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The school spirit around here is second to none. The "Aggie Spirit" is a living, breathing thing. Students care very deeply about the traditions this school is rooted in. The extensive network of alumni help to ensure that spirit never dies. The other schools I considered had spirit and traditions, but they just seemed like an exaggerated high school.


One thing that has stood out to me compared to other Universities I have visited is the strong bond students share. No matter if it's a sports event, a tough class, or if you just get lost on campus, there are always people willing to help each other. My first day freshman year I got lost, but I felt so comfortable going up to someone, especially a person with an Aggie Ring since that meant they had been at A&M for a while, to ask for help.


Diversity doesn't play much of a factor at this University, so maybe and possibly, it helps students feel more comfortable in a stable environment. Either way, you'll find someone who accepts you just the way you are.


Texas A&M Universtiy is unique amongst other Texas universities because of its strong traditions and dedication from students, alumni, and faculty. The Aggie community is recognized as being one of the friendliest in the country and is made up of diverse individuals. Texas A&M encompasses the city of College Station, TX giving a home-town feel to students who live there. No matter what your interest or major is, Texas A&M is sure to give you a quality education and a brighter future.


Everyone at the school is very supportive and nice. There is always someone to help you and they really let you know that you can come to them for anything. The student body makes it feel like its a huge family and really include everyone. There are many opportunities for freshman to get involved and meet new people.


The campus cooperation and loyalty Aggies have for each other is truly unique. Campus traditions like Silver Taps, Muster, and Bonfire Memorial where students gather at night to honor their fellow Ags who have passed away are an amazing experience. Every month Aggies will write condolence letters and gather in the academic plaza for a silent ceremony to comfort the families of the fallen and honor the memory of all students have passed from this world. This experience is heartbreaking and breathtaking as you see how Aggies take care of each other.


What is unique about Texas A&M is that once an Aggie a person is always an Aggie, I learned this during the Universities first Silver Taps where they honor students who have passed. Being in Academic Plaza at ten o'clock p.m. in the silence among thousands of students I knew that an Aggie could never pass without feeling love and compassion from others. This makes my school so special because the Aggie family is forever.


School spirit is definately hgh and everyone is always in the Aggi spirit. The camous is lively and clean and you can always find students studying or hanging in the quads.


It. is. EPIC. Trust me.


Something unique about my school compared to others is the traditions. Texas A&M has a long and proud history of school wide traditions that brings the whole campus, of over 50,000 people, together in unity. Some of the most famous are Aggie Muster, the Twelfth Man, the Aggie Ring, and previously the Aggie Bonfire. Unlike any other school I know of, the students at Texas A&M truly are proud and loyal to their school and want to make sure everyone knows how great their alma mater is.


Our school spirit and welcoming nature. Everyone stives for the same thing and follows the same code.


Texas A&M is unique in that it promotes a system of values that hold integrity and honesty, the Aggie Code, in the highest of regards constantly and with intensity. The school spirit along with the sense of community Texas A&M offers is unlike any other school I've considered the past.


What is unique about Texas A&M is the value of family that has become one of the most sacred traditions of A&M. Current Aggies and Aggie graduates are glad to help eachother and it creates a value of family on the A&M campus. I have not experienced this value on such a large stage as Texas A&M anywhere else.


According to the Huffington Post, Texas A&M is considered to be the happiest campus in the nation. When I was deciding which college I wanted to attend, I considered many different types, private colleges, community colleges, but none of them could compare to the spirited greatness of Texas A&M. The most unique quality of A&M is the student body. Our motto is, "An Aggie will not lie, cheat, or steal, or tolerate those who do." We take this motto seriously, and we treat each other as family. No matter what you need, an Aggie will always help.


Texas A&M University was not my first choice. I was granted a scholarship to attend therefore it made sense financially. I do not regret my choice because I got a great education. Likewise, the camaraderie goes beyond graduation. Aggies continue to help me in my career path.


Texas A&M University is unique because of our high standard of tradition as well as academic honesty and integrity. The number of traditions that our school has outweigh most other universities in the nation and add to our schools popularity and prestige. Our academic honesty and integrity ensure that the people A&M sends out into the workforce have not only a high level of academic prowess but the wllingness to work hard and honestly or it.


