Texas A & M University-Galveston Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


those that love the ocean. someone who wants to work with/on/in the ocean for the rest of their lives. there are several option, biology, engireering, business, ect, but it is all ocean majors. not a school for the artistic type.


someone who is interested in anything that has to do with the water. marine engeniering, marine biology, marine transportation, etc.


the best kind of person for this school would be someone who is willing to work hard for their grades. nothing is just given to the students here. no slacking off of work or skipping class. but even though it can be tough, the surrounding scenery is amazing. if you love the beach, sand and sun, this is the place for you! even while on campus, it feels like a retreat from the every day stresses of life.


The kind of person who should attend Texas A&M at Galveston is someone who really wants to get a selective degree and one who likes middle sized schools. The person who attends this school would be someone who wants to be around diverse and succesful people who focus on research. The person who wants to speak their minds would come to this school. The person who wants to stay away from drugs and be safe would come here. Also, the person who wants a career would defintitely attend this school, because this school really helps students be succesful.