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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


My high school self was blinded by the idea of college. I was ready to go to college but did not know what I was asking for. I was learning more about myself and becoming a more independant person, which is very important as you transition into college. Learn how to be satisfied with being on your own, because you are the only person that can force you to do well and succeed. Choose a college that is right for you, and please do not follow your friends. Don't be scared about making new friends, because the best ones will come to you when the time is right. You don't have to hang around the same old people. Open yourself up. Do not lose yourself in your studies, but make them a priority because it is your future and your future can be absolutely anything you choose if you are willing to work hard enough. Study. Study. Study.


Don't freak out to much. A lot of things happen in college that you can't change. If you have to move to a new residence hall, just do it. If you aren't doing well in a class, then get help in it. I messed up and failed a class because I didn't ask for help, so don't make the same mistakes I did. It's not worth the stress. Make friends; you can meet some of the best and worst people while at college. Some of these people can help you through the darkest of times and will be right beside you through everything. Keep them close, but don't forget to study as well. College is going to be what you make of it, so keep an open mind and don't sweat it. Things happen, and there's not much you can do to prevent it. So study hard and make the most of things.


LIsten to everyone when they tell you to get in to good habits of studying. I always thought that I studied quite a bit in high school but it did not even compare to how much I studied my first semester in college. Also, don't take your senior year "off." I never realized how much it would have benefited me to take the AP classes or dual enrollment. As well as saving time in college, it also saves a substantial amount of money. Speaking of money, work as much as you can over the summer before college begins! You will want to spend money on foolish things much more than you would expect. Also try to eat out only once a week if you can help it. It doesn't seem like a lot at the time, but it all begins to add up after a while. My last bit of advice is to not put any activities in college over your schooling. That's the reason you're there. Do the best you can possibly do. Never be content with a B if an A is in the question and don't forget to have some fun!


Elizabeth, listen to me, you are no longer the high and mighty fish in the sea in college, but that doesn't mean you can't shine a little brighter than the rest. Academics are fine and difficult and challenging, but you don't have to get As to be an interesting and worthwhile person. Go on late night adventures, talk too much, and watch how people are enamored by you. You have a gift of being someone people want to know. Don't lock yourself in your room to study when the world is waiting to meet you.


Time management is a skill that will be a life saver on more than one occasion. When I left high school, procrastination was likely my greatest proficiency. I could not regret anything more than still thinking it was plausible to manage this in college. Loosing scholarship opportunities, missing deadlines, and ignoring schedules were a poor choice that ended in very harsh results. Perseverance and organizing time is key to to success on any campus. Focus and never put off until tomorrow what you can do right now! Trust from experience it is not a bright way to start your first semester. Writing test dates, due assignments, and study times down will prevent the painful process of panic induced deadlines.


Dear self, You aren't as grown up as you think you are. Leaving home is going to be harder than you think and realize. Don't grow up too fast because you don't realize how good you have it yet. When you are applying for colleges, look for ones that offer what you desire but are still close to home becasue that will be the most important thing to you soon. When you get to school, try to stay busy and meet new friends because this will help you transition and not feel as lonely as you are going to. YOU HAVE TO STUDY!! The professors aren't going to hand you your grades, so don't watch Netflix for a week straight before the test. The library is there for a reason and your roomates will be loud so find a private desk. It is ok if you don't make straight A's... C's will make degrees. It is ok to cry, and it is ok to go home if you need to. Don't eat junk all of the time and work out because the gym won't always be free. You can!! Savannah


Stop worring! This town and its people are so nice and you'll be so much happier here. Enjoy the summer, because it'll be a lot of work when you get here, and you'll need to be focused and paying attention to do well. Quit worrying about what the people at your highschool are thinking of you, because the last time you'll have talked to any of them in a year from now is since you graduated. Oh, and you'll meet new people and they'll be like you, because I know you thought you were weird. These people want to do well in school like you and don't care if anyone knows it. Also, you find something you're really passionate about, so don't sit around thinking that your never going to find something that you want to do for the rest of your life. When you get here, join clubs, meet people, and be happy. Most importantly, don't get a meal plan. It's a trap. Plus, you're coming in as a sophomore and don't have to get one, but no one will tell you.


I would tell myself to develop effective study skills and do not slack off on the work load. Slacking off then just made it easier to justify slacking off now or putting things off until last minute. Also, I would tell myself to be more outgoing that I didn't need to only have my little friend group.


