Texas A & M International University Top Questions

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You cross international boundaries and leave the old you behind when attending this university. You collaborate with scholars and turn an idea into an opportunity. This university will challenge you to view the world at limitless.


Its an international school, which gives me better oppurtunities to travel the world.


The campus is pretty nice. I see random people taking pictures for special events. There is a alot of International students which that helps toy to get to know more people. Here in campus there is help for everything that you might need. I am very grateful for coming to this university.


The location of my school is what makes TAMIU unique from other schools. Because of the proximity to the U.S.-Mexico border the lifestyle and culture in Laredo is very different from that of any other campus that I took into consideration for furthering my education.


Its characteristic of being truly International; we have an ongoing community where 50{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of its students are International. Also, we have profesors from Lebanon, Africa, Mexico, France, Chile, Spain and other countries. So basically you can say there is diversity in our University.


I consider the soccer program to be unique its a real good program in which i plan to participate. I enjoy palying soccer and improving my skills I know that this magnificent program is going to help me improve. Unlike other school that i have consider this school has the best program.


At the university that I attend, I find that the planetarium we have is very unique. It is uniquely constructed into the shape of a pyramid, which stands out from the rest of the buildings on campus. They offer very educational and fun showings and they make the shows a learning experience for not only adults or students, but for children as well.


I would have to say what makes my school unique is the students in general. The student body are the ones who represent our school and bring different ideas to the table. There are so many cultures in our school that we all learn from each other and to me that is what makes us really unique.


My school is kind of small, so are the classes, with the biggest one i have had only had about 70 students which is nothing compared to bigger universities. Even though TAMIU is a public university, due to the small community it feels like a private university. Interactions with proffesors is easy, in fact most of them will recognize you and know you personnally, whereas in larger universities that is almost impossible, and proffesors will not know most of their students.


We have a diverse population of students and faculty. Everyone on this campus are very friendly.


The beauty of the campus and the amazing weather


My school is unique because all the people you meet are friendly and encourage you to continue. All faculty are ready to help you specially at the time of registeration. They always keep a smile on and make you feel important and attend to your needs as soon as possible. I am very happy with all of the services they offer and the great help you receive while asking questions or have doubts on your financial assistance.