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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would totally make myslef do better in school. I would tell myslef to start looking for scholarships early, and to apply early for everything. Basically i will tell myslef to be more responsible, and mature about college.


My more responsible, prioritized, and proactive self would tell my lazy, care-free, and who fancied procrastination to, “Get off the couch and Facebook!!!” You see everyone would advise me to apply as many scholarships I could and start applying to the universities of my first choice, but my un-prioritized senior-self thought it was more important to find a prom dress and attend all senior events. You see my logic during that time was that I deserved a break from rigorous schoolwork. Yes, you are correct to think how foolish it was of me to pity myself as a burnt-out high school student as I now do. Therefore, if I possessed the ability to time travel, I would tell my younger self to stop pitying myself and start applying for scholarships because I was going to need it to pay for school, stop thinking that TAMIU will be easy, and most importantly STOP PROCRASTINATING! After I scream at myself to take action, I would offer some words of comfort and tell myself that even though it is hard to be a physical therapist and it would take six excruciating years, I know I or she will survive.


DO. NOT. PROCRASTINATE. Dear mother of a dog, just don't! You will regret you ever said, "I work well under pressure." Not only is that utter bull, but in college that sort of mindset will kill a grade level! I got two Bs because of it. You HATE Bs don't you? You accept nothing but As, right? Then do as I say and finish your work early. Devote your spare time to research and drafting papers. Study. Yes. STUDY. It's not hard! Just write stuff over and over. And highlight. That method has always worked for us, it seems. Flashcards help, too. Another thing, make sure you keep practicing you scales; major, minor, and chromatic! You must ingrain the mechanics and sounds in that hard head of yours. YOU MUST. If you want to keep playing you have to know those scales. I know they're annoying, but they're like the alphabet to music or something. Please, please, please do as I say here. These were the three major issues I had in college so far. Good luck, naive me, good luck.


If I could go back in time I would say to my high schol self to not be afraid of the future. I would go up to myself during freshman year and grab my shoulders, I would freak myself out and then proceed to tell myself to learn how to take risks and not shy away from those clubs and organization opportunities that were handed to me and that I threw aside. I would tell myself that there is an amazing University that is awaiting my arrival and to not slack off that freshman year (because that's the year that my GPA really was hit hard.) I would also encourage myself to speak to people and not wait for them to speak to me. Till this day I know alot of my friends that tell me that we would've known each other sooner if I would've been the first to speak. Another thing that I would tell my past self is to concentrate on my studies a little more and worry about finding love later on during college. The last thing I would tell myself is to make sure that I apply for more scholarships.


I would tell myself that things change whether we like it or not. In High School I had made a four year plan, thought ahead and was going to follow every step. I never imagined I was going to be studying to get my BA In English and completed a semester Abroad in England. I would tell myself ot enjoy life, and enjoy the time with the friends I have now. Not to focus on the past, but the future and how to get there. I would convince myself to relax and and embrace my time in High School, to work hard and get a good GPA. I would tell myself that sometmes beauty and popularity isn't everything, what counts are you actions. How you get there, what you did to get there, and the way you fought to get there.


If there was a time machine with a green bright glow saying "restart", I would definitely press it. Now that I know what college is, I see that is nothing compared to High School. My senior year was nothing like I expected, sometimes things do not go they way someone has planned. My senior year was like a bad dream, unfortenately I had two broken bones during my year. One was my left hip which caused me to have a surgery to reconnect it. I was only thinking about getting out of the wheelchair, and not really thinking about my future. I did not apply for any scholarships, I missed Financial Aid night since I had to go to the doctor, and did everything at the last minute. I wish I could have been stronger, and had applied for different colleges, scholarships, because now I am stuggling with money, since only my mom works and my dad is handicapped. I would have told myself to not let my injuries interfere in my education, and success. I do regret not doing many things when i had the chance, but all one can do is keep on fighting for their dreams.


