Texas A & M University-College Station Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Strong sense of community and school spirit.


The War Hymn




Our school is best known for its engineering, business, veterinarian schools and its tradition. Texas A&M has a history of excellent academic standing as well as the deep seated traditions at football games, campus life, and off campus in the surrounding areas.


School Spirit!


Texas A&M University College Station is probably best know for focus on Veterinary studies and our school mascot Reveille.


We are best know for our spirit (especially during football season). Midnight Yell before big games are crowded with people singing and chanting shoulder-to-shoulder, wishing our school luck in the upcoming game.


My favorite tradition at Texas A&M is saying "Howdy" to people on campus. Its our own special way of greeting our fellow Aggies.


Texas A&M University has a spectacular veterinary program. Equipped with some of the most advanced medical technology and currently participating in the most innovative research projects, the veterinary program is renown. If not interested in Texas A&M University's prestigious academic fames, the campus, student body, and classroom setting is famous for creating a positive, friendly and comfortable environment. This university is huge but feels small because of the family-like atmosphere generated by the frienships and close relationships among students, teachers, and staff. Students are proud of their campus and it shows everyday.


Our school is best known for their traditions, spirit, and community. Texas A&M is home of the 12th man, we are all about our traditions and continuing the legacy of the Aggie. Texas A&M is also known for helping aggies get jobs over other candidates. Texas A&M is a prestigous school that has helped students find the jobs they want, achieve the goals they have, and to obtain the skills and life lessons they need to succeed.


Our ardent school spirit and willingness to help our fellow Aggies.


A&M revolves around traditions. My favorite, Silver Taps, honoring a fallen aggie from the previous month. Best thing about this tradition is that you stand as a family to honor one of your fellow aggies.We stand in front of the Academic Building and watch the fallen aggie's family walk in infront of Sully,listen to Ross Volunteer Firing Squad march in and fire three rifle volleys, listen to taps once to the North, once to the South, and once to the West but never to the east because the sun will never rise on that aggie again.


My school is best known for its tradition. The twelth man causes to the students to feel involved in school and I love every second of being there. My school is also known for its academics and connections. I will be receiving some of the best education in the world as well as being well connected whenever I need to start working.


Good board base education in Texas. A rather conservative school. Close to major cities throughout Texas.


Texas A&M University is best know for their school spirit and traditions. That is the main reason I chose to go here. I love how close of a community the school is and how the traditions have been around for so long, and yet they are still so strong. It brings everyone closer together. We're not just a bunch of people going to school here, we are a community, a family.


Our school is best known for our great academics and our excellent school spirit. We are recognized for our excellent schools, such as the College of Engineering. Texas A&M teaches students to grow in knowledge as well gain experience for the students future career. The Texas A&M spirit is load and proud across the Texas A&M students and alumini!


Texas A&M is best known for its tradition.


Texas A&M University is best known for its student involvement. Everyone is highly encouraged to make the most of their time here in college and become involved in as much or as little as they want.


My school is best know of it school traditions and the engineering department of our school.


Texas A&M is most likely known for its many traditions, from Midnight Yell Practice and the War Hymn, to saying "Howdy" to each other on campus. Athletic fans from other universities are often complimentary of how neat some of the traditions at Texas A&M are.


Texas A&M University is best known for many Aggie traditions. One tradition is class yells, like for example, "Howdy! I am Maria and I am Junior, but I am the loudest and proudest Texas Fightin' Aggie of 2012. A-A-A-Whoop!" Other Aggie tradition is Ring Dunks. An Aggie who has completed ninety hours can earn a ring and dunk it in anything edible. Another Aggie tradition is going to the football games. An Aggie is expected to stand up through and attend the entire game. If not, the Aggie is considered a "two percenter."


Texas A&M University is a school filled with traditions and school loyalty.


Well first and foremost, we were the FIRST vocational college in the state of Texas, so were pretty special! Alongside from our history, we are best known for our tradition and network! Things such as our beautiful mascot, Reveille, the amazing Aggie ring, and our Big 12 Texas Fightin' Aggie football team help mold Texas A&M into the wonderful university it is.


My school is best known for it's long standing traditions, friendly atmosphere, and school spirit.


TAMY is best known for its academic training and for its traditions as a campus. We are based on the corps of cadets because we were originally a military school. But it is those traditons that make us who we are. Those same tradition bring stuidnts from all over the world to attend and become part of the community of A&M.


Texas A&M has great professors and teaching assistants who are always willing to help and guide students. Most of the classes are taught by actual professors instead of TA not like other big colleges. Texas A&M also has kept many prestige and old traditions such as 12th Man, Midnight Yell, Gig 'Em, Bonfire, and ect. that students and staff try to maintain for next generations of Aggies. Our school is also known for having great sports team. We value character highly. our honor code: An Aggie does not lie, cheat or steal or tolerate those who do.


