Texas A & M International University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


TAMIU is a University for anyone who is willing to pursue higher education and is willing to be involved in school activities. Here in TAMIU there is never nothing to do, there is always something going on whether it's a school event, a club event, or a dormitory activity. TAMIU allows students to particiapte in many activities that way students that are away from home won't miss home that much. All in all, if you are a student that loves to keep active and socialize, then TAMIU is a great choice for you.


Anyone and everyone who wants a better future for their life.


At TAMIU everyone is welcome. TAMIU is a campus built to help out anyone and everyone. It is a place where anyone looking for a great education can go to.


Any kind of person that has the ability to want to go to college. Someone with determination to become someone in this world.


People that are responsible and dedicated should attend Texas A&M International University because classes are sometimes too demanding . College is for students who want to pursue a career, and have to be dedicated in order to reach your goals. Time and money is wasted if you don't take advantage of every resource that is avaible for you.


I think this is a campus for anyone really. The school has a great pre-med program and is diverse in the many fields that it specializes in. It's a campus with plenty of staff members that are always willing to help in whatever necessary. It's a great school if you're looking for a challenge. It's a great school if you're looking to relax and take it easy. It's a great school to satisfy your urge to have fun while studying at the same time. It's great for anyone, I think.


Only people who are dedicated to getting their education should attend this school because the cirrculum is demanding.


It takes an open minded person to attended our university. Just the name says it all, Texas A&m INTERNATIONAL University. Our campus is full of transfer students and offers many programs on cultural diversity. So believe me when I say, there will be culural shock and you should be prepare and open-minded to meet students from all over the globe.




The person who is attending our school must want to put a lot of emphasis on thier studies. There is not a whole lot to do in our city, most of the time. They have to like a very relaxed tempo on campus, but with a random spurt of excitement. The person attending may also want to be okay with a wide array of cultures. We are a mostly hispanic population in the city, but the University it culturally diverse.