Sometimes, life doesn't go the way you expect it to. You often hit bumps in the road, and it could also get a bit curvy. This will happen in college more than you expect, but there are also ways to avoid some of it. For starters, stop being so lazy and apply for scholarships! Every little bit of money helps, and they sure aren't joking when they say "I'm a poor college student!" You should also stop trying so hard to impress everyone. Once you go to college, you aren't going to see many of them ever again. In college, people are so much more accepting. You can really be yourself, or discover who your real self is. The little things- they don't matter as much. The big things- you can handle them. Enjoy your senior year and don't let the worries for next year distract you. You can do it.


Going back to my life in highschool I would change the way that I look at things and take that extra effort to make sure that my education is priority number one. I never cared about my education in school until I got preganant as a senior in high school with a child who would be later diagnosed wtih autism and dropping out of school was my only option at the time. Looking back i wish that I would of taken my education more seriously then so I wouldnt be struggling so hard now to accomplish it.


Going back I would have to say to myself, "Always remember the reason you are in college." When I got to college I had forgotten the real reason of why I was there. I became one of those students who goes to college does alright, but never studies or really applies himself. My dad had just passed away right before I graduated, and he kept a standard for me while I was in school. In high school I always did my work, I was a great student. But after he died I kind of lost myself, and with that happening I ended up forgetting my purpose. It took me getting put on academic suspension to realize my faults. Ever since then I've been doing tramedously better. New coming students have to realize that college may be a new beginning for them, but they also need to realize just as it's a new beginning it can end very quick. I was blessed to have a second chance, and since then I always make sure I remember why I'm here. The answer is simple, I'm here to better my life and reach my dream as a Software Engineer.


If I could give advice to myself in high school, it would be to do exactly what you're doing. The path I was on was not the conventional one, but it was the right one for me. The mistakes, issues, and the financial hardships I faced all made me the person I am today, and are the reason I am as determined as I am to fulfill my life dream, to go to law school.


As a high school senior, I was quite naive on the idea of college. I was afraid that it would be as scary as some teachers make it out to be, but now that I am experiencing it, I would go back and tell myself to relax and enjoy. College life is so much easier than high school. There are only people that want to be here, and classes are about the content. You never have to worry about listening to morning announcements or interruptions in class to promote some school activity. If you want to know about a school activity, you can check the school website, and if you need help in a class, you look for help. A teacher never forces you to get tutored or attend some extracurricular event. Your education and extracurricular involvement is in your own hands, and you have the power to select your major and keep everything organized to graduate on time. When I take all of this into consideration, I wish I would have relaxed and not have stressed about the uncertainties of college life because it was not worth it.


Hey. Don't be so focused on grades. Be more focused on doing the work and understanding what you're looking at, not what you're supposed to finish and your scedule. Compete with nobody other than yourself - that's how the world works, anyway. What really matters in the end is not how quickly you finished a project, but how well it is done and the confidence you have in the fact that you accomplished and learned something. Also, never apss up the opportunity to do a scholarship. They're tedious and you have to jump through hoops for some of them, but they mean less debt and more education. It's alright not to have a decided major or a direction yet. That is something to figure out in the real world, not in High School. Most of all, love what you do. Don't get forced into a situation just because you think it is the best one, but go with what you love. Community college first, University second. Save money. Plan. Take breaks.


I would tell myself to take things slow, and don't make snap decisions. I would definitely tell myself to not tie myself down with one relationship at the beginning of college because that turned into a financial disaster. Study hard, don't slack off, and you can't get by on halfway paying attention in class. Listen to your parents, their advice doesn't seem right at the time, but you'll regret it if you don't take it. Do things by their rules, it's only for four years, if you don't you will have to put yourself through college. Being on your own like that is much tougher than it seems, you can't get a good paying job without that degree you are in college for, so you will have problems putting yourself through college if you don't take my advice and listen to your parents. Most of all, love, live, and have fun. You'll be working the rest of your life, make the most of what you have and what you are able to do now.


