Texas A & M University-College Station Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


That there's an intense ROTC program here at a&m, it's like a little community, everyone is so friendly, and of course the friends you meet are so diverse and awesome!


The greatest thing I took away from Texas A&M was definitely my education but I will never forget the times I spent with my fellow aggies. I brag about the lifelong friends that I made and all of the memories I made with them. Also, as an avid sports fan, one cannot attend Texas A&M University and not brag about it being home to freshaman Heisman winner Johnny Manziel amongst several other award-winning athletes.


Traditions. That is what I brag about whenever I go home or whenever I talk to friends attending other colleges. Whether it be saying "Howdy!", doing your classes wildcat, or the 12th man, we are all united here at A&M. The 12th man is by far the best tradition that is worth bragging about because if you have ever been to an Aggie football game then you will know what I am talking about. We are solidified against whatever the cause may be no matter the sport or the reason and is worth all the bragging.


The friendly attitude overall of the people, how it's a "Goldilocks" school, and that being an Aggie tends to have a lot of connections later on in life.


The best thing about Texas A&M is definetly the family atmosphere that students, former and faculty create. There is saying in this school, "There's a spirit that can ne'er be told," and that is the utmost truth. As an Aggie you get a sense of having a large family that comes together for many reasons. There is pride in being a Texas A&M student that I have never seen in any other college. The people from this university are welcoming, friendly, and kind to all those who enter the school even, if they aren't students.


The school spirit. From the outside in, you don't understand it, and from the inside out you can't explain it. To be an Aggie is an unforgettable experience.


The thing that I brag about the most would have to definitely be about our school spirit. No other school has it like we do . You can feel it around campus and you can definitely feel it during football games. Once you step on campus you will feel what I am talking about. Yet, you will never understad it until you become a student at Texas A&M University


I brag about how friendly everyone is and how great the school is.


That my school has Johnny Menziel and the we have one of the best job networking in the U.S.


I like to brag about how much school spirit everyone has at Texas A&M Universtiy. There is such a friendly atmosphere on campus that allows you to enjoy walking around and going to class. Also, my school is so infused with many important traditions that take place throughout the year, whether it's a midnight yell before a home football game, or a silver taps ceremony to remeber the fallen aggies, there is always something to be a part of. Texas A&M is truly the happiest college in the nation, and the best in the world.


I love the traditions and spirit at Texas A&M. It really is something that's hard to understand from the outside looking in. But as an aggie you can't help but feel sense of pride for your school. I also love that although we have a massive amount of students, I never feel like just another face. A&M is still a community, and we are all connected.


We have the greatest school spirit in the nation.


When I discuss Texas A&M with my friends, one of the first things that I brag about is the fact that tradition is such a huge part of the university and it gives a deeper sense of pride in attending the school because you share something with all of the former students that came before you and were in the same situation as you are currently.


It’s difficult to choose one aspect to brag about at Texas A&M. When I tell people about A&M, I tell them about our traditions. We have Midnight Yell, where we practice our yells for the fall football games the night before. We have the Memorial Student Center, where we honor our Aggies who are serving or have fallen while serving our country. We have the annual Muster, where we honor past and current Aggies that have died in the past year. These are just three of the traditions Aggies hold dear and make Texas A&M unique.


I tell my friends that my school is the best school in the world, the people are aweswome and friendly and we have tons of school spirit. I promise you I meet someone new everyday .


The people hear are some the nicest you will ever meet. It is like being part of a huge extended family. With the school traditions and the abundance of clubs and orinizations, it is hard not to find a group of people to make friends with.


Some may boast of prowess bold of the school they think so grand, but there's a spirit can ne'er be told; it's the Spirit of Aggieland


Texas A&M is more than a school. It is a family. It sis a family who wants you to be there and to succeed. The traditions are more than memories, they are actions that the students do every day and every year. To putting a penny on Sul Ross statue for good luck on a test to dumping the Yell leaders in the "Fish Pond" at the end of each football game. A&M is the family that everyone deserves and everyone is willing to participate in.


I tell my friends how accomplished my professors are and how many opportunities for learning and finding work there are.