I would tell myself to start saving up money earlier. Get more involved in applying for scholarships. Enroll for 15 hours and do not let the advisors to convince you not to. Rent your books if possible. Look hard to find ways to get money; legally of course. Expand your group of friends.


The advice that I would give myself in high school to apply for more scholarships and get more classes to advance myself faster to achieve my goals. For me not to entertaine myself with work nor any other things just to apply for scholarships and extra grants such as the TX Grant.


Knowing what I know about college , the advice I would give myself would be to take College Algbera in high school. I had the chance to take several college classes my senior year in high school. I chose to only take one. I chose to take Biology. It was a good thing. However I thought taking only one college class as a high school student during the school day was a good plan. I was wrong. I wish I would have taken as many college classes I could while in high school. While in high school I knew college would cost a lot, but I didn't comprehend the expense until now. Taking college class in high school the classes and books were provided to the students free of charge. How I miss that. Taking college classes in high school is a wonderful opportunite that I wish I would of taken full advanage of. At the time I thought one class was enough, but now I know different. If I could go back in time to 2011 I would find myself as a senior and tell myself to sign up for every college class. It will make a difference!


The advice I would give myself is to stay focus. life is not as easy as it looks like hard work, dedication pays of to support your family. The purpose of becoming successful is to make yourself content of all the accomplishments you have set goals to, and being an effective individual and making friends, family feel proud of having a daughter like myself. One obstacle many high school students don"t realize when there young is not taking advantage of soo many learning resources and they rather be hanging out with friends and wasting time. If I could go back now I would go and have an assembely of the importance of doing good, studying, achieve their high school diploma and going to college. To resist temptation and friends because those things wont help with job, degree, your personal life. School is the only way to success and becoming someone smart, educated and independent.


All throughout high school, I could not wait until graduation. I was ready to leave my town and move on to bigger and better things. For as long as I could remember, I had my heart set on going to a university in a big city, where all I planned to do was have fun and party. The day came when I got my letter from my dream school, all to find out that I was not accepted, therefore, TAMIU was the only choice i had left. I told myself I would do everything I could to pick up my grades so that I could transfer out as soon as possible. What i would have never guessed, however, is that I would fall in love with this campus and all it had to offer. This school has encouraged me to be the best student I can be and has presented me with multiple opportunities. As of right now, I plan to stay here until I earn my degree. If I could go back in time, I would tell myself not to be so close-minded and to give everything a chance. You never know what you might end up loving.


The thing I want to accomplish is to go to a University and get a major for criminal justice. I would like to attend to Texas A&M International. Yes, I am working towards my goal so I can accomplish it. In school I have a class where I get to work for my scholarships to see if I receive the money for my dream goal. Since the first day of my freshman year I’ve worked hard to do all my best in every single class. This senior year in the class where we apply have to apply to applications I have try my very best so I can receive as many scholarships as I can. My overall goal is to impress my parents because my brothers didn’t make their goals and also be someone in life. I want to prove my brothers wrong because they have always told me that I can’t make it to a University. If the government gives me money I want to take advantage of that so I can reach my overall goal, and show to my parents that they have a daughter that did something out of seventeen years of education.


I would say, to try harder to be in clubs, be in all the clubs. And actually read for God's sake! Cause that shit is really really important in college. And don't be so afraid to speak out, you're a great person and you shouldn't hide who you really are from anyone Karen. If they don't like you for being gay then they don't deserve you. Chin up, it gets better in time.


If I were to go back in time to tell myself something about college I would tell myself to study more. I would tell myself to get more involved with scholarships and colleges. I would also tell myself to open up a savings for college necessities. I would also tell myself to be more active in community service. I’d tell myself that it is very important to learn how to manage time and multitask. I would tell myself that I should maybe get a job and save that money so I wouldn’t be struggling to put myself through college right now; and so my family wouldn’t be stressing over it either.


