Tennessee Technological University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about TTU is the lack of activities located around town. It is located in a rual city. There are very few bars and only one club. There is a movie theater and a small bowling alley along with shopping centers but that is where the entertainment ends. With that being said there are multiple outside activities that someone would be able to due such as hike, fish, swim, bike, etc. However, it does not compare to the entertainment of a city. The clostest of which is Nashville which is about an hour away.


The worst part of my University is that most students consider it to be a "commuter" college. More than half of the students at Tennessee Tech go home for the weekend and I believe that doesn't give me the full college experience. If I could change one thing, it would be to change the students views on this topic.


This University's Library contains vast resources, however, highly limited access to printing options. Nearly every desktop is constantly occupied and if someone is in a hurry to print a paper it is close to impossible. Individuals have to shark the isles of monitors for an open seat because there is no system for printing directly from a student laptop or other device. This can be a very frustrating endeavor and adding a web based printing service would be a convenient asset to the college.


Many of the teachers can be difficult to understand. Many teachers are foreign, write sloppy or you just can't comprehend their material.


The parking. As the school's population increases every year, the parking becomes less and less accomadating. I get there early enough to not experience the horrors of finding a space. However, others have protested the inadequate space by parking on the library steps(which I don't reccommend).


They do not have the major I intended to study, which was environmental sciences, in the college of agriculture at TTU


The girls dorms were old, but they have been replaced since I was there. Tech has a strenuous academic program.


The worst thing about my school would be the dorms/buildings. Many of the dorms and buildings are very run down and old. Tennessee Tech is making progress however in building new dorms and buildings. We currently have one new dorm being built and one building for classrooms under construction.


I think some academic paths put too much emphasis on GPA. For example, the nursing career path I am taking only looks at a student's GPA for the first two years of college. I believe that some students learn best with hands on experience. Work experience should be considered also when evaulated for upper division nursing. With having to keep only an C average when accepted, I believe that the GPA standard should be lowered. This way more students will be accepted, and the result will be more nurses to take care of the sick.


The worst thing about the school is the on campus housing. All of the dorms, excluding the new freshman hall, are outdated. When I lived on campus the bathrooms were community, the paint was chipping, and the carpet was stained.


It's too small and there aren't enough students.


The thing about my school that I consider to be the worst is the fact that the professors do not care very much about whether you succeed in thier classes or not. Thier main concern is just getting through class, and they don't care if they have you again next semester or not. I have personally had a professor tell me that it was his job to teach the course to me. Well, what is his job?




Many students choose to go home on the weekends and the weather can get extremely cold.


The quality of professors in the general education classes are the worst part of the school. Because they only teach through lecture.


The black out time for meals downstairs


The administration seems to enjoy changing the software systems for registration and such every semester, so there're always bugs to work out, but it does get taken care of.


There are a few professors that you really do not want to get, but if you ask around you can find out which ones those are and avoid their classes altogether.