Texas A & M International University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


It's cheap. Not as cheap as the local community college, but cheap compared to the rest of Texas's universities. Not only that, but it offers pretty darn good stuff--computers everywhere, a decent library, vending machines in every building (even if some rip you off every now and then), free health services, study abroad, and a couple of awesome professors. It's not perfect, but it's still very well liked. Oh, and the nature in TAMIU is wonderful. Our city lacks nature.


The university I attend to is known for the international students that attend the school throughout the school year. Most come to the school for the experience and to become part of a family in the sport they are best at.


Better known as TAMIU, this small rising university is best known for its vast education and versatility. As you walk into the university you will instantly feel the peaceful ribe. The tall shady trees and its beautiful wild life surrounds the student body with a stressfree environment. Students recognize this university as being the mother that nutures its child to become strong and independent. TAMIU creates opportunity and enhances the endless possibilities for a better future. Sculpting its students with its diverse staff to be leaders and ignite their minds to make a impact in society itself.


We are known for the diversity in languages and ethnic backgrounds.


Being a school with the most Hispanic/Latino rate of graduation.


The Texas A & M International University is most known for the percent of Latinos finishing college and going on to getting a career in their subject of interest. That and the fact that most students that attend this college have more of a chance of finishing here rather to transfer for dislike or drop out from "diffucult" classes.


Texas A&M International University is best known for its green environment and its friendly people. Students can relate to other students and faculty; everyone is friendly to help. Older students help younger students by telling them about the classes they really need to word hard and give tips of what to study for the test. It is a place where you can find what you want out of life.


My school is best known for their friendly service they offer. The importants the campus administration give to student when they have questions regarding class/professor. They immediatly attend and understanding to your problems, I know that I have experienced that feeling of importance. Also, the knowledge the professors carrie which make you a very valuable candiate after graduation.


for its excellence academically and in sports