In the Fall, it's easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyone applying to schools. It's a very exciting time of year, and it is easy to feel left out and sad if you cannot apply for financial reasons. Everyone likes to think that going to the local community college is a negative thing, but I want you to realize that it will soon be one of the best things to happen to you. Consider first the amounts of money you will save by going to a community college and then transferring to a four year insitution, for this is the biggest benefit. All the money that you would be spending on transportation, books, and even housing going to a four year would be going to your pocket. Going to a community college also gives you the benefit of really deciding what it is you like to learn about because there are so many different classes to choose from. You can continuously change your mind without spending thousands of dollars at a time, so that when you finally do decide to transfer, you will be even more excited and motivated when you transfer.


I would appreciate my senior year a little better. Also I would encourage myself to apply for all the scholarship that I can apply for. Free money is always good especially when it comes to college. Everything is so expensive and helping my mother out wouldn't hurt at all. To keep up with my grades. When I was a senior I graduated in the top 10{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of my class for the only reason that I slacked of thinking that I had it done. Now I really regret it because I would have graduated in the top ten of my senior class.


I would tell myself to that you don't need to know exactly where you are going to be headed in the right direction. You need to stop planning your life out. Life never goes as planned and if you learn to set goals instead of making plans, there will be less disappointment. Just enjoy the time that you have, work hard and do things that you love. If you do what you love and work hard, eventually you will be walking down the right path. College is suppose to be a time where you find yourself and learn to love yourself. If you stress over how life is suppose be going, you won't truly be living. So go ahead change your major, stay up too late, and learn the most important relationship you will ever have, is with yourself.


I would tell my self to open up your mind and yourself, do not be afraid to try new things, and take advantage of every opportunity. I would advise myself to join more clubs, volunteer, and meet new people because this way you can find your true identity. Through this, you can see the world and the beauty it beholds. You will understand yourself better and know the things that you like and the things that you don't, allowing you to gruadually move closer to growing as an individual and fully understanding what God has planned for you. Eventually you will comprehend that everything that happened in yourlife connects to your destiny. Take your classes more seriously, listen to your elders because they really do know what they're talking about, always be thankful for what you have, and with patience and understanding, have faith that God will lead you towards the right path. Lastly, above all else, listen to yourself and do what makes you happy.


If I were to go back in time and give myself advice, there woud be a long list to what I would tell myself. Though i would the most important advice I would give is to keep the grades up. Many peers have the mentality that college is the same as high school. "The teacher will pass me" mentality, but that's what lead many to fail their classes. If i were to have someone to tell me those words I would have probably done much better my senior year of high school and my freshman year of college.


Ten days after graduating from high school, I left for the United States Marine Corps, and have subsequently been a Marine for the last nine years. In no way do I regret the decision that I made, however, if I were able to sit down with my high school self, I would offer him the following advice: Pursue your continuing education more aggressively while you're on Active Duty. You have so many tools at your disposal, and countless opportunities available to you. Make good use of them! As a Marine, it's easy to get lost in yourself and focus solely on what's best for the Marine Corps, while letting your own needs and self-interests sit on the backburner. Be smart, meet people, network, keep up the thirst for knowledge that you've always had, and never give up. Use your time wisely, because in a few years, you're going to realize how precious it truly is. I can't overexaggerate the importance of a good education, not just for the sake of having a degree, but to better yourself which will in turn, allow you to be a positive influence on those around you.


Assuming if I ever could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself to try and read more on my free time to expand my knowledge of a variety of things. I would also advise myself to be ready for the challenges that are coming up from high school to college, because in all honesty it really is not easy. I would also advise myself to take more challenging courses in academic subjects in high school to be better prepared for college. Another piece of advice I would give myself is to try and take a fourth year of math or if I can start a secong foreign language class to do it.


