Texarkana College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A student that do not want to work hard for their grades and wants their grades handed to them or "inflated." At TC you have to work and study hard to make the grade that you want to make! Although the professors will help you they still expect you to work outside of the classroom


Someone who should not attend Texarkana College would be someone who does not see themselves completing college or getting their degree to become successful. Also somebody who is not determined or focused because if you are not those two things then there is no point in going to school. If a certain person does not like smaller schools with fewer people then this is not the school for them. A community college is good for getting use to the college experience so if someone wants to go bigger such as a University this school is not for them.


While I value some sort of education for everyone, I do believe that Texarkana College is not for everyone. A person must be motivated, self-disciplined and dedicated to succeed at any college but at Texarkana College a student must be keenly aware of his career path and degree plan. A person who is not focused, not active in planning their course layout and schedule, and doesn't have advanced knowledge of their transfer schools requirements will not succeed at TC. Without the advisement of my parents, I would have taken many unnecessary courses