Texas A & M University-College Station Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


The most popular thing to do here is the football games. Any sporting event really, you will find a mass amount of students. There is also traditions such as midnight yell, Aggie muster, and the Bonfire Remembrance that students love to take apart of.


There is no one set popular group or activity. The thing about such a big school is anyone and everyone can find something to join that they are interested in


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All sporting events, with football being king. Northgate where all the bars are is right across from campus, and its an overall great place to meet people


Probably the single largest campus organization would be fish camp. The vast majority of freshman go to fish camp in the summer before they start school. A huge amount of students then decide to be counselors. Fish camp is a way that tons of students make friendships and get involved. Many freshmen get involved in FLOs (freshmen leadership organizations). These organizations have many different areas of focus, but all involve service and community building. The organizations are selective and not everyone gets in. Many of my friends were involved and most had a positive experience. I'm involved in an organization called CARPOOL (Caring Aggies R Protecting Over Our Lives). CARPOOL is a student-run organization that runs every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday providing free rides home to anyone in the Bryan/College Station area night. As a member I have to work 6 nights a semester and participate in large organization events. CARPOOL provides me an opportunity to make great friends and provide a valuable service to the community.


If there isn't the club for you at A&M, you get 3 other like-minded individuals on board and make your own club. That being said there are TONS of opportunities at A&M-- no one should feel excluded. One of my favorite activities was going to Yell with my dorm mates.


northside has many bars right next to each other. great if you like to get drunk every night. if you live on northside, you leave ur doors open. party central. if you live southside, you keep to yourself. more private and expensive dorms. football season is crazy huge. the team is terrible, yet alumni and students make a big deal out of this team. basketball is getting bigger all the time.


Freshmen Leadership Organizations (FLOs) are extremely popular freshman year, although they are also very selective. Dorms camraderie varies from dorm to dorm. If you want to be involved with your dorm, try to get into one on North side. The Commons on Southside may not be as involved in dorm specific activities, but their residents always seem to know lots of other people in their dorm. Greek life is available but definitely not required like it is at some schools. I met my closest friends through the organizations I joined, not in classes or in the dorms, so that is a big reason to get involved in something. Drinking is optional as there is always something to do if you don't want to drink like hanging out at Rumor's, going to sporting events, chilling in one of the movie lounges, pond hopping, working out at the Rec, etc.

there's always something going on even if it's not something huge, getting involved and making friends is most important. if you've got friends you're going to love it.


gig 'em aggies whoop