If I could go back and advise my cocky, high school self, first I would tell myself that I wasn't as good as I thought I was. I'm sure I wouldn't even listen to myself, though. The next thing I would tell myself is "there are three things that will make your life in college convenient more than anything: a wind resistant jacket, a pair of waterproof shoes, and an umbrella." I never realized before I went to college how cold and rainy it is outside all of the time. It's terrible! I would tell myself that college isn't what they make it out to be on TV. Just because you're in college doesn't mean that you get to have fun all the time, at least if you're serious about your grades. It's a lot of hard work. Depending on where you go, it's not like TV where everyone is accepting of other cultures and religions, and open minded. Even though there were many aspects I wasn't expecting, if you're serious about school, make good, close friends, and manage your time responsibly, college won't be too bad.


College is full of suprises. Life sometimes smacks you in the back of the head during this time. Fortunately, college is meant for this learning process. Don Meyer once said, "I like to use the 3 'F' words to rule my life: Faith, Friends, and Family." This idea says it all for me. I will admit the transition from high school life to college life is a big one, and the only way to truely make this transition successful is to incoorperate the 3 major "F" words. I have made some mistakes of relying too much on myself for entertainment or comfort. I have also done the opposite and relied too much on one single person other than myself. People have told me that college is a time to find yourself and to make life-long friends. I definitely agree. If I would have actually put this advice and used the 3 major "F" words from the very start, I know my experience here at Tennessee Tech would have been a much more rewarding one by making more friends, sticking to my church family, trusting God with everything, and always leaning on my family for support.


Coming to college I was so nervous about being accepted by people and what this fateful "college experience" would really be like; however, once I got here, everything seemed to fall into place. I'm currently getting a terrific education by who I think are the greatest teachers to be teaching. Also, I have made so many friends who I know will be here for me when I freak out about the next English paper due. And lastly, being here has made me realize that everyone is at least a little nervous about how people perceive them. It doesn't matter like it did in high school who has the latest clothes or shoes, it's finding out who you can count on and why you're here: to get the education you need to make a difference in the world.


I think the best thing I have gotten out of college is the experience of interacting with students from all across the world. I have had classes with students from many different countries. This experience has made me realize that America isn't the only country in the world and there are many different cultures in the world besides our own. When you combine this with a liberal arts education, I think you get a very good and broad educational experience. This school has provided me with this. It is also known as a techological school, so I have learned alot about technology and how to use it. This is a very usefull skill in the modern world where we are exposed to new technologies every day. Even with all the technology education and use at this school, I have still gotten a good liberal arts education in other subjects such as the humanities. All in all I think my education has been very good and well rounded.


The college experience has been very valuable so far. My experience at Tennessee Technological University has provided me an insite into the future. I have met many new people who are studying the same field, and we have become friends and study partners. I believe finding others who are in the same field makes the experience greater than it would have been if I had been studying on my own or in an online situation. It is really hard to put a value on the college experience. It has taught me about the importance of planning and setting goals. This has been the greatest and most exciting time of my life. Meeting people, studying, and becoming an independent person has been valuable to me. I believe the college experience should be looked upon as the time when students are making discoveries about themselves and about their future. For me, college has given me more confidence to go forward with my future plans.


I feel like I have learned as much about being a responsible adult during my tenure here as I have learned in knowledge of the subjects I have studied. I think it is important to take advantage of the time I have here to try to be as well-rounded as possible and also try as many different things as I can. I feel like I am getting a great bargain at this school because of how much I've received in return for my money. I would like to think my time here is priceless but unfortunately I have a price to pay now and when I get out.


I have gotten a sense of self-responsiblity out of my college experince, the teachers do not care if you attend there class or not. If my paper is late ohh well I knew when it was due. My hand is no longer being held, and I now have to take care of myself. I am glad I decied to attened when I orginaly graduated from high school I was enjoying working so much I thought why should I quit and move to the other side of the country for school. I am glad I did I have learned there is more than the making of money at a dead end job. The value of going to school I learned the importance of setting a resanoble time frame for a class assignment. I learned the diffrence between working to meet ends meet and working to have a comfortable life. I want the life my father has, and for these reason I am glad I stuck with the plan to go to college.


I have realized that furthering my education is going to give me a greater opportunity to do what I enjoy doing. I have developed a competative mind set and also have obtained great study skills. I have come to understand the meaning of hard work and dedication and that if you put forth your best effort then you will succeed. When I graduate in spring of 2012 I will be the first of my family to do so and that is a very big accomplishment to me. I have also made great friends and created a network of possible future colleagues which I hold to be an enormous asset. Overall I have gained knowledge and dicipline to be able to go out into the world and succeed in whatever goal I set for myself.


