Texas A & M University-College Station Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The humidity here at Aggieland, but other than that the campus is absolutely beautiful.


The campus isn't very pretty.


The tuition is so high! I'm not one that has her parents loaded, I'm actually one who has to pay her way through college.


The financial aid office becuase they have lost some or part of my paper work every year resulting in my forms being turned in last minute and then I am not able to recive finiacial aid.


Rigorous academics. Adapting from high school to universit style classes is a lot harder than i wouldve thought. I took college level classes in high school but they really do not compare to the university standards.


The worst about school is the stress the professors put on you when you need to study for a big test, or when you get plenty of homework for the weekend. My college is considered as a top notch school for my major, and my classes hit really hard on me and they can basically make you suffer so that you do at least OK in college.


Since Texas A&M is the best school in the universe, the only bad thing I can think of is how large the campus is. It takes a while to commute to classes especially if you have class across campus from where you live. It can take anywhere from 15-45 minutes to walk to class.


Most courses have 300+ students in each class and even upper level courses tend to have at least 100 students. Having this many students can be distracting at sometimes.


Tuition and fee increases. Meal and dining flexibility.


I would say that the worst thing about Texas A&M is the traffic at peak travel times. Because the campus is large and there is such a large number of students and faculty on campus every day that sometimes traffic around campus can be somewhat inconvenient.


I didn't dislike anything.


The worst thing about Texas A&M is living in College Station. While the campus is a beautiful place, the city itself is a very difficult place to be accustomed to. One thing in specific about living in College Station is that the water is absolutley terrible, in that a water filter pitcher is almost a neccesity for everyday life as a Texas A&M student. While the city and the fellow students are some of the most friendly people I have ever met, the living conditions in the city make it difficult to enjoy school at times.


The worst thing about this school - hands down - the construction. Texas A&M is constantly expanding and as a result there are always loud noises and dust clouds from construction, however most of it is on the periphery of the campus and only affects parking and commuting to class, rarely affecting actual class time.


There is nothing that I do not like itneranlly about this school. Really, the worst thing is the stereotypes we receive from people on the otuside who know nothing about us.


I really do not like that there is financial aid offered to people based off their parents. It should be based of that individual. I know that is a common thing among campuses but it is what I do not like.


That is was 3 hours away from home because I missed my family alot. Other than that I believe Texas A&M University was a great school, providing an amazing education and really helped build my network of collegues and get my foot in the door with research and other job opportunities.


Texas A&M University is a very large campus and located in a very hot state. Texas weather is one of the most extreme and here in college station we recieve lots of rain. Be sure to have a pair of rain boots and an umbrella on hand when trecking from east to west campus.


The worst thing about my school is the face that it is not diverse.


The worst thing about the school (and this is more location-wise) is the train. Taking the buses are a hit and miss, since trains can show up at any time and you can be trapped on board until it passes.


The worst thing about Texas A&M is how big it is-you can easily feel like a number if you don't get involved or make friends easily. However, other than that aspect it's a great university to attend.


The size is becoming a problem. There are a lot of students attending this school now making registration a very overwhelming experience. Other than that there is not really anything for me to complain about.


I enjoy everything at Texas A&M and do not believe there is anything bad about the school.


I do not consider anything at Texas A&M University to be really bad. The only downfall right now is the construction going on, other than that the school is great.


Honestly, I do not consider anything about my school bad. I love everything about it and I also love how mostly everyone is so welcoming and friendly. I think the teachers are teaching for the right reasons and really love what they are doing. I feel everyone I meet on campus or off campus in town is always willing to help me in any way. I really love and enjoy going to school at Texas A&M University.


The worst thing about Texas A&M University is the traffic and congestion of the amount of people on campus. Driving around campus is especially hectic, and on Texas A&M University game days, the traffic, parking, and flow of people is chaotic at best.


The weather. Texas weather is hardly ever perfect. There's hot, there's cold, and there's storming. College Station in particularly humid, but sometimes there are those beautiful days that you cant help but want to be outside.


The lack of acceptance in regards to sexual orientation.


I can't think of many things that need changing at Texas A&M. One thing I would love to see improve here is even more diversity. The university has become more diverse of the years, and has included new cultural events such as films, meetings, dance events and more. I love seeing these changes and look forward to even ideas to encompass different cultures and ethnicities.


Texas A&M University is my home and I have a great love for the school, professors, students, and environment I am surrounded with. College Station is a big town that has a small town feel, which is something I like about my surroundings here. All the students and faculty are friendly and willing to help you excel in your academics. There is nothing I can say bad about the campus because I truly am blessed to have had the opportunity to attend Texas A&M University.