I brag about our athletics as well as our academic supremacy. The coursework here is unbelievably difficult. To be a student here, one must be very involved in his or her studies. There are also great organization to be involved in. In fact, there are more than 800 different organizations to get involved in, depending on what you are interested in. This school offers so much when it comes to involvement, academics, and sports.


My grades at a top university in the state of Texas.


The spirit and tradition. I love how many stories and rituals and traditions there are around campus from Midnight Yell before football games to saying "Howdy" to our wildcat calls to shrieking with excitement when we see Miss Reveille (our mascot), there are so many incredible things that happen at Texas A&M that you simply can't understand until you join the Aggie family. It's a lot of hard work, but simply being apart of the the spirit that keeps this place going makes it worth it.


The sense of Community is unmatched by an other school I have visited and everyone always seems to be happy. I enjoy everyone's drive for higher achievement.


Get involved in the organizations and don't let failure discourage you! Everyone will tell you to sign up for organizations and trust me, it is definitely worth it. Texas A&M has over 900 student organizations to be involved in and they can take as little or as much time as you want to commit, so try new things that you would normally be scared of; you will meet some of your best friends and discover more about what you are interested in. If you don't get into the first one, don't give up!


The friendliness and traditions. They are unlike any other school.


The best thing about Texas A&M is the Corps of Cadets. The Corps is basically a four year ROTC program with no military commitment required, and it is completely amazing! Cadets are taught how to follow, and then to teach and lead others. They learn about physical and mental health/fitness, create strong friendships, and develop self discipline and motivation. The Corps provides academic and financial support, and is second only to the military academies in the number of officers commissioned each year. It develops well educated leaders of character.


I love this University. The campus, students and the proffesors are extreamly friendly, helpful and lively. The lively spirit of the university and all the traditions we have are extreamly encouraging and motivating. The university strives to provide the best educational services to students along with various cultural, social and environmental involvment. Texas A&M university has a very special place in my heart and i believe that evry student should have the opprtunity to experience such diversity and completeness in life.


When i speak to others about my college experience, I always insist that it is like no other college experience. Texas A&M has a strong background in tradition and an overwhelming sense of family and friendship. The traditions practiced at the school encourage teamwork, compassion, leadership and enthusiasm for life. The aggie honor code is "aggies dont lie, cheat steal or tolerate those who do" , this code produces many fine men and women that live it to the tee which makes me very proud to be an aggie.


The amazing amount of opportunities there are to get involved.


The thing I brag most about Texas A&M is how friendly the population is. Very seldom do you come across someone who has not enjoyed their time here, and if they did not it was because they did absolutely no effort to find a niche. There are so many opportunities to get to know people and make life long friends. If you can not do it in a place as friendly as A&M then it will be very difficult for you to do it anywhere else.


The people! Everyone here is so friendly and a lot of them get really involved with the traditions. The campus wouldn't be anything without its students, and that's evident through the organizations, the classes, and definitely the football. Every person you meet won't become your best friend, but you can walk into a room where you don't know anybody and leave it having met a few new friendly faces.


School spirit, generosity of time of the students to total strangers, welcoming atmosphere. Students are proud to be a part of this university.


I usually brag about all of our traditions. We have so many activites and events to attend that can help you form friendships, relationships and even a sense of family. Each one of our traditions has an awesome story to go along with it. Once you attend A&M I don't think that you would dream of going anywhere else.


We have over 50,000 students and are one of the most well known universities around. You don't get that kind of reputation without good reason. Many of our graduates have gone on to do pretty amazing things.


First of all Texas A&M has the best Petroleum Engineering department in the country, as well as one of the best Engineering colleges in the country, which makes it an excellent choice for those who want to pursue a career in egineering. There is also someting about the atmosphere in College Station that makes it a great place to be. Where ever you go, you are always met with a pleasant Howdy!, and going to any athletic event is always a blast.


The quality of the professors, the encouraging atmosphere, and the general friendliness of other students.


Texas A&M is one of the friendliest places I’ve ever been from the moment, I stepped on campus I made several unknown friends as random strangers walked up to me, shouted HOWDY! Then kindly helped me find my way around. There has yet to be a single moment that I haven’t seen that word scrawled on the pavement with chalk or smack dab in the middle of a maroon shirt, every time I see that word, I can’t help but to smile.