I was the first person in three generations of both sides of my family to graduate high school and I did it homeless with a 3.4 gpa! Now I am a single mother going back to school and I am going to beat the odds once again! Attending college has given me the opportunity to rise above the adversity I was born into and enrich myself. I am greaful to live in America, where I can go to school and become a better person. I deserve it! College gives me a option to do more and be more. I never had a roll model growing up and attending college has shown me that I can be my own roll model. Thank you!


I have not yet attended college at this time, I will be starting in the fall of 2010. I can tell you what I hope to reieve from my college expericence. I plan to major in agriculture more specificlly pre-vet. During school I would love to make life long friendships and to get some real world knowledge of what it is really like to be on my own. I know school will be valuable to me beacuse it is going to help me achieve my goal of opening my own animal rescue and placing animals into good homes at an afordable price. I'm very excited to start a new chapter in my life and I pray its everything I hope and dream it will be!


College has been an experience of defeat, victory, and most importantly, it has been a time of great survival in my life. There are always going to be times in life that we are faced with difficult tasks, and for me that task was to be sure I pass my classes and that I was successful. However, I was faced with a time of defeat. It seemed no matter how hard worked I could not pass any test quiz or homework assignment. My decision was to work even more dilligently and I was able to taste the victory in class which helped me survive my first year of college with an excellent experience. The most valuable idea that I gained though was that no matter how hard I think I can work I can always work harder. College is not just an educational experience for me, it is also a life lesson. These reasons are what I have gotten out of my college experience and why they have been so valuable to me.


I've learned to be more independent & not so reliant on my family for support(money, food, etc.). I've learned it's much different & for me academically easier than my high school, as classes only meet 2 or 3 days per week. I've learned how to stand up for myself & have gotten over any stage fright or shyness I once experienced in high school, college kids are much more mature. I've learned that many, many people start their families while in college & just because someone has become a parent doesn't mean they have to stop schooling & go straight to the work force. I've learned that hard work, perseverence, & stamina are investments into your degree that pay dividends immediately.


The college experience has rewarded me with the opportunity to turn to the second chapter of what I aspire to be a promising future. My time at Tennessee Technological University has faithfully reminded me that each step to success is a challenge well worth the effort. I've learned more and more to cherish my education, not only because it'll contribute to my future career, but also because not everyone has this opportunity. Whether it be because of a hindering government or a war torn nation, I am gratified to say that I've been blessed in country that encourages expanding the depths of knowledge. When searching for the price tag of an education, don't be surprised that it reads back priceless; it can deliver a person closer to their wildest dreams, dreams that initially appeared to be unattainable. Without the college experience, there's no doubt in my mind that I would've severely limited myself. Most people, if not all, would rather not spend the remainder of their lives pondering what they could've done differently or who they could've been. I'm a firm believer that one shouldn't guess their destiny; Know it.


In the beginning my college experience was a little bit rocky because I dont think I took it to serious but as my 1st year got shorter I began to realize that your first year isn't always the easiest and said to myself it can get better as long as I stick to it and never give up and keep at it. I dont think anyone should give up when they are in school and they should always do better and push even though they may think its over it really isn't you just have to stick to it and believe in yourself and keep yourself focused on school and keep believing in yourself . And I want to inspire any forthcoming students and want them to believe in themselves also and want to conclude by saying that I am enjoying my college experience and wouldnt ever want to give it up or lose my chance to further my experience.


I have gotten that anyone can achieve anything. I come from a not-so-wealthy family of eight and I never thought I would be attending such a prestigous university.


I made lifelong friendships at Tech, and I met my husband there. Our education is top notch and we have been able to find employment since we have graduated.


well i have more experience to be able to guide my little sisters for the same path that i am going nad help them out with anything they need, and i learn that there is no such a thing more important then education. my parents never finish high school and they think that i will never be able to finish a university but i will show them that they are wrong and let them know that i can do it by never giving up. Be able to attend college is the most important and happy desicion that i have ever made on my life, school had show me that there is more probability to have a great future than not going to school. i have meet a lot of people that they are willing to help and their giude is an important factor for me to be attending school. i dont want to go the same way that my parents went. i want to have an aducation and be able to help other people like they help me.