Texas A&M is extremly friendly! Even on game days when our rivals come in. We have had many news articles written describing us as being friendly even to LSU fans.


There is a spirit in Aggieland that is unlike anything else I have ever experienced. From the outside looking in, you can't understand it. From the inside looking out, you can't explain it.


We have a lot of tradtions that the students and alumni stand true to. It is what defines my school and most outsiders don't understand them.


Texas A&M is a unique school because it is very centered around tradition. There are a great number of traditions that A&M has that makes this university unique. A&M is also a very unified body of students, faculty, and alumni. A&M is a very friendly campus; we are known for greeting everyone we see with "Howdy!"


The tradition here is very unique compared to other schools because it is one of the first universities in Texas and everyone is part of the tradition.


Texas A&M University is famous for being one of the friendliest places on Earth. Here, people behave like family, always offering a helping a hand to one another. Going above and beyond the call of duty, Aggies are known to improve the lives of others and dedicate their time in serving their community. The Big Event is a full day of community service in which Aggies from all majors and organizations gather to volunteer and give back to their community. This is just one example of how the Aggie students provide a better learning and living environment.


Texas A&M has the most spirit of any University I know. The majority of the student body is very involved in countless organizations, and is supportive of those representing the A&M tradition, especially football.


Although Texas A&M is a big public university, it has a strong family tradition that makes everyone feel comfortable and welcome. Everyone here is nice and you feel like you're in a big family.


It is a school filled with spirit, brotherhood and tradition. It also has a Corps of Cadets which is unparalleled anywhere. It has a very highly spirited and loyal student body.


The amount of companies that recruit and attend our career fair. The engineering curriculum provides all the needed technical skills for and well prepares each student for the workforce. Furthermore, the sense of school pride is immense.


One of the first things people bring up when I mention what university I attend is the comradeship and amazing spirit of the school. The school spirit of Texas A&M is not like any other. Students are always encouraged by others to join in and take part in something creative and fun. With a school this size, it's natural to worry about not finding your own niche. At Texas A&M, you almost have to make an effort to feel left out! With how welcoming and encouraging the students are, it has never felt like a large university.


"From the outside looking in, you can't understand it. From the inside looking out, you can't explain it." That is the words any visitor to A&M can expect to hear not only from the students, but the faculty and staff as well. At A&M, there is a level of camaraderie and loyalty that is above anything I have experienced. Over 100 years of tradition have transformed A&M into a home away from home where the entire student body is a family. It is what sets A&M apart from any other university in the world.


This school is devoted and well established in tradition. One of our most popular traditions is the 12th Man. The 12th Man tradition relates to all sports fan students. Students at Texas A&M, also known as Aggies, stand up from their seats throughout the entire sports game to support their team players. Because there are eleven players on a football field, the Aggies make up the 12th Man ready to serve and support their team. Standing united through the entire game, the Aggies are ready to serve. Serving is one core value Aggies hold dearly throuhgout campus life.


Compared to other schools I considered, Texas A&M University was not only embodied with a sense of tradition but also with the feel of family. Texas A&M University prides iteslf on its small town feel and welcoming atmosphere. Furthermore, the diversity on campus allows any student to find a group or organization in which they can thrive. From receiving a welcomingg "Howdy" while walking on campus to forming relationships with helpful and knowledgeable professors, Texas A&M definitely feels like a home away from home.


Honestly, A&M probably has more traditions than any other school in America. The saying here at A&M is that if something happens more than once, its a tradition. Another unique aspect of A&M is that 1 in 5 students are Christians, which in my opinion is my ideal environment. Wether or not someone is Christian, most everyone you encounter on campus is a postive, encouraging person, and will do almost anything to help a fellow aggie. Also, Texas A&M is the number one recruiting school in the U.S., how could you beat that?


The students are extremely proud of their school, and we love our traditions.


The amount of tradition here is astronomical. The focus on tradition is extremely noteworthy. While this remains one of the most conservative universities in Texas, if not the U.S., the students, faculty, and staff are undoubtedly the friendliest people I've yet to meet.


