Texas A & M International University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Sometimes the parking in unbarable, we have to park on the other side of the University.


One of the worst things are not having variety of classes to take online and in the evening and weekend.


The worst thing about my school would have to be the diversity. We are a prodminately mexican american based school and community.


The only thing that I don't like about my school is that I have to walk almost a mile just to get something to eat. The dorms are far away from the cafeteria area. Another thing is that it's under construction and I have to walk a lot more.


The worst thing about this university is really nothing. There is always space to study, professors whom are easy to talk to and available at any time, and even computers that are accessible for students to do their work as well.


The worst thing about my university is that when you are an incoming freshman there are classes that you have to take ,but does not count for your major. It is a waste of time and money. They don't realize that classes and tuition are expensive in order to take classes that won't count towards your major.


Texas A&M International University is a very good school but it is still growing, so there is a lot of construction happening on campus. So while you're in class you can hear a lot of noise which can sometimes be destracting.


It is a big commuting school. When there are activities, students get lazy about having to drive back and forth from home.


The worst thing is the parking. The worst thing is the traffic during evening classes, there are more accidents and not enough policemen monitoring the campus.


Finding parking at my school can be difficult sometimes because the parking lots seem to be small. They have had to extend the parking lot onto the soccer field especially when it came to the first day of classes. Although we are not a big university, I have seen efforts to make sufficient parking for the students they have even constructed a new parking area for those whom cannot find a parking.


Truthfully speaking, the worst thing my school has would have to be the limited parking area. Thankfully, new extended parking space has been recently added, which allows more students to have a place to park their vehicles. The lack of parking area would imply students to arrive an extra amount of time before class just to begin looking for a parking spot to avoid being late for lecture.


I have only been in one sememster in my school but, from what i have seen the lack of parking space is one of the worst things in my school because i find it hard to belive that such a large campus can only have so much parking space. On my first day of class, I found the parking lots extremely full I can understand this. however, I cannot understand the lack of more space from such a large campus I always park in the last section if I find any. I can imagine this sememster in peak hours.


The school's organization in general could use more work as well as the use and size of the facilities. Whether it's a school-wide event or even during registration periods, the campus is too small for its thousands of students. Across campus, there are only about 6- buildings where classes are held. If the school had more fundings for more structural buildings, expanding the campus will be beneficial not only to students, but to professors and faculty as well.


The parking is super bad and the campus security.


Not enough recreation available and lacks focus on all forms of art and on mathematics.


We need more classes available. I have heard some students say that sometimes they have to wait a year for the class they need, to be available. We also need more professors. Lastely we need more classrooms available as well as study areas for students.


I don't even need a hand to count the things that are wrong with our University. My only complaine would have to be that we don't have a football team :(


The worst thing about my school is the lack of school spirit. The students here just do not care enough about the universitys athletics.


The worst thing is that the school is too small for the capacity of students it has attending the university.


The food served is the worst thing because there's no variety.