I have gained an exposure to multiple disciplines as well as an intense understanding of my field of study. I had opportunities to work, on and off campus, in my discipline, and gained excellent life experience and leadership skills in the process. My academic career was fairly easy to balance with a moderate social life and work schedule. I also worked on several research projects with kindly professors whom I continue to communicate with after graduation. I feel like an incredibly well-rounded academic, very prepared for my graduate career. The value of my education is immeasurable, but a definite blessing.


When a student attends a high school that is filled with violence and zoo animals, not much is expected from each individual. Academics is placed on the back burner, and controlled behavior is the key focus. Though I was enrolled in honors courses, I didn't take the work seriously. My school was a joke, but many of the teachers were not clowns. The educators were the cement to the walls, and they tried earnestly to provide thousands of students with a proper education. I may have strived to learn, but the raged animals that I shared a classroom with, didn't grasp the same objective. Looking back, I am bitter with myself that I didn't overcome the challenge that was put on my plate. High school is a the batting cage for college, and I, like many, chose to play on the bench. I am doing well in college, and I graduated high school with an average GPA; however freshmen year at the university would have been alot less stressful and I would have much more hair on my head, if I would have been somewhat prepared. In the end, listening in leiu of talking truly pays off.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to really learn calculus, not to just sit in the desk and waste space. I'd tell myself to not get so stressed out about my job, because most of the stress from work made school that much harder. I'd tell myself to listen to my teachers, because, even though they often can be extremely boring, they know what they're talking about, and they WILL test on it. Lastly, I would tell myself to not worry about college life, it's not as bad as I made it out to be.


If I could converse with my high school senior self, I'd make sure I knew to get all of my paperwork in extra early. I would make sure I knew my family could live without me, but would continue to support me the whole journey. Being part of the "Overflow" crowd wouldn't have seemed so terrible, and I'd appreciate meeting so many people quickly. Community Showers wouldn't be so scary. I'd prepare myself for the professors I've had, tell myself to explore campus more, and to attend every class. I'd explain that my professors are indeed here to help me if I ask. If I could, I'd tell my senior self to study all I could, but balance my time with some fun. I'd tell myself college life will be my best experience, that I could do it, and to pack a lot of duct tape, pictures and art supplies!


1) Don't follow your friends; chase your own dreams instead. That way you won't end up somewhere you don't want to be. 2) While 8 AM classes seem fine in high school, they are harder to wake up for in college. Only sign up for them if you are sure you will be motivated to wake yourself up for class. 3) Get involved on campus. There are hundreds of clubs and organizations to get involved in. Making new friends is all part of the experience!


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to be more opened minded. You never know who you are going to meet when you go to college. Your best friend may end up being from China or Washington. Being just one hour away from home, I see many people that I went to high school with. It is great to still see them and socalize with them, but making new friends from different parts of the world is exciting. You can really learn a lot about people and the world when you open your mind and allow them in your lives. You must also be careful not to be too naive though. When I started school, I was naive and ended up with a stalker. You must be careful who you associate with, but you must not be close-minded. You must always use your best judgement when making new friends.


I would have told myself to take high school more serious because I was not doing so at the time. If I had only kept my grades up and applied for more scholarships, I would not have to worry about how I would pay for school. You have to be dedicated, mature, and focus to succeed in college which is what I am trying to accomplish now. I also would have told myself to enjoy my last years as a teenager and enjoy the freedoms I had then. After my senior year, I felt it was time to grow up and hold myself accountable of my future responsibilities. I had to realize I could not be a kid forever. The last thing I would have told myself was to be more appreciative and thankful for my blessings. You only receive so many in life so you should be happy about every one of them. I had a great family and great friends that supported me since day one, but all I could think about was what I did not have. Therefore, I am currently not taking life for granted because it can be taken away at any time.


If i had the chance to go back in time, i would tell myself to be not afraid to meet new people.


Study, study, study. I would tell myself to not focus on other people; to bury my head in books. Relationships will come and go, but you have to have no life in order to succeed in nursing. Also, I would remind myself not to move out of my parent's house til I graduated.


