Texas A & M International University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Those who feel they MUST have a degree should not go to TAMIU. Those who HATE reading and writing essays should not go to TAMIU. Those who are spoiled rotten should not go to TAMIU until they mature; because college isn't nice to children headed adults.


Basically any person not motivated to learn or at least keep their grades up enough to make due.


Texas A&M International University, otherwise known as TAMIU, is not for those who expect to party their whole way through college. It is the type of university that requires hard work and dedication. It does offer many fun activities, however none of them condone wreckless behavior. If someone is just looking for an easy way to earn a degree, then this is definitely not the school for them.


Every person is welcomed and no one is denied to the school.


The kind of person that should not attend this school would be someone who is not committed for furthering their education. A person who is not able to keep up their GPA's and is overall not driven to further their abilities for good job opportunities. People whom are really dedicated in pursuing their jobs with keeping up their attendance as well is very important to be successful in this university.


People that are interested in above average college classes should come here.


Anyone who want to attend a college or university has the opportunity to become a better person each day. There should not be a reason why a person who wants to have a career should be left behind. Particularly in this university I do see students who are lay back and will not do assignments, but that is their ideal to continue studying. I do believe that just stepping in a university like this one in particular, the student is a winner, and it up to the student if he or she wants a better future or not.


I would think that anyone can attend this school if they are willing to further pursue their goals and achievments. The person that shouldn't attend this school is the person that is not willing to pursue thier goals with determination and a certain devotion to try their best in every class. if to them its all about "college life" and partying this idea wont get them anywhere because this school is an opportunity and not something that one does just because its there. However, I really feel that if anyone tries their best they can attend this school.