Texas A & M University-Galveston Top Questions

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My school solely focuses on the maritime industry, that's what makes it so unique from other schools I considered. Evey degree available is to prepare you for the different maritime fields. From maritime administration to marine biology to marine engineering and plenty others, it all has to do with the water and the nautical involvements. Another thing that makes my school very unique from the other schools is that it's very small. There are only about 2,100 students and I love how everytime you turn a corner, you see someone you know.


One very unique aspect of my school is the location and specialization. Texas A&M Galveston is located not only right on Galveston Island, but directly in the channel. You can walk out of class and touch the ocean. This gives our campus a one up on study opporunities. The school has the ability to give students in marine fields a hands on experience due to their location. The other unique property the school has is its specialization in marine based study. It is one of the only schools on the southern coast of the US to offer these degrees.