Texas A & M University-College Station Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


Overall opinion it's well standing and I LOVE IT!!!!


Texas A&M is the greatest university in the world.


I love Texas A&M! Even as a minority student, the people here are really friendly and welcoming! No matter what culture you come from, everyone understands the value of family and that is something Texas A&M values very highly. So I feel right at home here!


I love it!


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One of the main reasons I decided to go to A&M was because of its amazing atmosphere and traditions. A&M is definitely in a college town where the community supports the school any chance they get. I have visited other schools where the school just happens to be placed in the town or city. You don't have the support from the outside community and the feeling of at home just isn't the same. Also, the traditions at A&M are known nationwide. The traditions and how much Aggies stick to their traditions is something that Aggies and former Aggies are very proud of.


Its a great place to learn and meet new people, the classes are not all easy but are manageable if you put the time and effort into them. And the spirit of Aggieland can never be told, it must be felt firsthand. College Station is a great college town for all sorts of people.


Maybe everyone says this, but I can't imagine a student body with more pride in its history, traditions, and fellow students. Many people call us a cult, to be honest I'd kind of agree. But the friendly, engaging, wonderful cult that everyone wants to be a part of. The one that embraces you as family, supports you, and has your back throughout life. Aggie pride is reflected in our interactions on campus, out interactions with employees, our behavior at sporting events, and our kindness to anyone called a "Aggie". This is the absolutely best part of the school. A&M is large, very large from what I'm told. I can't imagine going to a smaller school because to be honest I would never believe that there are 50,000 people here. I see people I know everywhere I go. As an undergrad I'd see fellow dormies all the time. We'd meet up for lunch, for movies, to play games. I'd see friends in classes, then at the convenience store on campus. There is a huge push to get freshmen involved in organizations and you could easily do nothing but student organizations every night of the week (a terrible idea if you intend to get good grades) I personally spend most of my time in my dorm. Not holed up, but that's where my social hub is. I know everyone on my floor and they constantly stop by. We do homework together, hang out, play games, etc. People keep their doors open and are encouraged to makes conversation with the people around them. This is largely specific to the northside dorms, which I find sad because it's such a huge part of my life.


It is a fairly well ranked and respected university.


The best thing about A&M is once you find your niche (and even when you are finding it) in academia you have tons of resources available. The staff and professors that I encountered were extremely helpful. I especially recommend the financial services office.


school is huge. the school is the city. it is a total college town. there is a lot of school pride, although im not sure what there is to be proud of. Football school, which is sad. classes on sheep shearing available. Rival school is University of Texas in Austin. Funny thing is everyone goes to Austin, an hour away, on the weekends to have fun. if you take a tour of campus, they tell you everyone says howdy to each other. In reality this never happens.


The best thing about A&M is the Aggie Spirit. I've never seen another school with this much spirit across such a wide spectrum of people. And don't be fooled into thinking that Aggie spirit is just Midnight Yell Practices and Football games. It's so much more than that; it's Big Event, the largest student run service event in the nation. It's Muster, recognizing the Aggie Spirit that will continue to live on in those they've left behind. It's Fish Camp, making sure that all freshmen coming into A&M have the opportunity to realize their potential. No matter what you are interested in, you will find your niche at A&M. The biggest regret that I've heard is not getting involved before their junior or senior year.

Nice campus, friendly people, the majority of the population in College Station is college students, tradition, but it's not physically forced upon you, anything you could ever want or need from a university is provided for you, amazing network. the best university in America.




I love Texas A&M for all of its quirks and traditions. There is no other school this large where you will not feel like just another number to the faculty and staff. In fact, I rarely notice that the school is big at all. I love that everything seems to have a tradition to go along with it. While it takes a while to learn them all, and a lot of them seem kind of hoaky, the traditions will enrich your college experience, and make you feel a kinship with your fellow schoolmates. Everyone you meet on campus is not a stranger, but merely a friend you've yet to meet! Its so true. Aggies are the friendliest bunch you will encounter. We are always willing to lend a hand, give directions, and answer any question you might have. We would welcome anyone with open arms. And while A&M is in many ways a great school, we do have our quirks, but you learn to live with, and love them, to embrace them as your own.


