Texas A & M University-Galveston Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself to get prepared for the most awesome experience I'll ever have in my life. College is about finding yourself and taking on new chances, all while managing a superior GPA and having a satisfying social life. Get ready to study loads and loads of information all for one big test, and then recharging for the next one in two weeks. It's wild and crazy all at the same time, but yet, you surprise yourself by passing that big test with flying colors anyway. When it comes to school and the classes that prepare you, I would make an emphasis that Texas A&M University's academics are no joke. That fro yo date with the cute guy from your chemistry class can wait because if you put it off and procrastinate, it will take a toll on you. One bad grade can have you worrying for days and stressing out about it when that low mark could have been avoided. Work hard and you will be rewarded tremendously and hey, that fro yo date makes for an awesome way to congratulate yourself on your hard work!


There are a few things I did right and wrong for college. First off, do not be afraid to take a lot of your personal belongings from home. Your dorm room is not a box! You will have plenty of room for your belongings, and you will probably end up bringing them later. Plus, having your personal belongings sure makes being away from home in a dorm a lot more comfortable. Second, go crazy making friends. Making friends makes the change from home to college a lot easier. You will need people to talk to who feel the same. There is a 99{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} chance the people you see are new to the school. Saying hi just may make a new and helpful friend. Do not look down at the sidewalk just because you walk past someone new. Finally, go to school for what you want and love. Do not be talked out of persuing the degree of your dreams just because it does not have the same income as another. Do consider future finances but do not let them make the decision. If you do not love your degree what makes you thing you will love your future job? Exactlly!


If I had the chance to send some advice to my high school senior self, I'd share quite a mouthful. 1. Stand up for yourself. It's not worth it to take abuse from people who have no right in the world to say you're less than them. 2. The boys in college will, contrary to your experience in high school, be interested in you. You might find out that some of them are scumbags, but hey, it's all part of life. 3. Stop stressing; you'll make yourself sick. You can't change anything you're stressing about. 4. Appreciate the food Mom cooks. Just do it. You'll be living on burnt hamburgers for the next few years. 5. Talk to Gran more, even though it's tiring to answer the same questions over and over. She won't remember you in a year. 6. And finally, you WILL make friends. They'll be the best friends you've ever had, and you'll have so much fun when you're together. So quit worrying and make the most of your senior year. You'll be walking across that stage before you know it.


My advice to myself would be to save up your money. Everyone talks about how college life is full of cheap pizza and no extra "spending" cash, but I never really thought about that fact until I actually began to look at the amount of money is needed to survive.


Do not wait to go to college. The transition from high school to college is so much easier than trying to work a full time job and attend college full time. Most of the courses can be tailored to fit any time frame needed. There is more financial aid available to those students attending college straight out of high school.


When reflecting back to when i was a high school senior, knowing what i know now, I would have told myself to start looking at where i wanted to transfer too after community college earlier than i did. I would have told myself to start narrowing my choices down in the beginning so that I could have made a final decision early in my college path. By making that choice earlier rather than later, I would have had an easier time choosing which specific general education classes to take at community college. I would have been able to choose classes that applied to my associate degree and that were transferrable towards my four-year university and my bachelor's. By waiting as long as I did, i risked having to go back and take extra classes as well as noticing classes i did take that were not necessary for my degrees.


College life is not as easy as many people think and one needs to be well prepared to work hard in order to accomplish his/her goals. First of all schedule your time well allowing for class and personal study time. Then ensure that you attend all class lessons unless there is an emergency. If any make sure you inform your instructor and try as much as possible to catch up with all the class work that you missed during your absence. Next make sure you are attentive in class and take all lecture notes as much as you can, If you miss on any point please do ask your instructor as they are always ready and willing to help and support you achieve your career goals. Next make sure you do all home work and assignments given by your instructor as this contributes to most of the final grade. Incase you fail in any you seek for tutoring services. Most colleges offer this for free to all their students and they have very professional tutors. Finally make sure you stick to your career objective and don’t get waived away by friends or college life style.


I am not sure that I would give myself any advice. I really enjoyed college and learned a great deal academically, spiritually, and phisically. I do wish that I had gotten to know my professors better and made a few more connections because it would make going to graduate school easier.


Attending a school rooted in academic excellence and traditions will turn an everyday college experience into a lifetime of memories. Anyone can earned a degree in the field they love, no matter the difficulty, as long as they are hard working and dedication.


Futhering your education is a key to life, many people can do it without more schooling but with a broader knowledge this opens the door. Being a pharmacy technician for the last 5 years has really helped me to see that furthering my education in the health field to pursuing a nurse degree will not only benefit my family and myself ,like wise those around me. by pursuing a dream career this can show people that I am determined to exceed in school and set an example to those who look up to me that are still in school. Nothing in life comes easy especially school, there are many trails and test that are put upon you. When looking back, there has been times quiting was an option but with the help of newly made friends and teachers enduring gave me the skills for the work place. By pushing through school and keeping my grades up this has given my respect for my self and those who can manage to make their dreams come true as well.


