Texas A & M University-College Station Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


People don't like us because they think we are a cult. I think it's because we have so much to be proud about at this school.


A&M has a few different stereotypes, but the main stereotype is "Rednecks." Though A&M does have a lot of students that major in Animal Science, the majority of our school definitely is not redneck. Our Engineering, Business, and Education departments are all very highly populated, with a wide variety of types of students.


When many people think of Texas A&M they believe that everyone here is either from the sticks and is hardcore into all of the great traditions. That is simply not the case, there are people from everywhere and with different levels of school spirit


The most common stereotype is that our campus is full of very "down-home country people." I have to admit that this is true to some extent. Almost every weekend, all of the dancehalls are full and everyone has their boots on and is ready to two-step. The general opinion on campus tends to be conservative Christian, so if you lean toward a more liberal viewpoint, you might feel outnumbered. However, with a student body over 50,000 and growing, there is plenty of diversity. There are people with every combination of ethnicity, religion, and culture.


A&M students, and really the campus itself, have this stereotype of being a mono-cultural, conservative, small town wasteland. At least that was always my impression of the school growing up. I heard about the crazy Corps, the ridiculous traditions, country western dancing and a town with nothing to do. My time at the school has proved these stereotypes both true and false. Culturally conservative? Largely, but there's a large enough population that you can avoid it if you wish (personally this is a huge plus). Crazy Corps guys? Check, but I love them to death and have nothing but respect for what they go through. Nothing to do? 100% false. I'm busier now that at any other point in my life. I'm involved in a wide variety of campus, educational and religious activities. If you can't find something to do, you're doing something wrong. There are over 800 registered organizations; name an activity you like to do and I guarantee you can find others who like it as well. In my time at A&M I've discovered that while the stereotypes are somewhat based in fact, but distorted and taken way out of context.


Dumb rednecks, etc. It isn't particularly accurate.