Being one of the finest schools in Texas. Texas A&M strives to push its students for academic excellence. This strong push often raises the bars towards obtaining this excellence in the classroom, often placing hardships on the student to perform well. Some students are not ready for the struggles and wear of the constant studying and preparation required to perform well at Texas A&M and weed out of their classes. The standards for students are so high, for some it may seem impossible to perform at a high academic level.


The worst thing about Texas A&M was the overwhelming number of students. With a freshman class of over 14,000 students, one could definitely say he or she feels lost in the crowd. Sitting in a class of over 300 students, especially when one's entire high school consisted of only 200 students, can leave anyone with feelings of doubt. Doubt about how he or she could succeed surrounded by so many brilliant students, and doubt about how he or she as an individual could stand out and make a difference in a sea of faces.


After almost 3 years there, I still have nothing that I dislike about A&M. Except maybe the parking, but upperclassmen get the best parking spots so even then it's only horrible for a couple years.


I really don't think there is a bad thing about my school, at least for me. I love pretty much everything about it: the school spirit, the traditions, the dorms, the classes, the football games, the sense of community and family, the availability of jobs after graduation, the numerous extracurricular activities. Everything is pretty much up to my standards, and I love every part of it.


Close minded ness would be the worst thing about my university. Though they put forth efforts to make the school more diverse many people on campus are close minded to people, activities, religions and other things that are similar.


The liberal arts departments at A&M has been vastly reduced due to the financial difficulties meaning that the English faculty has been greatly reduced making those classes the hardest to get into now. This means English majors have a hard time getting into the courses they need just as much as non-majors and seeing as how English courses are a requirement for most if not all majors it is a terrible inconvenience.


The worst thing about Texas A&M is something that plagues every school, but is very pronounced at A&M. At any school which has a lot of school spirit, there are those who take it too far. A&M, unfortunately, has a plethora of students who will loudly and colorfully defend anything and everything about the school. Some get overly worked up and are apt to curse a blue streak at fans of other schools, start fights, and ignite flame wars on the internet. This is shameful to other Aggies.


Nothing. I love Aggieland!


This school has a strong military history (which is great) however that leads to a lot of students having very strong views about politics, religion, etc. The student body is overwhelmingly conservative, which can unfortunately cause some students to feel like they don't fit in.


The worst thing I would consider about TAMU is like any large school there are some classes you must take (core classes) that are 300-500 people in a lecture hall and therefore the teachers cant be as one on one with you.


One of the worst things here at TAMU is there seems to be a lot of racism. This is of course part of the "Bible Belt" community. However, in my expericence, my friends and I are treated at a different level than most students here at A&M are treated.


Honestly, there are no bad things about Texas A&M University. Everyone is quite friendly and ready to do everything that they can to help. Its an excellent school with a great atmosphere.


The worst thing about this school is its lack of diversity. There are many groups on campus that promote diversity, but overall the majority of campus is very conservative and non-diverse.

Juan Carlos

The thing I consider the worst about my school, which isn't bad at all, is that it is located in a small town where students make up most of the population. I come from a small town so I would have liked for my college experience to take place in a large industrial city. It really doesn't bother me that much, but it is the 'worst' thing that I could think about my school.


Though I'm not complaining, the school could be a tad bit better if it were a little bit more diverse than it is!


I love almost everything about A&M. If I had to pick something that I didn't care for, I'd say I don't like all the construction that is happening right now on campus. It can be difficult to walk to class and sometimes distracting and annoying if you live on campus.


The worst thing about Texas A&M is that there are people who do not realize how priviledged they are to be receiving an education from one of the best universities in the United States. There are countless people who would give anything to study here but cannot afford it.


I love Texas A&M University and being a student at this prestigious school but I would consider the structural atmoshpere to be lacking. Texas A&M I feel lacks an apealing sense to it. Most the buildings are average and the ladnscape is bare but besides that it's a wonderful institution.


The worst thing about this school has to be theweather. Gets very cold in the winter and make students relactant to attending classes.


the construction


Although I love many things about Texas A&M, the worst thing about the university is its lack of a journalism/Public Relations major. Although Texas A&M does offer a minor in Journalism, which I am currently enrolled, I would like the school even better if that major were to be offered. It is difficult to find bad things about the University because of its great education, encouraging atmosphere, and school spirit.