Friendliest Campus in the Nation, Aggie Spirit and Traditions!


Texas A&M is well known for their faithfulness to traditions, patriotism, and love of their state. Texas A&M produces more military candidates than any other school in the United States. It has a strong veterinary program and is known for agriculture and life sciences.


Texas A&M is best know for our unique traditions, such as Midnight Yell and Aggie Bonfire. A&M has many traditions that date back early into the school's history. These traditions make us different than any other campus in America. Traditions such as Silver Taps and Aggie Muster build unity among all Aggies, both current students and alumni. Texas A&M has a culture that is described as being unable to understand unless you are a part of it. My school is known best for our unending dedication to traditions, not matter how crazy we seem for it.


engineering, business school, doctor, research,


Traditions are what the school is best known for. Aggies have a unique way of passing on the traditions. They do this by constantly reminding each other with events such as Aggie Muster and Siler Taps, for those Aggies that have passed away. These traditions create a high collective consciousness of what it means to be an Aggie.


Texas A&M University is well known for its excellence in academics and its traditions. The pride of Texas A&M is evident in every sporting event, class, and organization. Texas A&M is a large school with much diversity and many opportunities to grow as a college student. I came to Texas A&M to pursue my educational goals, but I received more than a good education. I received a family.




Texas A&M is widely known for it's immaculate spirit. The traditions and honor that spreads throughout the campus is absolutely intoxicating! We, The Aggies, are known for out love of football and our hatred of our rival, Texas University.


Texas A&M is most known for our Aggie traditions, spirit, and eduation. Besides the dedication we have towards our school, our school is well based and focused on the Aggie Honor Code. "An Aggie Does Not Lie, Cheat, or Steal or Tolerate Those Who Do." We honor our fellow lost Aggies month with by a ceremony called Silver Taps and hold close t our heart the Aggie Muster. All the traditions this school has to offer is breath taking and hard to be affected by it. Our school is most known for its Engineering program and Vet School.


The school is best known for its Agriculture and Engineering. Texas A&M holds traditions that makes students feel like a family as a whole, it possesses an amiable ambient that creates trust between one another. The traditions are brought to commemorate the deaths of those who passed away calling it the Aggie Muster, and Silver tabs for those that recently passed away. This University possesses traditions and expectations for all the students/Aggies that in fact centralize themselves to work hard and meet those expectations.


Texas A&M University is most known for its long standing traditons. Traditions vary greatly, but at Texas A&M they are what make Aggies unique. One of the most common traditions is 'Midnight Yell Practice', in which students gather on the eve of a home football game to practice chants and cheers for the upcoming game. There are also other great traditions such as 'Silver Taps', which is a memorial service held on the first Tuesday of every month in honor of any Aggie student who has passed away the previous month.


Texas A&M is definitely known for its high standards when it comes to education. The university is nowhere near easy and they pride themselves on that fact. It is an honor to be doing well at such an intelligent school. Texas A&M is also known for their extreme school pride. We may not be the best at all sports, but game after game the Fighting Texas Aggie Fans are behind our athletes all the way.


The "Aggie Spirit" that drives the entire school. Aggie spirit is why I decided to join the A&M campus community, it is contagious and it drives everyone to suceeed in everything they do.


Its school spirit and alumni.


My school is best known for its vast and insane amount of traditions. Founded in 1876, as a military school, we have a HUGE amount of traditions. From having "yell leaders" instead of cheerleaders, to having a border collie as a mascot. From having midnight yell practice, to Muster, a day where we honor fallen Aggies, Texas A&M has traditions. Honestly, we get made fun of for them a lot. But i believe that if anyone embraces them, they will soon see the true Spirit of Aggieland, and fall in love with this great Texas school, like I have.


The outstanding and memorable character of Aggies in the work world. The graduates from this school can be recognized anywhere by our reputable work ethic.


the veterinary school.


Its school spirit and traditions.


Texas A&M is mostly known for being a traditional, conservative and school-spirited institution. As a former military school, many Aggie traditions reflect the former military values once prominent on campus. As opposed to its fierce rival, the University of Texas at Austin, Texas A&M is staunchly conversative and is well-known for it because of this contrast in Texas. With an active alumni network, supportive student body and prospective students, A&M is very school-spirited. Its successes in athleticism and academics along with its vast history allows for a strong sentiment of school-spirit.


My school is best known for its trademark "Spirit of Aggieland". It is a spirit that permeates every facet of the school and every person who attends it.


Strong spirit and traditions. Very good at engineering, agricultural and somewhat business


The Traditions on Campus and the Corps of Cadets, which is a military ROTC Unit on campus. Our school was once a military school and ROTC involvement was manditory. However we have become a non-military school but we still ho;d on to many of traditions brought on by our military back ground. We are a very proud campus and support our school strongly by standing at all football games, as well as many other traditions.




its heart and spirit