Texas A & M University-College Station Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Strong sense of community and school spirit.


The War Hymn




Our school is best known for its engineering, business, veterinarian schools and its tradition. Texas A&M has a history of excellent academic standing as well as the deep seated traditions at football games, campus life, and off campus in the surrounding areas.


School Spirit!


Texas A&M University College Station is probably best know for focus on Veterinary studies and our school mascot Reveille.


We are best know for our spirit (especially during football season). Midnight Yell before big games are crowded with people singing and chanting shoulder-to-shoulder, wishing our school luck in the upcoming game.


My favorite tradition at Texas A&M is saying "Howdy" to people on campus. Its our own special way of greeting our fellow Aggies.


Texas A&M University has a spectacular veterinary program. Equipped with some of the most advanced medical technology and currently participating in the most innovative research projects, the veterinary program is renown. If not interested in Texas A&M University's prestigious academic fames, the campus, student body, and classroom setting is famous for creating a positive, friendly and comfortable environment. This university is huge but feels small because of the family-like atmosphere generated by the frienships and close relationships among students, teachers, and staff. Students are proud of their campus and it shows everyday.


Our school is best known for their traditions, spirit, and community. Texas A&M is home of the 12th man, we are all about our traditions and continuing the legacy of the Aggie. Texas A&M is also known for helping aggies get jobs over other candidates. Texas A&M is a prestigous school that has helped students find the jobs they want, achieve the goals they have, and to obtain the skills and life lessons they need to succeed.