Assuming time travel was a factual concept, I have just stepped into a time machine! I am now in Old Forge, PA in 2011. I see myself coming down the hallway. Looking at me in a complete state of confusion is making myself feel a little wiser. I need to go tell myself first of all that none of my old peers are going to be assisting me after graduation. I know it is hard to believe it, but after this Eric, you're your own pal! Now that being said, let's get into responsibilities. First, money management should be taught in high school, because its a lesson learned the hard way. There is not going to be dinner waiting for you when you get home when your at a dorm without mom around. Secondly, laundry adds up faster than a calculator! This may not seem important at first, but all i can say is don't say i did't tell you so (Or should I say, tell "me" so). Last but not least, freedom is a great thing. As long as you do what you have to do, there is nothing more relaxing than being an adult.


If I had the opportunity to go back in time to give myself advice for the coming years going into college, I would probably first say all the traditional things, study hard, stay focused, all the things my parents tried to tell me while I was in school. Following the comon sense things that everyones parents, teachers, coaches and older siblings say. I think most of my time would be spent on telling myself to make sure to leave room for time with friends and joing clubs, maybe try a new sport or two. Explain that my first smester of school my boyfriend was the main thing I had focused on, later I regretted not also adding time to make close friends and get involved on campus. I'd remind myself that yes studying hard and staying focused is important but so is making a friends and making the most of the expierence of college.


"College is different from high school," is something every high school teacher says. Honestly believe it! College and high school are two complete different things. In college you are on your own. You motivate yourself to do well, while in high school you get babied around. College teaches you time managment. College offers a lot more things to you. High school work is nothing compared to college work. If you complain in high school then you are not college ready. In college you suck it up and mature about everything that happens. You get treated like the adult you actually are. College might not be free, but there is many scholorships that actually help you out. Every University has a tutoring center that have great tutors that are willing to help students out. College is different, but a great expirence. Number one rule is NO SLACKING OFF and NO PROCASTINATION! Keep away from friends that will only drag you down with them.


Take advantage of all the college classes high school offers you since they are free, so when ever you get to college you won't have to pay for them becasue they are very expensive. Any class that the counclers give you and you think they are hard do not drop them study or ask the teacher to help you out so you can pass them. The day you start college at any college or university you will discover what a really hard class is, and having deadlines for any assignments. You will also discover how expensive school is and you will feel so bad to tell you mom that she will have to pay for them or that you will have to take out a loan. Taking college classes in high school is suppose to be an honer, an advantage, because that means you will not have to take that class in a harder level nor pay for that class either. Start applying for as many scholarships as possible early so that could help you pay for any books or maybe your dorm if you plan to live on campus.


Going back in time, I would tell myself to devote my energy into my school work. Advising myself to be more involved with my school and to lead the study body into being more productive with their high school expierence. Unfortunately, I come from a small town near the border. My high school does not have many clubs or organizations because of its low population. Therefore, I would be more outspoken and creative to organize different school functions in order to promote leadership and student involvement. From my experience, fun and motivational activities enhance the will of students to learn and capture the essence of school. Time would be treasured and spent on studies on and off school. I would take better notes to promote higher level thinking skills and put them to good use. Using questions to access the understanding of the criteria, and will also increase my motivtion, curiosity and interest in the subject. I know from my experinces that motivation is the key to learn more and to retain information longer. Emphasizing on a more postivie attitude to attend school regularly to increase academic achievement. Set higher expectations that could be attainable and never give up.


Highschool senior students its very important for every single one of you to apply for financial aid and to apply for as many scholarships available. College is very important for your future and its the best way to succeed in life. Look for help in school and apply to whatever is available you never know how much money you can get. Getting to the university and moving out from home is a big step but it is totaly worth it. I am an only child and leaving my family was a very hard decision but its going to be worth it when i finish college. I got my freshman year paid thanks for the CAMP scholarship which was given to me as a migrant. When your already at a college take advantage of everything there is help for everything. Try not to slack of and stay on track with all your classes. Wish you luck guys!


