Temple University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The message of internship importance.


Temple University is located in the city of Philadelphia which is convenient for any type of prospective student. By being apart of a city school, students have accesss to a lot more oppurtunities such as internships and the real world. Though socializing and going out with peers is a crucial part of the college experience, it is should not be a prospective students main focus. Prospective students should attend a school that will provide ways to help them grow as individuals and gain experience.


Apart from academics and extracurricular activites I believe the most attractive aspect of Temple is the diverse city life that comes with the school. Being at Temple you are in the heart of North Philadelphia which is an extremely diverse area. With all the diversity you are able to learn life lessons that can not be taught in classrooms. Furthermore the location of Temple is very ideal because the unlimited access to the rest of the city. Temple allows its students to enteract with the city around it and opens its campus to the surrounding community.


I would consider the best thing about the school is the large diversity of majors that one can choose from. If a person is uncomfortable with their major, there is always something in a different field that is offered to them. I think the variety of options one can explore is beneficial for those who are unsure of what they want to major in.


The school cares about the success of their students and they do all they can to help them succeed. The professors are very intelligent people who want their whole class to learn the course material, so they do all they can to offer themselves for consultation.


The best thing about my school is the number of classes offered and the times. I'm able to create a convenient schedule for myself that allows me to commute as little as possible.


The diversity of my school is its best quality. The mixture of backgrounds in the students and faculty allows a space for everyone to challenge his or her beliefs, and as a result to learn and grow not simply academically, but also as an individual. All of the differences in culture around my school are inspiring, and fuel great discussion, art, and connection. This is the best atmosphere I can think of to learn and innovate in. Tuition is expensive, but the human experience is priceless.


"There are students from just about any place or any background you can think of. They’re all different with one thing in common: the desire to be their best and make things happen." That is what I read on the website when I applied for Temple and I thought it would be perfect for me! I wanted a place where unique individuals would gather to achieve a better life and an education. As if Temple weren't already a great place to be, Philadelphia has a lot to offer as well, including great shopping and a lot of culture.


The people are friendly and the courses are neither too challenging nor too easy.


The diversity, resouces and availe activities to do.


There is a diversity among the classes offered. The opportunity to take interesting and relevant classes while fulfilling general education requirements is definitely a plus. I feel as though I'm learning in an active sense while getting the opportunity to use what I've learned in this day and age. Professors also make use of technology, so it's easy to stay connected and make sure everyone's on the same page with materials, deadlines, and assignments.




The best thing about Temple University was the diversity it bought. Every single class had an arrangement of students from different races, religions, ethnicity, and individualism which brought a variety of discussions.


There is so much that makes it awesome. The environment, the academics, the social life, the people. I love it here.


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I consider the best thing about my school to be the dedication that the teachers have to their students, because rather than simply lecture, they'll seek to have good classroom discussion and to challenge their students to come to their own conclusions about the material being covered.


Everything is unique at Temple. The place is unique. The people are unique. The educational experience is unique. The atheletic adventure is unique. The environmental surrounding is unique.


The best thing about this school is its fairness. A lot of effort goes a long way. If you are continuously doing your work, you are going to succeed here. Those that do not are not going to succeed. In the beginning they may get by, for the first 2 years or so, but once you are in your third year those people tend to get weeded out. It is a great learning environment and it is easy to stay focused and keep a level head.


The location, a subway ride away from visiting one of most historical cities in the United States and its also a subway ride away from my home so its easy to go home whenever and spend time with my family.


Almost two years at Temple University in Philadelphia, the best opportunity that Temple provided to students including myself was a connection with faculties who helped students. Faculties are willing to stay after the office hours and class times if a student does not understand the course material fully. I personally struggled with a Financial class and I scheduled a several appointments with a professor to fulfill my knowledge of course materials. For the result, I passed the course with B which I thought I could not receive without any help from the professor.


That is it extremely diverse and you get to meet people all over the world.


The best thing about the school is it's location. With Temple being in the city it creates an exciteing enviorment and opens new opportunities to experience.


I think that the best thing about my school is that it's in a city. Being able to jump on the subway and be in a completely different world is a great break from the stress of college, and gives many great oppertunities. I've only been there for one semester and I've already seen Billy Elliot off broadway and one of my favorite bands at a local club. Philadelphia is a great place to explore and learn in a differnent environment than the class room.


Career oppurtunites.


I like the location and the opportunities we have being close to the city.


