Texas A & M University-Galveston Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


What I would brag about the school would be its vast field which one can do research in. Being right next to the ocean gives us student many oportunities to learn more about the ocean and do more hands on learning than just reading from a textbook. That our teachers can actually learn our names because the classes aren't that big and because of that relationship we get to learn more than if the class where the size of an auditorium.


Nothing, the campus is too small, there's a plant across the channel, the food is worse then MREs, and it's always humid, The Strand's always worth a visit though


Texas A&M at Galveston(TAMUG) is a really interesting school for many reasons. it is a very small school with only 1800 students, so the classes are small and personal. Also, the school has a very understanding and unique faculty and staff that work with the students to find solutions to problems that may appear. The best part about TAMUG is that it is on the water. From the campus, the ocean is right there availible for all sorts of activities such as sailing, rowing, wind surfing, or even just chilling on the beach. TAMUG is a cool school.


The Aggie Network basically assurres you a job after graduation.


I brag mostly about how the size of the school is just right for me. I do not like large schools. Also, I let them know that we have some of the highest ranking marine biology classes in the United States.


Connected to College Station, TX so I still get my Aggie Ring. Comming from the Maritime Academy I'm going to have a job making $30000-$40000 a year working only 6 months a year. And it was easy with the support of the professors.


I brag about a close knit community when talking about my school. I telll my friends that people really care about each other here and that I haven't met anyone who would ignore the cries of another when help is needed. I let my friends know that teachers are there for the students and that students do actually have an interest for each other here at this school. I brag that because of all of this my school has overcome even a natural disaster. We really stick to each other here in Texas A&M at Galveston.


We're a simple campus. We pride ourselves on our incredible academic background. Our professors are the top of their field. They are well respected, and we get the best education money can buy for our chosen fields. For marine biology majors, it is the perfect atmosphere. You are surrounded by every imaginable marine environment, giving you a wide range of research opportunities. People interested in a marine transportation or engineering career have the opportunity to take cruises every summer to gain experience, and travel the world.