High school has been an awesome part of your life, where you have known your best friends and helped out people by doing some extracurricular activities. The transiton to college might be challenging and expensive. The right way to overcome those thoughts would be by applying to scholarships and financial aid. Tuition and fees are increasing that is why scholarships are very important. Things that could help you out the transition to college would be to be a dual enrollment student or take some college hours during your high school, so when you go to college you can be ahead and take less classes during your semesters. The best advice would be to take advantage of every organization or college classes that are given to you in high school.


As a senior in high school I never really thought that college was going to be as exciting as I made it out to be. Considering the fact that I had already made up my mind about leaving my hometown for college there was always thoughts of how I was going to be able to adjust to a new enviornment and make new friends. I also never took the time to realize that there was going to be plenty other students that were going in to school like me for the first time. The only thing that made me realize that was the day that I got to college and met someone else like me. If there is anything that I would have told myslef it would be not to worry about making new friends because there is plenty of other students in search of new friends as well and that you're not alone.


I would tell myself that college is going to be a different world than what you are accustomed to. It will take some time to get use to the fact that things are different but it is those new experiences that make college life interesting. Focus on your goal of a better life through your education. Sometimes things may not go your way or distractions can happen that may cause you to lose focus but think about how far you have come and how far you can go. Enjoy your college life both on campus and off campus because in time you may see this as some of the best days of your life. You can only go as far as you allow yourself to go so aim for the stars and hold on tight to your dreams.


If I were able to go back to high school and give myself advice about college, I would tell myself to not limit where I choose to go to college based on my financial situation. I would tell myself to apply for any help that I could and to never settle for less than the absolute best!


If I could really go back in time and speak to my self knowing what I currently know about college, I would tell myself ” Ishwa! Now listen carefully, Please do not slack off in high school. Put in all the effort you can . My dear, What You’re aiming for is not easy at all, if you want to be a surgeon someday you most certainly can't just sit around and expect magic to happen. Money doesn't grow on trees therefore; you should take complete advantage of the benefits that you have been given. The free education you have currently won't be there after high school life. Since you don’t really have any savings to even attend college, you should apply for scholarships and maybe get a part time job. Just because you don't have enough to attend college doesn’t mean your dreams should come to an end. Nothing is impossible; you just have to figure out ways to make it possible. You got this. It might not be as easy for you as it might have been for everyone else, but that’s okay. ”


Take risks. Don't be afraid of the unknown. Yes, it's scary to leave your family, but there are opportunities waiting for you and they may not be found in your comfort zone. Study hard. I know it may not seem like it now, but what you learn in high school will help you later in life (especially during the chemistry class you'll take in a couple years). Be involved! Try out for that part in the play you won't think you'll get. Join that club where you don't know anyone. It's experiences like these that you'll remember later in life, or regret not taking. Most importantly appreciate your friends. Soon they'll be off in one city and you'll be in another. Don't fight over the little things. Trust me, after not seeing your best friend for six months at a time you'll give anything for those moments again. Finally, find some self confidence. You may feel insignifcant and nerdy compared to the other girls now, but you'll turn out alright. You've got an awesome, maybe even perfect life, now live it.


Miranda, college life is not what you expected it to be whatsoever. It is not care free, although at times it can be fun, it is very stressful. There are so many things you did not expect to experience during your college years. You always assumed it would be just like high school, for you remember how teachers always told you that going into a new grade level gets harder, but it usually never did. And here is where this train of thought will slap you in the face. College is hard and here is some advice I can give you to better prepare yourself. Stay on top of your school work and NEVER procrastinate; you were given slack in high school, but in college fat chance. Also join clubs and organizations for chances at scholarships and for the opportunity to build your resume. Basically that is the best and most important advice I can give you. NEVER procrastinate, and be sure to join clubs and organizations.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to buckle up because it's not an easy ride like high school is. I would tell myself that I better stop wanting someone to just tell me answers because in college you have to do it yourself. In high school, I would always just wait until the teacher pushed me to do my work. I would tell myself to not do that because in college, if you do not do the work there is no excuses. and you get a zero grade for that assignment. The biggest piece of advice I would tell myself is to stop procrastinating because in college that can really back fire on you, I know from experience. I am now in college and some way procrastination still finds its way upon me. It is not good at all which is why I am learning as I go to make the right decisions because college is nothing at al like high school. When teachers in high school said they were getting us ready for the real world, they really meant it.


