Texas A & M International University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Whenever I talk about my school, I always tell them how helpul the staff are whenever you are in need of help. They are so energetic and have such an amazing attitude. I have not encounter anyone who has given me bad attitude so far. Also, how many organizations they have, and how everyone can interact with each other, and become friends.


Friendly environment towards new students to ease the transition.


When I tell my friends about Texas A&M International University I tell them about how helpful everyone on campus is. At TAMIU all the teachers and staff are very helpful and they are open to any questons you may have. I brag about how much I just love the atmosphere of the campus and the way everyone gets along.


I hardly brag. That is not something I do very much, but if anything it is that the tuition is not that expensive.


I tell them that we have very good sports and that we are known world wide for being an international school.


There isn't much to brag about. I do not brag about the school.


I brag about the school's outstanding campus, and the amount of wild life that is on campus. I also brag about the people that attend this university, because they are the one's that make this university a great place to come to.


It's Texas A&M!!!!


I tell them that the school is full of harmless wildlife, which adds to the beauty of the school and i also boast about the fact that in this school a person of any kind of group is welcome and understood. Whether they may like government or card games, there is a club for anyone and everyone.


The social environment that I have experience was great and also the attention of some profesors.


my grades