If I could go back to my senior year of high school I would first advise myself to apply to every school possible- those far away and those close to home. My next piece of advice would be to diligently research financial aid opportunities and apply for several scholarships. Lastly, I would tell myself to find the perfect balance between being an exemplary student and being socially engaged. These pieces of advice would have changed my entire college experience. As a senior in high school I applied to only two schools, both close to home. I got accepted into one of the schools, therefore determining where I would spend the next four years. I received the Hope scholarship and a housing discount for being a cheerleader, neither of which accounted for half of my tuition. My sophomore year I quit cheerleading and worked two part-time jobs to pay for my education. I worked so much that my GPA suffered and I lost my only scholarship. I am now applying for scholarships and looking into graduate programs that will take me through the end of college without financial burden. If only I would have known then what I know now.


The advice that I'll give myself would have to be, 1: the choices I make in college must be very wise such as time management, partying, waking up, and etc... because being a college student is bascially living in the real world. Everything that you do is on your own and you have no parents there watching over you. 2: I can't waste my time in college because the education Im recieving isn't free. So no more slacking or not completing assignments because thats your money going to waste. 3: One thing that I know about college now and wish I didn't bring that habit to it from highschool is doing my work last minute. Time Management is key in college like I said earlier and when you decide to work on a assigment that takes a couple of hours I don't suggested you to do it the day before its due because that leads to all nighter "Trust Me" . 4: Lastly you have to be ready for college mentally and physichally point blank. Those are some of the advice I would give myself if I went back to my senior year of H.S.


If my present self could talk to my high school senior self, I would say just trust. "Every thing is going to turn out great! Remember to make the most of every opportunity. Don't hold anything back! Whatever you do, give it your all! Make lots of friends. They will help you get through anything. Go deep with your friends, be real, and enjoy! You only have one life to live. Don' be afraid, anxious, or worry! No amount of these things will ever help or change things! The only change will come by trusting and walking by faith. Don't be afraid to speak up, step out, and share truth with people. Enjoy life to the fullest and take care of your body! Do not be afraid to do something crazy-take a walk in the rain-scream out at the top of you lungs what you are feeling-take chances! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity - GIVE IT YOUR ALL!!!


As a senior in high school i was very motivated and focused, but if i did have advise for my self about how college would be. I would probably say that college is not a place to prove your self to the teachers and to your parents, but rather a place to prove yourself to yourself. College is much different than anything else. You have to shape your future. If you motivate yourself and put your mind to it and make sacrifices as to how to advance your education you will suceed with what you are trying achieve.


I have been out of high school since 1992. If I could go back and give myself advice, I would tell my seventeen year old self to focus on my grades while in high school and go directly to college after graduation. As a mother of three children, it has been a struggle to work full time and go to school full time. I love learning and I wish that someone would have guided me in the direction of ataining a college education when I was younger. (The cheaper cost would have been nicer, too!) I wish I would have known how important that a college degree is, not only for job prospects, but for setting the right example for my children. So, if I could go back and talk to myself, I would encourage a college based curriculum in high school, I would encourage myself to make better grades, and I would encourage myself to be involved in extracurricular activities.


Stay positive through every decision and hard time you go through. Go to class every day or every time class is meeting. Remember that your grades are the overall most important aspect of your college career, while keeping that in mind, meet as many people you can. These people can always be contacts for your college career as well as beyond. In life, one goes through many changes. College is one of the greatest times of your life! With that said, college can also be tough. It is one of the most fun times of your life and you should not waste a second. You should find your true self while you are in college so that when you are graduated and looking for a job, you know exactly what you want. There are many life changes that occur throughout your college experience: relationships with people new and old, decisions that will empact your future (which includes next week future as well as 10 years from now future), career choices, possibly moving away from home, first time of freedom (bills, new found options, etc.) and many other things. You should remember not to change for anyone, stay true to yourself.


Dont give up, follow excatly what you wanted to do. The best things in life come from hard work and dedication. Dont let anyone tell you cant do anything, becuase everything you want is just a reach away. It will be tough but remeber the reason you came to college and have fun just not to much!


There are many things that I have learned since I have been in college, and I do not mean just things that I have been taught in class. I have learned quite a few things about real life since I have been here too. The things that I believe would be most beneficial to tell myself before I came to college would be: learn to love reading because you do a lot of it in college, learn how to study since, unlike high school, college actually requires hard work, don't freak out about leaving home, it just takes some getting used to, get some better sleeping habits because you will need your rest to make it through each day, and if you are overwhelmed with classes, talk with you proffessor, they can sometimes make the most difficult things easy when you meet them one on one, and if that doesn't help, you might be taking to many classes at once and you can come come back to this one when you can devote more time to it.