Tennessee Technological University Top Questions

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The Christian community here is amazing. There are hundreds of churches in this city alone, and the community is so loving. I do not think I would be as involved in my Christian community if I chose a bigger, different school.


Tennessee Tech allows students to get the university experience without moving to a big city.


Tennesse Tech has the best Engineering program which gives them a very good science program. For my degree in Pharmacy, this was best for me.


Tennessee Tech stole my heart as soon as I visited the campus. The education that this school offers is something that cannot be described accurately only using words. I have dreamed to do something in the medical field such as being a pharmacist, and Tennessee Tech absolutely has the best Pre-Professional program around. Pharmacy schools love TTU students because they are always well-prepared for the challenges faced in graduate programs like Medical School and Pharmacy School. The campus is good-sized but not too small. I love everything about this school.


The willingness and desire to personally help each student acheive his or her goal for a better future.


I enjoyed the strong academic environment set in a small town. Cookeville is a large enough area to always find entertainment, but it's small enough to feel safe basically anywhere as a single young female. Area residents are kind and enjoy the college students participation. Tech offers a lot of financial aid, and a very high standard of academics. Also, there are research opportunities in every field and a strong Honors Department. My favorite part of the school though, was the trees and parks all around campus-- great places to study, rest, or just hang out.


The ability for me to be able to drive home on the weekends if I feel like it. Also, many of the people I knew from High School are going here, and I feel better knowing people.


When I consided my choices as to which school I was going to attend. I had the choose between Letourneau University and Tennessee Tech University. Both are very sucessfull engineering university one is private and one is public. I ended up choosing TTU becuase it was closer to home. What makes this school unique is, one it has a great education for the price, and two the school creates a great enviroment for students to study and make good grades in class. Then finally the profesors are truly interested in your future and strive to help you wherever they can.


I appreciate the variety of students that attend Tennessee Tech. Because I am an older 'non traditional' student, it is important to me not to be surrounded with 18 year old kids. The best thing for me at Tennessee Tech is that there are many different types of people who feel comfortable attending there.


The most unique thing about this school compared with my other considerations was the fact that is was an engineering based school. I had already been thinking that I would enjoy computer scince, but decided that I would go for computer engineering to see if I would like the emphasis on both hardware and software. Some of the other schools that I was considering did have engineering programs, but that was not the main program of the campus.


There is a stron comradery among the students at TTU. I feel like I am part of a community which has the common goal of achieveing higher academic standards and enhancing life.


I haven't really found anything too unique about this school, besides the historic part of the town it's in and the older looking buildings.


Archiert around campus and diversity


outdoor activities


This school is amazing!! There are tons of amazing people here from all over the world. It's not too big but it's not too small.


It has a much better engineering program than other school I looked at and a very good computer science program.


The dorm room doors don't automatically close and students are encouraged to leave their doors open when they're not busy to promote social activities and build new friendships. It works. Also, campus is really nice. There's even a small park! They use electric shuttles to help people move more efficiently around campus. Cookeville is a relaxed town with numerous coffee shops and it kind of encourages the intellectual. It's very peaceful if one needs to relax.


everyone is very friendly and the teachers all make time for the students. most teachers have a very timely way of grading and returning paper work and tests. there is always something to do for a student to do. the community is very helpful and mindful of the campus.


WOW festival is amazing cultural festival every Spring.


The city of cookeville is very friendly and treats every student as if they were residents!


It's close to my home.


everyone is friendly. it's not to big and not to small


Tech is unique because it's removed from the futility of the other schools because of its size. If it were much larger, interacting with the faculty would be impossible, and if it were much smaller it would be a hard to compare to other schools. I live in a town that has another college much closer, but that school is much too large for my tastes, I went to summer school there last year and really really got to appreciate the amount of communication that is available at this school.