Tennessee Technological University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


We are all in this together, and it shows.


Being from a rural town, I have observed ranges of intelligence, highly social butterflies to reserved wall flowers, and cultural variety like I have never experienced; therefore, the prominent word that comes to mind is diverse.


Mostly engineers. Although there are other majors offered here, the majority of people are engineers. Therefore, there are a lot of technological/analytical people walking around. However, there are just the opposite, too. No matter what, everyone here seems to be really passionate about their fields.


The classmates in my class are a very intelligent, comical, diverse, and fun bunch.


Think of a playground from elementary school; a plethera of ethnicites playing together and having fun, maybe even learning a little bit; that is how i can best describe my classmates here at TTU.


My classmates are hilarious and we always have a great time learning together.


My classmates are very hardworking, honest and dedicated students who have become close friends and study partners.


My classmates at Tennessee Tech are diverse. There are Asians, Spaniards, Americans, African Americans, and much more. The way everyone gets along and opens the doors for each other shines bright on the Tennessee Tech Campus.


My classmates are very diverse, have different backgrounds, have a passion for whichever major they have chosen, and want to better their lives with a degree.


My classmates are unpredictable.


My classmates are very friendly and seem to really care about the classes.


I'm not a very sociable person, but the classmates that I am around and talk to are very friendly, smart, and they are all very intereting people in thier own quarky way.


Friendly and willing to help those around them.


Very diverse, driven, hard working, and focused.


Diverse group of people would enjoy learning and helping others!


My classmates are friendly and down to earth and usually pretty helpful.


There is equal distribution of people who truly care about the class and people who are just there because they have to.


They are very kind and extremely helpful.