is no way for me to work around that now and still graduate on time. I wish I had known all the options when I started school.


I wish that I had known about Indiana State University's LPN to BSN program sooner. The school has a great program for working adults to advance your nursing career.


I wish I would have known more about clubs and activities before starting classes.


I go to the Japan Campus of Temple University, so I expected complications with the language barrier, as English is my native language. As an incoming freshman, I had no idea about the complicated bureaucratic processes at this school. It was difficult to get everything set up at first, but once I got the into the swing of things, it became routine. The campus is very small, so there aren't many majors and the available classes are limited.


I wish I would have known that the University had a transfer agreement with certain two-year colleges, one of which was with the college where I recieved my Associate's Degree. This agreement eliminated the need to re-take gen ed classes. I was unaware of this until several weeks into the semester and as a result found myself in several classes I actually did not need.


I wish i had known the school faculty was not very inmormative with there requirements.


I wish I was more aware of what the school and the city had to offer beyond the academic prospects. However, it has been a lot of fun discovering all the interesting and rewardings activities and events I can participate in on and off of Temple's campus.