Texas A&M is known for its rich traditions and sense of Aggie family. This, along with its academic credibility is what lead me to choose this university. I was very interested in the other schools I applied to, but none felt more like home than A&M.


The campus is really beautiful and the people tend to be friendly and relatively open. What was unique about A&M was the extent to which they emphasized learning beyond the bounds of class instruction, specifically in their large selection of club membership possibilities. Almost any of a person's interests could indulged and it was easy to find people with which to associate and share passions, from philosophy to community service and beyond.


Our culture, traditions and sports make us very unique when compared to any other university. Every student, faculty member, proffessors are extreamly friendly and helpful to student thus aiding strong character building of a student academically and personally. I am a very proud and confident member of Texas A&M University and I could not have asked for anything better than this.


The most unique thing about Texas A&M is the Alumni program. We don't consider anyone to be a "former" Aggie, once an Aggie always an Aggie. Most schools disregard alumni until they need them to donate money. An Aggie Alumni is still a part of our family and maintains a desire to support their fellow Aggies for the rest of their lives.


The best part about A&M is the network. Being apart of the Aggie family means that the people who surround you not only during your time at A&M, but in the years to come, will always be there to hold you up and guide you through life. The A&M tradition of the 12th man dictates everything we do - from standing during football games so that if our team needed anyone of us to step in, we could, to running the largest student led service project in the nation (The Big Event) as a thanks to our community.


School Spirit


Texas A&M University has the most to offer every student that attends. It is full of opportunities for all majors and has the most school spirit. I love that the town has the small town feel but has everything a big city would. The school is beautiful and has the most helpful advisors and professors. The school offers countless tutoring sessions for all classes and 24 hour access to computer labs and libraries. Texas A&M University is the best college nation wide in my opinion.


Texas A&M is like no other. The tradition is is endless and dates back to when the school was founded. They saying once you're an Aggie you're apart of the Aggie family, and that is something that is apparent on campus and really anywhere you go. Aggies help Aggies. Texas A&M has the Corps of Cadets, which is a prestigious military program that houses the Fightin' Texas Aggie Band. Texas A&M prides itself because of the many service organizations that we have. Texas A&M is a place to make friendships that last forever.


It has very strong school pride and it is the most friendly campus in the world.


Extreme school spirit and unity Strong sense of community


The most unique factor about A&M is its extraordinary sense of community.


Texas A&M offers an opportunity to attend a top notch research university where only the best of the best students attend. By that I mean that students here are leaders in their school, are interested in bettering their environment, give selflessly in service to others and have the best school spirit around. The atmosphere is like a friendly, small town feeling where everyone is important.


Being a student at Texas A&M University is like being apart of a indescribably large family. Everywhere I go there is a fellow Aggie ready to help with anything. After becoming an Aggie, you are not only expected to succeed, but to do so with integrity and honor in order to meet the institution's unique expectations. Other universities had other academic values or critical acclaim, but Texas A & M is a community built to encourage and strengthen the minds of its students like no other place can.


The people at Texas A&M are just fantastic. A&M has a fetish with traditions, and that really stood out to me when I was visiting campuses. One could almost say it is one big family. All the aggies hold similar values, and we take care of each other just like we take care of school and take pride in representing it well. This is a campus for dreamers, over-achievers, and go getters. This is a campus for aggies.


A&M is big on traditions, and quite frankly that’s just exactly what makes it so unique; from the simple greeting of HOWDY to the ever-standing 12th man at football games, A&M constantly promotes love, peace and tradition. Although some may see these traditions as conservative, I however recognize it for what it truly is, a treasure. A treasure that only those known as aggies are allowed to partake in, thus when I say the words “thanks and gig ‘em”, only those that know the true meaning will understand the value in that one simple phrase.


Everything about Texas A&M is unique compared to other schools. The traditions here are the practiced daily and are very important to all of the students, faculty, and staff. Anyone who is an Aggie or has been an Aggie, remains one forever. There is such pride in being an Aggie, and I could not imagine being anything else. All students are involved and excited to be here, and the students are the absolute best sports fans.


Texas A&M is very rich on traditions, but more importantly Texas A&M is within the top 50 in about every aspect of the school from scholastics to athletics to professors to internships. It is the best all around school there is!