Texas A&M is a college town, hence why it is in College Station. The campus is large but beautiful. Once you visit it will captivate you and suck you in, if you already aren't entranced by the spirit and traditions. That is what drew me in, I am a first generation Aggie (no one else in my family has been there) but the longstanding traditions and amazing school Spirit is amazing. Just go to a football game. My first football game - "I had never seen so many people wearing maroon" is what i told my mom. But the yells, the spirit, you'll never experience anything like it. There is amazing alumni support at the school, Old Ags return all the time for the Corps, football games, Muster. There is not enough time to explain all the traditions, but Muster is one of my favorite traditions. As it was said at this years Muster, it is the biggest tradition since everyone will participate in it once. At 3,000 Musters held around the world, with the largest one in College Station, all honoring the Aggies that have died in the past year. From class of 2008 all the way to class of 1938. Someone, a family member or classmate, is there to hold a candle for you, everyone there is honoring and praying for you, so whether you participate by attending Muster or by passing away and being honored at one, you are there. It's an overwhelming feeling. If you want a lot of people to support you, Texas A&M is good for that. Rallying around a cause is something current and former students are good at.


A&M is a big family. You feel that on and off campus. Once you decide you're going there, you're automatically a part of the family and you'll definitely feel welcomed. The Alumni are very active in the school and if you meet any of them away from school, you automatically have a connection with them. The size is perfect. The student body is large so you have a very diverse group, but the family aspect makes it feel much smaller and more comfortable. When I tell people that I go to A&M they usually look at me with shock and crack some dumb Aggie joke. But, I just take it with a smile on my face and remind them who won the last two A&M vs. UT football games and that usually shuts them up (I'm from Austin home of UT). College Station is most definitely a college town which is great because we have support from the entire community and businesses. I've never personally had a problem with the administration. Just visit A&M and you'll experience the school pride. It's completely different from any other university. The most unusual thing about A&M is the respect everyone has for eachother. I've heard so many stories from people from rival schools coming to sporting events on A&M's campus and getting help and nothing by good sportmanship from all Aggies. When I visited A&M for the first time my senior year of highschool I remember walking around campus having people "howdy" me all the time and walk up to ME when they see me with a map in my hand and a confused look on my face.


The best thing about Texas A&M is everything! It's got a million traditions, lots of school pride, and it's really easy to make friends. It's a big campus but it's not overwhelming because everyone is super friendly. It's in a college town so if you stay for summer school, expect a HUGE difference. I'll never forget Fish Camp; it's where I met all of my best friends!


The school is a perfect size and a perfect college town. College Station revolves around A&M and its students. We are all about tradition and spirit. A&M is the most unique school you will ever go to; no one else has 5 yell leaders that can control 40,000 students. I will always remember the chills I get every time I stand in Kyle Field and the Spirit of Aggieland plays.


A&M is large, 45,000 students strong. However, it doesn't seem like that many once you get into class and learn to communicate well with students and the university as a whole. It will feel as a small town with friendly people abundant.


Even though A&M is a pretty big school, I still run into people I know everywhere. And to top that all off, a lot of people I meet will already know my other friends... weird. The school spirit here is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! At first I wasn't sure I was into it all, but it is fun really fun. If you haven't been to a football game... GO! It changed my entire attitude about A&M becuase it was just that fun. Anyways, basically I hang out with friends in the dorm a lot and we'll go watch sporting events, see a movie (only $4), or eat. We eat a lot... haha. Being in a samll college town is fun because everything is geared towards college kids and it's just a lot of fun.


We take a tremendous amount of pride in our traditions and our school. To become an Aggie is to become part of a network of people tied together through our common experiences which reaches across the globe. You will get out of it as much and more than you put in, and it is an experience which goes far beyond a good education.


A&M is definitely a very large campus. I think there are roughly 40,000 students. That may be too big for some people, but it allows everyone to do whatever it is that they're interested in. A&M does not require the freshman to live on campus, because there simply is not enough space to house all the freshmen, but I do strongly suggest that you live on campus for at least a year. It's an amazing experience! College Station is definitely a college town; it's right there in the name! The school was there first, and there are train tracks that run through the campus. The story goes is that College Station got its name because when riding the train, students and visitors sometimes didn't know at which stop to get off. So at the train station, someone took a board and wrote "college" on it, and nailed it above the sign that said "station." And thus College Station was born. So everything in College Station revolves around A&M. The students at A&M have tons and tons of school pride. There are certainly "2 percenters," or people who are uninterested in A&M's tradition and are only involved in the university about 2%. But most Aggies are incredibly proud to be Aggies, and they are very involved in all things A&M. A&M is a place to feel welcome, invited and loved. It's like a big family. There is a comaraderie at A&M like no other school I've ever seen. If I see anyone on the street wearing an Aggie ring, I've made a new friend. Aggies will gladly go out of their way to help another Aggie, and that's one of the main things I love about A&M.


