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Is the stereotype of students at Texas A & M University-College Station accurate?


I'm not too keen about stereotypes.


Although a large portion of the campus was conservative I experienced a very open atmosphere at A&M. Usually the graphic and negative postings on campus were torn down and deemed unacceptable by the student body at-large.


lots of drunk rednecks and hicks. nothing around the city for 50 miles. less than half are future farmers and members of the Corpse of Cadets.


I met so many different types of people at A&M; if you actually look around and talk to people, you will find much more than rednecks and Corp boys. If you look beyond the stereotypes and actually get to know people, you will find that a lot of your initial judgments of people are wrong.

there is a wide variety of people


gig 'em


Not in the least. A&M is one of the top schools in the country, certainly in Texas, and I don't understand what is so funny about an Aggie joke. They all imply that we, as a whole, are dumb, but in fact it is very difficult to get into the college. It simply does not make sense. As for the farmer thing, most of my friends and classmates come from large cities and have never seen a farm or ranch unless its from the window of a moving vehicle.


Partially, but not to the extreme some people take them. There are a lot of people from small towns, and it began as an agricultural school so there are a lot of "rural folks" but we are not a bunch of redneck country people. We are one of the leading academic schools, producing leaders around the world, and therefore are NOT dumb. There is an overall conservative view at the school, as it does have links to Bush '41, and other republican figures, but there are liberals out there too. As for the cult stereotype, it is a spirit that can not be seen from the outside or explained once you are inside.


most of the stereotypes are surprisingly accurate. I am a Hispanic who looks white. No one would tell me the difference but would constantly degrade my race. It would be really disappointing


ABSOLUTELY NOT! Texas A&M is a very diverse university, with so many different organizations for every interest.