Tennessee Technological University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Tennessee Tech is best known for its engineering program. However, the accounting and nursing programs also excel compared to other schools. The University of Tennessee is best known for the fans, students, school spirit, and pride in being a volunteer.


My school is best known for the nursing and engineering programs, and being the best value for your money. The nursing and engineering have been widely regarded as one of the best in the southeast. It's also been the top value for the least money for the past several years.


My school is best known for engineering and agriculture, but has become much more diversified in the last two decades. Tennessee Tech is also a teacher college.


Tech is extremely popular in several departments. The chemisrty and biology department are ranked in the state. Being a technological university, TTU is the homefront for many aspiring engineers. The engineering program that Tech offers is known to be one of the best, and holds utmost difficulty levels. Though these departments are drastically publicized, Tech does an exceptional job in providing capital education in several units.


Engineering, nursing, and education programs


My school is best known for having many different majors, being located in a smaller size town, having great campus involvment, listening to the students' ideas for change on campus and making it happen, and having a wonderful education department. TTU has a wonderful faculty that not only helps each student be successful but also truely cares for each student. TTU also has wonderful satelite campuses that offer many different majors throughout the state. I attend the campus on Pellissippi State's campus. Even going to another campus, I still feel part of the main campus, very personable school!


Tennessee Tech is mainly known for their Nursing program and their engineering program.


Academics. We really crank out amazing engineers... that have no real social abilities.


Good engineering classes.