The best thing about Texas A&M is the long standing tradition. Everyone is so friendly and you never feel like you're at a huge school, well, except on game days. The town is built around the college, but I personally love the feel of the town. There's everything you need, but not in a big city. I come from a small town myself and I've never felt overwhelmed going to a school with 46,000 students. The school pride at Texas A&M is amazing, there is so much spirit. I'll never forget my first, well, my first anything at A&M.


Okay so if u dont like big schools then dont come here!! haha the classes are huge! A&M has an amazing since of school spirit so if you love football games and love to be proud of your school A&M is for you!!! this school is amazing and it is somewhat like a disease that once you cantch you dont want it to go away!! College station is soooo much fun!!


The best thing about A&M is probably the fact that we have great traditions that include Silver Taps (a memorial service held every month for the student body and family of any students that have passed away during the month), Muster (a memorial service held where ever there are two or more aggies that remeber all former students who have passed on during the year), standing at football games (to represent the 12th man and his spirit), midnight yell and the midnight mugging (this is where the whole students gather in Kyle field at midnight to the aggie yells and then kiss their dates), and fish camp (where freshmen can learn all of the traditons and make friends before they go to school. When people ask me where I go to school I tell them with pride that I attend texas A&M University.


I love Texas A&M because it's a HUGE campus in such a small town. Everyone gets to know everybody. It is the perfect college town. I came from a city of about 200,000 people and I thought that was small. Coming to College Station, I realize that was highly inaccurate, but A&M still feels so big to me. I love it.


Texas A&M is a very unique place. There is no place like it on earth. I am from big city Dallas, and coming to College Station was a bit of a culture shock for me, but in a good way. Texas A&M has such a warm and friendly atmosphere. The spirit and traditions are what separates Texas A&M from any other university. There are so many aspects to campus and to A&M's history that make Texas A&M more than just a college. A&M becomes a home. I could go on all day about Texas A&M, but you cannot comprehend it until you see and feel the Aggie Spirit. "From the outside looking in you can't understand it, and from the inside looking out you can't explain it."


I love A&M and the Aggie Family, however the administration does kind of suck here.


This town is not really big enough for students looking for things to do all the time. There is a movie theatre and Northgate, the bar district; but there isn't much else.


The best thing about TAMU is the environment, everyone is like family. Perfect sized town, not too small, but not a huge city. School pride is definitely one of the biggest things that surround TAMU.


The best thing about TAMU is the faculty's willingness to help each student to succeed. That said, the freshman and sophomore core curriculum classes are terribly overcrowded and lack the personal attention of the more intimate major-specific courses (take the basics at Blinn). The size of the school seems right, but the commute from one side of campus to the other during class changes is a bear. People around Texas all know about TAMU and have a generally favorable opinion of it, despite the recent lack luster performances of the once proud football team. I live off campus and spend most of my time around the architecture building when I come for classes. The TAMU administration is far too big to be personal. The most offensive part of the administration is "transportation services" who ineptly operate the parking and bus systems while charging an astronomical fee for the poor service. The biggest controversy on campus is the situation with the bonfire. The school has great pride but it has certainly dropped considerably since the bonfire left campus and effectively tore the heart out of the school. Being a veteran, the most unusual thing about TAMU to me is the Corps of Cadets. It's an odd bunch of mostly really juvenile brats who want to play soldier and think that hazing and stupid rituals are what make up the real military. I will never forget the time the corps' cavalry unit took a shovel full of horse manure and flung it over the t.u. band while marching to the stadium. The most frequent student complaints are over the constantly rising cost of tuition, fees, and books.


best thing - close to houston, dallas, and austin. change - the corps, no one takes it seriously, ppl. who can't get in because of shitty grades in high school use the corp to get accepted to A&M. school size - i love west campus, tons of hot women. tell- they usually make fun of me, but that's because our school is the greatest and they're jealous. campus - wehner or the wcl. college town - it used to be before the banned drinking on ng, biggest mistake this town has ever made, it killed the awesome environment on ng. controversy - the new security system put in place after vtech, ppl. are pissed it isn't running right. pride - go to a football game, look at the student section, then ask if we have pride. unusual - town is so conservative, in a college town; no drinking on ng, one strip club, one smoke shop, no clubs besides, the few intertwined with bars on northgate. we need more of a night life. experience - running through northgate in my underwear with shaved legs after losing a bet. complaints - being so mediocre at football, we want another championship besides 1939.