You should put effort in your classes. They might not have to do with engineering, but the more you know the easier it becomes to learn things because of how the brain works. Make sure you try! You can also actually go directly into the school you want to go with a good enough GPA, make sure you put the effort though once you take your college classes. Even the easy classes matter, make sure not to slack on that. It all helps in the learning experience.


If i could go back to my high school senior year i would tell myself to save as much money as possible. I would tell myself to keep my grades in the uper nineties in order to get more scholarships and financial help. I would tell myself that even though it will be hard with a newborn in my life to keep on moving forward and never give up. I would convince myself into doing everything possible to make my future education easier.


Going back in time would serve as a perfect way to correct many mistakes I made. One of the most important things I would consider correcting would be checking in with the advisors the school provided for me and seeking knowledge on scholarship applications and how to obtain help from any private or public organizations available. Although we are aware that school is the most important thing in our present day, one of the most common negative factors is the cost of school and figuring out how to pay for it. Attending school can be the most expensive thing in life, because it consists of things such as, shelter, food, a working vehicle, books and school supplies and most importantly time. Learning about sponsors and financial aid is crucial when one is on the path towards success. The most important advice I would give myself, if traveling back in time was possible, is to figure out ways of how to pay for college and still have money left over to survive. Creating a budget plan, seeking help from family members or other organizations and a good savings account would definately have made the path to success a less rocky road.


If I could go back in time, I would have a lot to talk to my high school self about. First, I would have to tell myself that life is going to be okay, and every trial and tribulation I went through is only going to make me a stronger person. I would try and tell myself to really think about picking up that first drink and that first drug because that decision had a very negative impact on a great part of my life. I do have to remember I am a stubborn teenager who thinks she knows it all. I would tell myself that it would be in my best interest to pursue college alot earlier than in my forties, that's for sure. I would let myself know that I am somebody important and I don't need to regret the past or shut the door on it. Everything I have done and have experienced has made me the person I am today. So I am not sure i would want to influence myself to change because I would not be the person I am today and I really like me today.


College has been the best of times and the worst of times; it requires a special dedication to work that I did not have in high school, and also will provide the greatest friendships and love you will ever know. The best advice I can give is this: do not forget why you are here. Do not forget that there is work to be done and goals to achieve; the friendships will remain strong if they are intended to be, so make sure to focus on your work as well as your relationships. College is definitely hard, the high school teachers don't joke about that, but it is not the work that is hard, it is the struggle to commit to doing your work that is. The transition to college life is not too difficult but requires you to have self-control and avoid the wrong crowds. First and foremost, you are a student, and your goals will change the world if you work towards them. Remain dedicated, as your friends and family want you too, and remember not to give up when it gets hard; keep moving forward no matter what the cost.


I would tell myself to take high school more seriously. As an athlete in high school you are given certain privileges, and I took full advantage of those priviliges and then some. If I would have taken high school more seriously in the classroom and on the field of competition I feel I could have better prepared myself for college and the lifestyle that comes with it. I would also tell myself to realize the importance of time management and the importance of being able to do things on your own without needing words of encouragment to make myself do the right thing.


Knowing myself, I believe that I would at first ask about my personal life if myself from the future came to visit me in the past. But ignoring that, one important thing would be to follow what you want to do: whether it is to become a member of the Student Government Association, a member of the Cross Country & Track team, or a more involved dancer for Texas A&M International University. Another idea would be to make time for yourself, your personal life, your family, and workforce. All in all, the main idea is to follow your dreams at what you want to do and what to be.


