Texas A & M University-Galveston Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


What I wish I had known before I attended this fine institution, was that keeping focused on studies is very essential. Texas A&M University at Galveston and the campus in College Station, TX is known for the hardworking students and rigorous academics. I wish I would have known that there is absolutely no time to slack off and procrastinate. A lot of time is needed to study and complete assignments and sometimes, it's hard to balance that and a social life too. In the end, it is all worth it, so don't worry.


I wish I had known several things before I came here. The first is that I wish I had listened to many of my high school teachers when they told me how hard college would be. Since they had said the same about high school, I did not believe them and so my grades suffered a little bit in the first semester. Also, I wish I had known how much it would bother me to not have any student organization that fits me on campus. I may or may not have chosen this school.


I wish I would have known just how much the professors expect from you. I knew they'd expect a great deal, but they also will help you to make sure you are doing the best you can.


I wish I knew how to study. I did not know what to look for when I studied. I either wrote down too many notes or not enough, and this messed up how I studied. My previous school only cared about the standardized testing. If I knew how to study I could have done much better on my tests.


The quality of learning that is received from the professor is excellent. Our small classroom sizes makes it easy to ask the teacher to repeat a statement or if he or she can stay a few minutes after class for extra help. It is easy to receive individual attention and everyone feels like they are a part of the class and not left out.


I wish i would have known that the students here would be very unwelcoming, unfocused and rude and that the campus and city surrounding the campus would be like a ghost town, especially after Hurricane Ike. I had a TERRIBLE experience here and am SO excited that I was able to transfer to College Statiom for the Upcoming Fall of 2009 semester.