Texas A&M is the friendliest campus I've ever visted. Classes are tough, but you will get a great education! Aggies are very proud graduates!


The number one thing I absolutely love about Texas A&M is it has the friendliest people I have ever met. From the employees to the students, they greet and treat you outstanding. It's also an absolute blast to be there. There are over 800 groups and plenty of social events. Texas A&M offers tradition that is unbeatable. From everyone saying Howdy to the roaring fans of the 12th man on Saturday afternoon, Texas A&M is the greatest school in the country. I've visited plenty of friends, at various schools, and they simply don't compare.


When telling someone about Texas A&M I first explain to them that this university is truly overlooked in terms of academic standards. Like any true Aggie will tell you, A&M has one of the hardest curriculums of any tier one univeristy. To achieve a degree from Texas A&M really means that that person earned every bit of their degree. Texas A&M is without a doubt the best of the best in academic success.


Along with the very friendly environment and well-reputed academic programs, the spirit and traditions in Aggieland are beyond comparison. When one is an Aggie, then he/she has connections world-wide and are "family." A Texas A&M degree opens up career opportunities that would not have been available otherwise. When the echo of 90,000 young and old Aggies standing meshed together singing the "Spirit of Aggieland" and swaying with linked arms and legs to the "Aggie War Hymn" can be heard from afar, one knows that this is Texas A&M- Home of the Fightin' Texas Aggies!


Texas A&M's student life is more of a family. Even though we are one of the largest (maybe even largest) schools in Texas, it feels like we are all one big family. Texas A&M is known for having the friendliest college campus.


The one thing I brag about the most when talking about Texas A&M is easily the way the school makes me feel at home. The city, the school the buildings and the people themselves welcomed me the moment I stepped into College station. I had not realized that where I lived for 18 years was not home until I came here.


Aggie sport fans will never leave a sporting even even if we are losing 100-0. Our pride and traditions definitely make everyone here proud to be an Aggie. If you are sitting alone, somebody is bound to sit with you. When you are surrounded by Aggies at Bonfire, Muster, or any athletic event, the voice of A&M fills your head, making you that much more excited to be here. You definitely know you are part of a great community when you are at a career fair and you see Aggie rings on the hands of people around you.


When describing my school to others, I brag about the strong acedemics, the myriad of organizations, the beautiful weather, and the places to study on campus. My school has a lot to offer for many different types of majors (in college and for future careers). In terms of recreation, my school has varsity, club, and intermural sports. Texas A&M has many different types of sports teams and they all excel (even the football team is improving leaps and bounds!).


I love the feeling of family I have even with over 40000 students.


Texas A&M is a great university. I brag about our tremendous sense of community and our traditions. The people here are among the most polite and well mannered students, not to mention good looking. I cannot even begin to express how the traditions play a huge role in collegiate like at A&M. The love everyone has for A&M is contagious and I can't help but to love it, too. Walking around campus, I find myself in a sea of maroon, even if there is no game that day or upcoming weekend. I LOVE TEXAS A&M!


At Texas A&M University we take pride in our traditions, from showing our Aggie enthusiasm at athletic events to remembering the past and present members of the Aggie family. The greatest tradition at A&M is the Aggie Ring. The Aggie Ring signifies the core values and dedication to the university. Additionally, the Aggie Ring is a visual reminder of being part of the ?Aggie network." The Aggie Ring links every Aggie together and unites the Aggie family. As the tradition goes, ?I am the loudest and proudest member of the Fightin' Texas Aggie class of 2013 AAAAAAAA!!!?


Texas A&M is an impressive university primarily because of the character of the students and the unique traditions. The average student is generally a positive, respectful, and caring individual. The student body is extremely involved in community service; there is one day event called "Big Event" where thousands of Aggies serve the community of Bryan. Texas A&M's school traditions exemplify this friendliness. It is tradition to say "howdy" when you walk past someone on campus. Other traditions such as Muster, where students honor their fallen Aggies really provide a sense of the "Aggie Family" that I love.


The quality of education my school has.