Texas A & M University-College Station Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Texas A&M is one great big family where the underlining connection for all is the love we share for this multi-talented University.


Texas A&M is a place where you're completely accepted into the Aggie family.


Texas A&M is a a nice campus filled with great people and very challenging classes.


The biggest, happiest, nicest family you could ever be a part of or meet.


Texas A&M University is a community of students and staff that would do anything for each other, there is always a sense of family to be felt around campus.


It looks old, because it is. However, that never means that it's a bad thing. Traditions are ever stronger here in Aggieland. Just ask Dr. Mark Hussey, our interim president.


TAMU has a strong school spirit, but is not really racially diverse.


My school above all its traditions and events and people, is alive with the love every aggie has for one another.


Texas A&M is a very large, spirited, and patriotic school that focuses on research, honoring those who serve our country, and loyalty to school traditions.


One student body that embraces Excellence, Integrity, Leadership, Loyalty, Respect, Selfless Service, with a heart of gold, and that will live on forever in the aggie spirit in the young and old.


The most welcoming and uplifting college campus around, enough spirit to fill something the size of Kyle Field, and a town that supports all Aggies, yeah, that is my school, Texas A&M.


There’s a spirit can ne’er be told - it’s the Spirit of Aggieland.


My school is very conservative, friendly, large, and great.


A fantastic school with amazing people willing to help you at anytime and a great academic program that is challenging but rewarding.


Texas A&M University is an amazing tradition based school that is filled with school spirit and provides a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for all students to attend and pursue careers in a wide variety of fields.


Attending Texas A&M was one of the best decisions of my life!


Texas A&M is a place that gives the opportunity to really further one's education by providing an environment that is conducive to healthy study habits by providing numerous study aid sessions and bountiful resources to further your academic growth


Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. John 3:16


Texas A&M University has very difficult courses, however, I know that if I study hard it will all be worth it when I get my diploma.


My school is one of a kind and does not compare to any other school in the United States because of the endless traditions like the 12th Man, Corp of Cadets, Aggie Muster, Reveille, Silver Taps, bonfire, Yell Leaders, and maroon out just to name a few.


Texas A&M is best described in this way: traditions (Twelfth Man, Corps of Cadets, Silver Taps, Midnight Yell, Bonfire, Reveille, Football, Elephant Walk, “Howdy”); teaching and research (9 Colleges with over 100 available majors, nationally-respected researchers and facilities); work ethic (second favorite university of corporate recruiters nationwide); and extracurricular opportunities to grow and to serve (freshman leadership organizations, Greek life, multicultural organizations, 18 intramural sports and more than 800 other student organizations).


Texas A&M is a beautiful, proud, very friendly place where education and professional success is the main focus; where students get an abundance of support within their major field and the school that produces Aggies for life.


One of the oldest and proudest universities in the state of Texas that prides itself on academic excellence, developing strong leaders, honoring traditions, and keeping the Aggie family very much alive and growing.


An enthusiatic university that strives to gives students the best opportunity to succeed in life when they graduate.


Texas A&M is a school big on tradition with students and faculty who greatly enjoy and prosper because of that tradition.


Texas A&M is not just a place to get a degree but a unique college experience not for everyone, there are a lot of traditions and school spirit runs deep.


Texas A&M is a spirited, diverse, friendly, and involved community that strives to make the most of it's students, fans, organizations, and education by providing a unique experience that only an Aggie can understand and that encourages the community to work together, serve others, find passion, and work hard to achieve big dreams; the Aggies are constantly dared to be unreasonable, to dream big, and it always succeeds.


Thanks to its history as a military college, Texas A&M features a respectful and professional atmosphere, with friendly students and large engineering, business, and pre-medical programs.


Texas A&M is demanding and work intensive for the most part.


Texas A&M University is full of tradition, success, honesty, and community.


Texas A&M is an exceptional school with wonderful academics and students that work together to maintain an environment that allows everyone to grow and experience in the way that will assist them in growing in knowledge and character.


Aggieland is a place where anyone and everyone is accepted and is given endless opportunities to have a grand education, many meaningful connections with professors and faculty members, and to be engulfed in its rich, inspiring tradition.


My school is a very welcoming school and treat all incoming freshmen as if they are part of the family.


Texas A&M is simply amazing, their is no other way to describe what school this is, it's simply one-of-a-kind.


Incredibly friendly, very large, and warm to visitors.


Texas A&M Univeristy is a mildy conservative and competitive school.


Texas A&M University is a school which sets itself apart from all other in every aspect of academics, athletics, service and student involvement.


Texas A&M is a tradition based university with a lot of history.


A wonderful school both academically and socially, Texas A&M offers not only a great college learning experience to students but also a home and a loving family for life.


Texas A & M is a school who accepts only the top kids in the nation to learn, laugh and love thier school through charitable events, hard work in the classroom, amazing sporting events and loyal camaraderie with thier fellow students and caring teachers who are always there for you with help any time you need it.


There's a Spirit can ne'er be told.


Texas A&M University is a very big, friendly campus which a large sense of community and spirit.


Texas A&M is a school known for excellence in academics, leadership, community and school spirit.


Since Texas A&M University is a big enough school to encounter new experiences and meet new people every day but small enough to feel like you are a part of a family filled with the most caring, diverse, loyal members; there is no other option but to fall in love with the campus and be proud to claim Texas A&M as the best college in the world.


Texas A&M is a conservative school that is extremely rich in tradition, has an amazing atmosphere and is surrounded by the most spirited people in the nation.


Texas A&M allows you to excel in life through the tight-knit, family style community as well as one of the best educations a student can receive.


Texas A&M is a well-rounded University. Students are provided a great education and an awesome opportunity for social activities as well as helping the community.


Texas A&M provides the opportunities and tools necessary to excel to students willing to take on the challenge.


Traditional, Texas A and M is a school where its student body and legacy are built around its amazing traditions.


Texas A&M is the most school spirited school, with some of the friendliest and most helpful people I have ever met.