Texas A & M University-College Station Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Friendly, outgoing, smart, etc.


The students are friendly, caring, and have integrity. That last word describes them perfectly. I've lost money, an ID, and even my backpack but I have always gotten it returned to me 100% in tact. The students here look out for each other.


They is a lot of students here from everywhere. It is a very diverse school.


The students vary based on class, some would be attentive while others are asleep.


Leaders who would like to make a positive impact on the world.


Students at Texas A&M University have a tendency to be conservative, Christian, fun-loving individuals.


Being like-minded and determined to achieve success makes for the best of friends, they will help you study and learn the material if you're struggling.


The nicest people that I have ever met.


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My surrounding classmates are determined, focused, friendly, and overall dependable people.


My classmates are a wonderful group to be around; with positive attitudes and hardworking ethics, my peers, and those that are older than me, make TAMU a great place to attend.


We are the aggies, the aggies are we; true to each other as true as can be.


Because I'm in such a large campus, there is a wide variety of students: different opinions, majors, backgrounds, and work ethic. Many strive to better themselves, but others try to take the easy way out. Some are artistic, some scientific, some mathematic. Some are liberal, some conservative. Many are from the large Texas cities, but there are still others from small towns or northern states.


My classmates were extremely fun, always willing to compare notes and help you study, very sociable, and extremely respectful of everyone around them.


Texas A&M students are extremely passionate about their school in terms of studying for good grades, school spirit, and getting involved on campus to better the school and the surrounding community.


It is hard to describe the students at Texas A&M because it really depends on what kind of people you want to be around. A&M is big enough where you can stay away from the types of people you don't like and be around the types you do like. If you live on campus, the north side is where most of your "Red Ass" Aggies live. These are the Aggies that are extremely into the traditions of the school and work to put on bonfire every year. The majority of the students are freshman but there is a range of upperclassmen as well. The south side is where most of your sorority and fraternity freshman are living. There are others mixed in, but that is the majority.


There is a wide variety of students at TAMU many of whom are friendly and willing to talk and help you out if they can. A good majority are on the Conservative end of the political spectrum but are good people.


My classmates are approachable, considerate, and willing to help whenever needed.


My classmates are a unique group of individuals that bring together diverse cultures, backgrounds, lifestlyes, and personalities that all come together to take full advantage of the opportunity we have here at Texas A&M to grow in mind, body, spirit and to be a part of the Aggie family.


My classmates are friendly people who are always willing to help me out in class and often become friends.


The people who suroound me at Texas A&M are more than Fightin' Texas Aggies; they are my home away from home, they are my life line, they are my family.


Coming from a busy, urban area that greatly contrasts with the character of College Station and the A&M campus, I have been positively overwhelmed by the kindness, willingness to help, loyalty and incredible sense of community and involvement that my classmates display every single day.


Coming from an area that is very different from College Station and the A&M campus, I have been positively overwhelmed by the kindness, willingness, loyalty and incredible sense of community and involvement that my classmates display every single day.


My fellow peers that attend the amazing university of Texas A & M, I would say are encouraging and friendly who are courteous and respectful with welcoming attitudes.


The students at Texas A&M are ready to help when needed and prepared to assist their fellow "Ags" in their home, school and community (the College Station area).


My classmates are hardworking and focused. They are very friendly and always willing to offer assistance or answer questions.


My classmates are goal-oriented and make good partners for studying and searching for careers.


I have met some of the smartest, kindest people I know that have sat next to me in class. I enjoy meeting new people every semester.


A&M has a motto "Aggies do not steal, cheat or lie, nor tolerate those who do." In my experience all Aggies follow this motto.


My classmates are very respectful of each other as well as the professor. They create a great learning environment and are never distracting during a lecture. They are very helpful as well when I have a question or something of that nature.


I admire my classmates because most of them are passionate and proud for at least one thing about Texas A&M, whether it be their involvement in a student organization, their classes, or their favorite athletic program.


My classmates are my fellow Aggies who stand beside me during Silver Taps, a ceremony of mourning for recently deceased current students. They are those who bend over and 'hump it' at football games with me to yell and support our team. Students at Texas A&M are my family members who give me directions when I am lost and do not make rude comments about me being a freshmen but instead, give me all the advice that they can think of to help me out. My classmate are all a part of my Aggie family.


White, conservative, boring


My classmates are enthusiastic and very friendly. Everyone is ready with a smile and positive attitude.


My engineering classmates at Texas A&M have been friendly, hard-working, and (mostly) a joy to learn with.


My classmates at Texas A&M are not only classmates, we are a huge family steeped in tradition.


My classmates at Texas A&M University are encouraging and generous; as a student, one can always count on his or her peers when they are in need of help.


My classmates are eager learners; creative thinkers, full of ideas; the next generation; and prideful Aggies, quick to greet a stranger with a 'Howdy!'.


My family(classmates) at Texas A&M are dedicated, intellectual, and loyal Aggies.


The classes for my major tend to be smaller, about 30 students, and we have all had many classes together and are all close enough to where we could hang out or study with each other without it being awkward.


My classmates are friendly, mature adults who are serious about their academic work and are excellent at employing team work skills to learn more than an individual can alone.


They are focused and serious.


The students here are very friendly and helpful with anyhting you ask them. They are the picture of southern hospitality.


My classmates are always willing to extend a helping hand no matter what the situation. My major focuses on group projects and my classmates make it easy to excel during these projects.


My classmates are competitive and have an education well above mine.


My classmates are good students.


They are very friendly and always willing to help you out.


My classmates are very diverse in terms of race, social background, and sex. Everyone is always nice to help each other and work together. We take the Aggie Honor Code seriously, so everyone is always honest and truthful. We all study very hard to acheive our personal goals. Many students at Texas A&M University are engineering students, which is quite interesting. Although it is hard to get to know people in big classes, it is very likely that I'll know everyone in major courses. Everyone is friendly and smart.


My classmates are: very open minded, very kind, easy to talk to and non judgemental.


Very friendly and helpful