Tennessee Technological University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The size is good. It is not huge but not very small. I think this is one of its best aspects.


The equipment at this school is top notch. Everything is available to you to use. It makes for a competative advantage over other schools who do not have adaquete equipment.


That it is a great school in my opinion and that it fits my major and suits my expectations.


The best thing about my school would have to be the people. I feel a sense of friendship and community with most of the people that I meet here on campus, and that makes it feel a lot like home. I feel like most of the people that I meet would be willing to help me with school work if I needed it, and I would be happy to help them out as well. The fact that there are people here to both hang out with and help you when you are struggling, really makes college easier.


Wonderful, new nursing facility with state of the are facilities and equipment.


The value. The education is amazing if you can get past the boredom.


It has a smal town feel to it. It is a decent sized school that promotes a better learning atmosphere.


TN Tech University is a tight-knit community. When you face inevitable situations as you grow older, the faculty, students, and staff are there for you with words of wisdom and practical advice. And when things are going great, those same people will rejoice with you! It's just so nice to attend a University where you feel like you really matter.


I like the location and size of this school. The town is small and yet has everything one would need in a college town. The size of campus is perfect for students, it is large but still small enough to navigate easily.


This school pretty much sucks as far as fun stuff to do, and forget about weekends. The best thing TTU has going for it is the frat parties.