Texas A & M University-College Station Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


Um.... is there any?


Conservative, Bible thumping, cult-like.


Rednecks. Middle of nowhere. Just a bunch of farmers and army kids.


Lots of people think A&M is comprised completely of white, conservative, red-neck Ag majors and Corp boys.

Hicks, conservative,


amazing gig 'em


That we are all a bunch of redneck farmers who are not truly educated. I get a lot of Aggie jokes when I go home.


Conservative, Cult-like, "Dumb Aggies", Country


Everyone is conservative and country. No one allows diverssity to rule. It is ridiculous how much is not allowed.


I don't know.


Some people think that A&M is full of red necks and cowboys only interested in agriculture and cow tipping


"There are a bunch of 'hicks'."


We are the Home of the Fightin' Texas Aggie 12th Man! Whoop! A&M is the friendliest college campus and everyone is a part of the Aggie family. There are hundreds of traditions which make A&M the greatest university in the world.


1) Texas A&M is a cult 2) only white, country folks attend A&M 3) A&M is extremely hard 4) A&M students and faculty are rude/hard to work with


People LOVE to joke that we are a cult school with crazy traditions. But if you don't go to A&M you just don't understand all the fun and school spirit that goes along with all those "crazy" traditions. It's actually a lot of fun! And a lot of those traditions are really meaningful... ask anyone about Muster and then you'll understand.


We're a bunch of redkneck pickup driving hicks.


1)That everyone who goes to A&M wants to be a farmer, 2)that we're racist, 3)that we're drunk all the time, and 4)that we're brainwashed or A&M is a cult.


Most people say we are more conservative than other college campuses.


that we are all hicks and a cult haha


The most common stereotype is that we are all redneck hicks that just came off the farm to learn how to be a farmer.


We are all farming majors. We're dumb. All we care about is Agriculture.


The main stereotypes are that all Aggies are closed-minded, extremely conservative, white, Southern Baptist farmers.


country, hicks, racism


I think people think we are all country or ride horses to school every day. But that is just not the case!!


hard workers, like family.


Typically white, conservative, and very closed minded.


we all are hicks, we are all ag majors, we will always be second to t.u., some how tech students think their school is of equal educational value (it isn't tech is for dumbasses who couldn't get into a decent school, so it was either tech or texas state), we are the most mediocre football team (not a stereotype)


Conservatives, farmers, rednecks, intolerant, rural, dumb,


that we are all hicks and follow too many traditions.


utlra conservative. Radical and unfeeling


cult, close-minded, hicks, only majors are ag majors


we fuck sheep, we are all hicks, we are uneducated, we are ultra conservative, we are all white middle class christians


They are conservative students who ride horses to class and all go to the military because they are all in the Corps


People think that everything us about the traditions and if it isn't one that doing something automatically makes it a tradition. I think another of the stereotypes is that we have a herd mentality. That everyone does everything that everyone else does. That no one can think for themselves that we do what we're told and follow all the rules. Another is that everyone that goes to A&M is into football, agriculture and is very conservative in their political views.


People tend to think TAMU is a rural school full of rednecks and cowboys. We are a mostly white school so there are questions about the students being racist, prejudice, and discriminatory.


All TAMU students are White. All TAMU studentes are hicks. All TAMU students are strictly conservative. All TAMU studets are legacies. TAMU is centered around its "Aggie Spirit".


Several stereotypes are that we are all back-woods country folk, military- oriented, or just lazy


That if you go to TAMU, you are just a farmer. The school cares about tradition and nothing else.


everyone is lacking common sense or dumb, you know about the aggie jokes, right?


I think some of the sterotypes of students who attend are generally white students who are interested in agriculture. This university is known for being "farmers."