What I have learned from my college experience is task and time management. Learning to set aside time for class work studies. Realizing that college work is more in dept and that I have to be selective on which activities I participate in. Knowing when to say no to others and making the right choices. My college experience has also help me to learn how to budget for expenses, understanding the financial commitment for myself and parents. Learning to only purchase thing I need not want. Learning how to finance my education understandng the the credit and loan application process and making sure I make the right decision concerning my borrowing for education. Lastly my college experience has enhance my interpersonal skills, and communicating effectively with professors and room mates.


My experience during the first year at Texas A&M University in Galveston has been valuable because not only has it helped me grow academically but also as a person. It has given me the experience of handling independence, making choices and the consequences that go along with the decisions made. I have learned to use trial and error on what works best in order to reach my goal of succeeding in my classes while not taking things for granted. But even more important, my experience this past year at college has lead me to more fully appreciate my parents and the sacrifices they do in order to help me get a higher education. In return, I have learned to work hard, managing my time with a job and studies as part of my responsibility to help pay for expenses incurred while at college. The managing of my time also includes prioritizing my studies, avoiding procrastination and focusing on my objectives while making time to join clubs and study groups where I have learned leadership skills. I believe the knowledge I have gained academically and personally are values I will treasure forever; while also forming the person I am today.


I have learned a lot in college but the main thing is that all through out life we will have to do things we do not want to do. What I mean by this is that I am an Art majoring studying to be an Art Teacher but I am still required to take all the prerequisite classes such as math and science. Some people believe that these classes are just a waste of time but they way I see it is that our institutions are challenging us to see what we can achieve. These classes are mandatory to see how much motivation we have to succeed in things that we are not interested in. By being a well rounded person with education in all areas enables us to have a better understanding of those things that we truly appreciate. I am excited that all of these general study classes are over with after this year for me but I have definitely learned a life lesson, being well rounded benefits me not those who dread going to class.


what i have gotten from college experience is that in this life if you try your best, you are going to reach your dreams. if you don't do any effort, you are not going to reach your dreams. my major is criminal justice and been in college have helped me so much because now i know that this experience is going to be good for students who fight.


College has been so diffrent from high school. The level that professors hold you up to is a bar that high school teachers don't bring you up to. All through high school your teachers say I am getting you ready for college. In college I have learned to work hard to get what I want. If I want an A or a B it's not just showing up to class that gets it. College is a challenge and it makes it exciting and worth all the money. I you never go to college you won't know the understand how hard it really is not to mention you will make a lot less money without a degree.


College has been on of the best experiences of my life. I never knew that there was a place filled with people who think and feel the same way I do. I found my second home at Texas A&M Galveston. The people love all aspects of the ocean, from the biology, to the engireering, and the business. Everyone is bound together by a love for our oceans. It is this sense of community that has been the best part of my years here. I have learned that no matter how strange you think you are, there are always people out there who think like you do, understand you, and can love you for who you are. I have grown up surrounded by land, only visiting the ocean twice in my life, but I had always loved the beach. My friends thought I crazy, "its just a big lake" they would say, "why do you want to spend you whole life studying water?" I had always grown up thinking I was weird, odd, not normal, but then I came here, and now i'm home. It is a lesson I will carry with my for the rest of my life.


So far, my college experience has been extremely valuable. I have learned much, and not just inside the classroom. I have learned how to be independant enough to wash my own clothes, buy my own groceries, and even force myself to go to sleep before 3 in the morning! College has also helped me learn how to branch out of my comfort zone enough to make some new friends and learn how to deal with people, such as my suitemate, that I don't really have anything in common with or really any reason to be friends with.


Well, when i was a senior, i was already starting to change, so i can really point out what I did wrong. But there are a few things that especially stand out. I would tell my self to stop focusing on the cute brit sitting next to me in English, start turning in work for Math, leave the booze on the counter, there is sure to be plenty in college. But most of all, stop worrying so damn much, I have problems now that dwarf those I had then. I work on them, get them fixed if I can, if I can't, then what's the point in worrying? It won't change anything. Also, i would have told myself to look at the beauty that was around me, even then. whenever I get angry, or frustrated, I always just slow down take a breathe, and let the world slip by as I look at it go. Just for a second, then I'm back in the game, as determined as ever


Don't look back. Going out of state to school can give me opportunites that I would never had dreamed of at the schools in my home state. I have gotten hands on experience that I will need in my field, and the professors truely care if I succeed. I am not just a number here, like I would have been at a major university. Don't let other people try and keep you from achieving the dreams you've had since you were little. Follow your dreams, even if that means it will take you to a different state, away from your family and friends. They'll always be there, so follow your heart and make your dreams come true.