The price and tuitions comparably with other local schools is more affordable, but now since school started building more and more buildings, our tuitions becoming extreamly high!


I consider the best thing about my school to be the accessbility of guidance in terms of personal life as well as career-related experience and opportunities. I feel as thought Temple University places a strong commitment to enriching their students and preparing them as fully and thoroughly as possible for the "real world." I will be entering my final semester of college within a few weeks and feel as though my preparedness for the world, and job market, is comparable, and even surpasses, students at other schools.


The school spirit becasue wether you are on or aoff campus you always know when there are other owls around.


To amount of people within my degree of study (Sport and Recreation Management) that get placed into the field is really high. With the amount of internships they require us to have, and industry related hours, they really push us to excel. I couldnt ask to be at a better school. I am nervous about my internships because they are coming up, but the school has prepared me. I look forward to graduating and working in sports industry.


Temple is a city campus. It's right off Broad Street where everything is. There's no restricting gates to keep you locked in on campus.


The best thing about Temple is its amount of student organizations. Not every college you go to has many options to get involved. Temple has a vast amount of clubs and organizations to get involved in. Literally, I think there is an organization for everything. Additionally, the organizations range from professional, greek, and just fun organizations. Temple really does have it all. On this campus, it's almost impossible not to get involved.


The best thing about my school is the faculty. In my major many of the professors know so much about the industry.


Temple University has a culturally and ethnically diverse staff and student body, teaching students to be socially accepting of people of every race, gender, and religion. The surrounding area of Philadelphia is also extremely diverse and allows students to experience city life first-hand. I believe that living in a large city such as this gives students exceptional opportunities during and after college in their careers, while allowing them to enjoy various activities throughout their collegiate experience: shopping, fine dining, concerts, museums, historical landmarks, and night life.


Definitely that when you are on campus you never feel like you are in a city.


The friends that I made


Academic Advising and internships in your field during undergrad studies.


The cultural, ethnic, and academic diversity and inclusive atmosphere together with the strong, well-developed academic programming and venerable professors make Temple a place for the kind of learning that cannot be covered by tuition.


I appreciated the diversity at Temple University. It was refreshing getting to know different types of people from different cultures and backgrounds.


The best thing about Temple was the Ambler campus. I lived in Philadelphia all my life so when it came time for me to go to college, I wanted to try something different. The Ambler campus came with the privilleges of a large campus , but the attention and care of a small campus.




There is always something to do on campus; whether you want to attend an interesting lecture, a greek event, a political rally, a club meeting, or just find somewhere to get free food, you can find what you need on campus.


Its diversity in terms of both the staff and students and its computer based technology


The best thing about Temple is its diversity of the student population. There are people who come from right there in Philadelphia, other big cities, all over Pennsylvania and other parts of the world. It gives students the opportunity to meet different people and learn about other cultures. The variety of the student body is shown even within my group of friends. One of my best friends is Muslim and Palestinian, and another one is Jewish from Pittsburgh and I'm from New York. I've met so many great people with different backgrounds; it?s so cool!


The diversity of my school is the best thing because it's that diversity that helps students meet others, and respect where others come from. This diversity also allows students an equal opportunity to achieve a well rounded education. You don't know what types if people live around you until you are all learning together.


I love the diversity in not only the student body but in the faculty. I have had so many great teachers who have been very supportive and encouraging, and most of all brilliant. Big names don't always mean broad minds.


The best thing about Temple is the Newman Center. I've made all of my closest friends there and the support I've recieved from them has made the transition from high school to college much easier. The Newman Center also provides a safe haven from the dangers of the streets of Philadelphia and from the craziness of the rest of Temple's campus.


The best thing about this school is the diversity of the student body and how well they all get along with each other. The racism or descrimination rate at this school is very low and everyone seems to be very interested in learning about one another. With this unity, all of the students are able to interact with each other very well, both socially and academically.


The best thing about Temple University is that there are so many different opportunities one can take advantage of. It allows people to try things that they normally would not have been able to do.


The best thing about Temple University is the diversity. It gives me the opportunity to view the world in a new way, and understand people who I have been unfamiliar with better. Temple offers many programs and clubs to explore different ideologies, or learn more about your own.


Temple University offers a wide range of academics, community involvement, athletics, and opportunities of a lifetime. There is not just one specific aspect of the university that I would consider "the best". I came to Temple because it offered everything I was looking for. A big campus, Greek life, an extraordinary biology program, division one athletics, the ability to study abroad, and unlimited opportunities for the rest of my life.