Tennessee Technological University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


With small class sizes and one on one interaction with professors, Tennessee Tech University is dedicate to a students success and survial in post secondary education


The steadfastly receptive atmosphere of the students and faculty is an accurate reflection of a spirited campus that isn't so large that a person lacks a sense of belonging or so small that every step is predictive; it's just right.


My school is a great school and filled with many opportunities, great people, and located in a wonderful community.


Tennessee Tech is an accessible school that offers many different programs to many different types of students.


TTU is a very respectable university overall.


Tennessee Tech is a friendly school which offers plenty of helpful resources to new and existing students and does everythign in its power to make those students' learning experiences as enjoyable and impactful as possible.


Tennessee Tech is a great school becasue of its exclisitivity and sheer amazingness. the campus is very pretty and not too spread out, and the off campus housing is very close and reasonable. love it.


Tennessee tech is an inspiring place with equal encouragement from faculty and student body.


This is a fun, yet hardworking school that feels like a close-knit community.


A small inviting campus that promotes a safe living and learning environemtn.


TN Tech University is an exceptional school that will open doors, yield friends, and be in your heart forever.


Go to class and don't be afraid to be a teacher's pet. At first people will poke fun at the suck ups, but when midterms and finals hit, those kids are the ones that do well.


Tennessee Tech University is a place where students can feel at ease with their surroundings while embarking upon an enlightening life experience.


TN Tech is a bright, hopeful school that is just right in size, perfect for anyone, and has so much to offer within education and outside of it with surrounding natural beauty.


My school is very unique, activity and academically centered.


Tennessee Tech is an all american university with southern roots and high intellect.


A homey touch to academics.


An excellent blend of academic and social aspects.