As a senior at a texas high school I was stressed about all aspects of college, it was the fear of the unknown. My sister attended the University of Texas back in 2002, since then much of the college scene has changed and my mother was too wrapped up as a single mother and those duties that follow that title to be of much help. Fanacial aid, the application process, ACT, SAT and the list goes on, of the many items that need to be taken care of before school could start, I was going insane. If I could go back and talk to myself last year I would tell myself and others to relax, that everything will work out, staying calm and relaxed is more important to ensure a high quality of life than to be a stressed out useless student. As of now everything has gone smooth, it is almost as my college experience was ment to be (something I did not believe this time last year). I am truly blessed with the turn out of my college endeavors, I have learned that it always pays to stay optimistic about the future.


If I could go back to school, and confront myself my senior year, I would tell myself to start learning how to study and to start learning how to manage my time. I f I knew how to do this before I entered college, my first semester would have been much easier. I took a course to learn these skills this passed semester. The course helped me learn what I wished i had learned before I attended college. This is what I would have told myself if I could go back in time my senior year.


I would tell myself to go to college so that I will be able to recieve a higher education. Education is a key that will unlock the door to having a successful life. It won't always be easy in college but success does not come without its sacrifices. Next, I would tell myself that you will enjoy this new environment and the freedom that comes with it. There will be new friendships made and activities to attend to like college games. There will be no demands from your professor but only request that you must follow. Your biggest obstacle will be yourself and how much you desire to be successful. Last, I would tell myself to stay focused, have fun, and work hard.


I would tell myself to SLOW DOWN. I had so many big plans and was so ready to rush through my college years. My plans have changed a lot and I have learned that it's better to be open and optomistic about your future. I have rather enjoyed to journey and I remember thinking as soon as I started that I wanted to be done. Since I have been more open-minded, and more laid back I actually have done better in school as far as grades. The stress can be determential to your health and your GPA, but it took me a few semesters to realize that college isn't a blow off like highschool was, but it didn't mean having a heartattack everytime I scored lower then expected. My advice to incoming college freshman is this: You get exactly what you put into college. Those partiers will have a blast with their friends, but their grades will suffer. The study-a-holics will not enjoy their college years and their grades may not reflect the study time put in. It is important to take your classes seriously, but with balanced social life.


Don't worry about leaving home so much. You are going to make so many lifelong friends that you won't be lonely and sad sitting in your room alone. Don't be afraid to talk to anyone, because everyone freshman year is scared just as much as you are.


Study hard and take really good notes. Also, work on making new friends. They keep you from getting bored and will help you when you are struggling. To transition better, just be yourself and everything will fall into place. Starting college can be a scary time in life but it is one of those things that you pull through that makes you stronger. Do not expect professors to treat you like fifth graders but like adults. They will not sit there and hand out extra work just for you because you get behind, but if you talk to them, they can recommend supplemental help if you need it. They are not robots set on making life hard. All they do is challenge you and prepare you for the real world which in and of itself is full of challenges to overcome. You can do it!


I would tell myself that it is ok to be scared and it is ok to feel out of place because it is a time for change and a time to start a life of my own. And even though I am leaving home doesn't mean that I can't go back home and it doesn't mean that it is no longer my home. Eventually I will find my place and enjoy where I am and what I am doing. College is difficult and at times extemely stressful, but I will get through it because I know I can do it.


Make sure that you make visits while school is in session so that you can truly get a feel for the university and the students who attend.


I don't want your schooliar ship. I'm a graduate of spring 2009.


You need to find the right collage for you. Don't go to a school were all of your friends go, chances are in a year you will not talk to them.


first i would ask if the student knew what they wanted to study, major in. if the student did not, i would tell them to start off taking the basic classes at a community college. it will save them time and money, and it will give them a small idea of what college life is like. if the student did know what they want to major in, i would advise them to look at many colleges, then pick the ones that they think would feel like home and has opportunities in the city for internships. if a student wanted to become a nurse, i would tell them to pick a college in a town that has hospitals close by. as for making the most of the college experience, the best thing to do is find friends that encourage you to go to class and work hard because those are the friends that will not fail you later in life. they will always be ther for you and will look out for you. friends for life. with those friends, college will be a blast!


To all of the parent out there, The best advice I can give to you is to find a school that makes your kid happy. The rest will follow suit. I won't bog you down with any other information. THe answer is short and sweet. Happiness.


I advise that parents take an interest in what college their children are considering, however I think parents should let their children have the ultimnate choice and not push them too far. It's the student's decision overall. I advise the students to take heed to their parents advise as well, but make sure to pick a school that is right for them. The student needs to choose a school that focuses on the success and safety of the student. I suggest that students go take a look at local colleges first as well as looking even beyond their state of residence. There is never too much research when choosing a school. I suggest that students look early and never give up when things look bleak. If a school doesn't accept the student I advise the student to just keep trying.


When looking for a college, visit to see that there are peole like you that attaned. Find a school with a focus on your career goals and degree plan. And be involved in not only achademics, but other school activities to get the most of your college experience.


Choose the right campus for the desired major. Do not choose a campus just because it's pretty. Do the research on the faculty in the desired department. Look into grants, because loans are ridiculously expensive in the long run. Also apply early.