Dear past-me, I know you don't want to follow in your family's footsteps but don't bother going out of the box. You will try Auto Body Repair and then Psychology. You..will...hate it. You will finally change your major to environmental science in order to join everyone at the USDA. Do what you know, not what you think you'll like. Graduate first then go and take photography classes with the steady paycheck you'll be earning. We're almost there!! Cross your fingers! Love, Future-me. -


If I could go back, I would definitely take college courses during summer. I would ask my counselor about different univieristies and how I could get more information about that. I would be more focused with all the scholarships that are out there and complete as many as possible, so that I know not to get loans. I would go visit different univeristies during my summers and really figure out what I would like to major in. I would focus more on school rather than on the high school life and friends, because at the end of the day you lose many friends in college. Most importantly, I would apply for housing on campus to be able to focus on college rather than problems at home.


I would say something along the lines of "Hey buddy, you need to get your act together for this final year. Math will really be diffucult unless you pay attention to even the finest detail. Pay attention to the other classes and dont get lazy enough though its the final year. Save lots of money because once you go to college they arent kidding about the price. Its not extremely pricey but you will need a lot of help. Also don't apply to any local scholarships except the Leyendecker Construction one. You won't get a single scholarship except that one i told you to apply to, mainly because all of the scholarships will be given to family members of workers and will only work to irrate you. Other than all of that you should be fine. I hope you the best in this year and you can always look to the future gladly. Our future looks bright man."


I would tell myself to apply for all the scholarships available, not to slack off, focus still on my studies, get used to reading more, listen to my counselors, teachers, mentors. I would basically just be more attentive with the future on not let things pass but to stay up to date.


If I had the chance to go back in time and give myself college advice, I would definitely have done things differnetly. To start off, I would be a more deicated high school student, now as a college student, I have really learned what it is to pay for my education, and often times there has been scholarships and awards for good high school graduates. And unfortunatley, I slacked off in high school. So I would definitely be more concious about my studies. I would also plan to graduate as a junior. Now that I am in college, I love my area of study, but I am anxious to finish and start my life. Had I started earlier in high school, I would have finished sooner. I would also advice myself to go to a university away from home. I believe that was my biggest mistake, staying in Laredo. My plans were to finish my basics here then move out, but that never happened, I just stayed here, and I feel that I deprived myself of experiencing so much. So if I could do it over, I would have certainly taken my advice and moved out and experience the world.


Focus and get ahead. Those insecurities you have, the fear, and the frustration will all go away once you are hear. This will be the best decesion you will ever make, do not hesitate. Attend all of your residence halls and university's programs and events. Cheer loud for your athletes, jog around campus often and never take the sun for granted. When you fall in love for the first time in this university, let him know, and do it soon. Both you and him can write a wonderful story. Look up to your classmates, they can teach you valuable lessons, they will be your friends and stick by your side. Lastly, forget to procrastinate, that will never help. When schoolwork comes your way, never fear and tackle it down. Your professors believe in you, your peers believe in you; believe in yourself they same way they do.


I have got the pleasure of meeting great people: teachers and peers. As well as having the opportunity of participating in community programs, gaining experience and skills in the Dance department. It has been valuable to attend TAMIU because it helped me find my own voice and to pursue my vocation; also it encouraged me to pursue a Master's Degree. TAMIU's Staff is well prepared in their subjects of teaching. I can name at least 7 different professors holding a PhD, thus students gain a better educational experience. Lastly, I had the opportunity of meeting the VIPS of TAMIU such as the President of the University, the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, the Chair of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, the Director of International Programs, and the Vice-President of Student Affairs and Alumni Association.


For the past year and a half I have been at Johnson County Community College. I have been taking classes to get into Nursing School and am loving every minute of it. As a high school student, college seemed very intimidating. But if I have learned anything from being a college student it is that I should never doubt my abilities. I have had some of the best professors that have showed me my potential and that have actually sat down and gone through all of my options for my future. I could never be able to thank all of the people from my college that have helped me along the way to where I am now. Since graduating from high school I have become more independent, confident and pleased with myself and my future goals. Going to college was the best thing I could have ever done for myself.