Tennessee Technological University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I always tell them that I love the environment. Everyone is very welcoming there and ther are lots of clubs and organizations. There are always activities going on and it is always very safe.


I think the biggest thing I brag about, is the reputation the school has for engineering students. The school is known very well for it's engineering students, and I am very proud that I am one of them.


The greatest thing about Tennessee Tech is the tight-knit community feel. Whenever you have a problem, there are at least 20 people around you that can help or at least offer a smile to brighten your day. When tradgedy strikes, students, faculty and alumni unite to overcome it, whether it be to support a student with cancer or a soldier who died in the line of duty. The faculty is always reachable, and you can set up a meeting with the deans as easily as you could your math teacher.


If I were to brag about my school, I would talk about the science departments. The science classes here are hard, so If you want to be an engineer or anything in health care, it's going to rough. But, it'll be the best education around this area. It's also cheaper than any other college around this area. So, you get a good education with the least money possible.


I brag about the friendliness of most everyone I meet; how you can sit next to a total stranger in class and become good friends before the semester is over. Also, the campus is so user-friendly. You can get just about anywhere in the time allotted between classes. It isn't a super small campus, but it isn't too big either.


I would say how nice the campus is and how much fun we have hanging out here. The engineering program is also excellent here.


For me I really enjoy the size of the campus and the great surrounding area! I also love the hospitality of everyone at school and in the community.


They have a really good engineering program, classes are very informative. Chemistry is the best course of classes to take if you want to use that for your natural science credits(for business majors). I tell them about all the apartments very clost to campus & how cheap they are. Our engineering program is top-of-the-line, many graduate & move on to high-paying jobs. Cost of tuition at this college is relatively low, especially if you are a Tennessee resident. I recommend you attend this school.


Not only is my school a good distance from home, but it's so homelike that I still feel as though I'm provided with tremendous amounts of educational opportunities in my own backyard.


That this school is a great school for any student and even better for one who would be going into the engineering field and getting ready to setup for their future career.


When I tell my friends about school I tell them that I attend an accredited school that is fair. The staff treats everyone right, and does not pick athletes over others, does not discriminate, or give unfair assignments.


It is small enough fo the teachers to know your name and large enough to have a variety of majors. It has kept its accrediation since it was given accredidation. There are groups for any one that wants to join one, but lots to do if you don't. Cokeville is a great town, and the campus is beautiful. It has been considered a best buy by US News and World Report


Previous to Tech, I attended Western Kentucky University. I constantly bragged about going to a university with a football team in a high division, and a basketball team who was unstoppable. Tech isn't known for winning many games, in any sport, but the university is well known for producing successful professionals. Wholly, I support academics in lieu of sports, and my friends are well aware. Though I'm not an aspiring engineer, I enjoy the fact that my school is known to have a higher difficulty level than several universities.


The campus is great. Lots of stuff to do and as long as you want to stay active with clubs they give you the resources to do so.


Its a great school for engineering and has a great social life and activities to do around campus.


The thing I would brag about the most about my school would have to be that it is a four-year college where I can receive the education I need to succeed in my career goals. Also, the fact that I get to attend such a school and that it is so close to home. It's not too big and it's near my hometown.


The thing I brag about most would have to be the food. It is really good for it being a cafeteria. But what I really brag about is my classes and how they work into my schedule just fine. They do not interfere with my social life or my daily exercise routines.Another thing I brag about is the free internet access if you live on campus, and the free cable telelvision. It comes in handy when you just want to stay in your dorm and just relax from a hard day of being in class.


I brag about the hands on experince that I recieve.


Small enough that you can make tons of friends but large enought that you could never meet everyone! We have a ton of outdoor activities like waterfalls etc. And Greek is huge on campus!


I like to tell them how great Phi Mu Sorority is and how I love being on the dance team and how fun campus is.


Most everyone in your classes are freindly. It is easy to make friends in classes and a lot of times it is very easy to find or make a study group for each of your classes. Most everyone on campus is willing to help you with anything you need for your classes.