the best thing is the Aggie Spirit, it's what brings us together no matter what. It's a big school that feels small. No reaction. In the business school, and the MSC. College town for sure. We just had a major change in the administration with a new president, I'm not sure how to judge them yet. A recent controversy was the new president, it's a female minority, a first for both at TAMU. There is a TON of school pride. How much school pride most of us have is unusual. Fish Camp. Not enough parking, tuition, the college town feeding off college student, taking advantage of them.


i love how much of i feel like we are a big family here at a&m. i think the school is just right, im used to big schools. people think a&m is a good school and react in a good way when i tell them i go here. i usually just go to class so it depends on where my class is where i spend most of my time. college station is a great college town. theres tons of school pride here and i will always remember the football games. administration is great!


I like the availabilty of being close to home, If I could change it there would be a public stage in between sebisa and mcinnis where I could play with a band. Its fine as far as size goes. They make aggie jokes which I don't mind because I'm transferring anyways. I spend most of my time in my dorm studying. I have no idea what that question means. I guess college station is a college town... after all the name is College Station. The administration is great, and everything is positive. I have no idea what the controversy on campus is because everything is so disconnected. Its too large to be a community and too small to be its own nation. I guess my friends and I have no real controversy to answer your question. There is tons of school pride (rediculous amounts). Its kind of a granfalloon. I wouldn't know if something is unusual, this is the only college I've ever been to. I guess the corps is interesting. I was in it last semester; its like its own sociological environment. I'll always remember being in the corps. I have no idea what the most frequent complaints are.


The best thing about A&M is the family atmosphere and the friends you take away from the experience, as well as your education. One thing I would change: NOTHING. Size: just right. A&M has the benefits of a large college (funding, athletic events, diversity) with the feel of a smaller school. People are either in awe of the fact that I went to A&M or turned off by it. I suppose that all institutions elicit those reactions. Most of my on campus time was spent at the MSC, the REC or hanging with friends in a variety of other places. College Station is definitely a college town. Things stay open later and a large majority of the town's events cater toward students. A&M's administration is going through lots of changes and difficult decisions. I know that they will make the best decisions possible for the students involved. Biggest recent controversy on campus: I don't know because I have not been there for a while. School pride? I don't think there is a school in the country that has more pride HONESTLY. Unusual about TAMU? How nice people are. The student extra curricular activities are so numerous, the traditions One experience I will always remember: Ring Day Student Complaint: There is always a complaint about how our athletic teams are doing.


The best thing about A&M is the friendlieness of the students. I think that the size is just right- it never feels too big or too small.


The best thing about TAMU is all the people that I got to meet, including my girlfriend. It truly is a college town, because with a name like College Station, you wouldn't have the city without the university. There is a tremendous amount of school pride all because of our many and various traditions that have a stronghold on life.


A&M is really one big family. There are the sororities, fraternities, the sports teams, the Corps and each is different but when it comes down to it everyone pulls together when they need to. No matter how much everyone is different there really is that sense of family. It doesn't matter if you went to A&M for one day or for years, once a part of the Aggie Family always a part of the Aggie family. I don't think that there's anything that I would change about A&M. I love being on campus because no matter where you are on campus you're never alone. Most people would think that is a bad thing but really it isn't. You can sit in one place and see people from all walks of life who are completely differnt than you are or exactly the same as you. Of course there is a ton of pride on campus seen everywhere. You can sit in class and there's a sea of maroon. One thing that I will always remember would have to be having class with Revielle. We were in a big lecture hall and the mascot corporal let her off her leash and she was just wandering around the room. I don't think that she ever barked in class but it was still fun just the same.


The best thing about Tamu is the tradition, the spirit, the network. This school is like no where else! To me this school is perfect; in fact I didn't even apply anywhere else. TAMU is home. Yes there are problems and controversies but that normal with such a big school; there is going to be bureaucratic "red tape". The feeling you get when you walk around on campus is indescribable. It is just a great environment.


The best thing about TAMU is the student life; there are countless groups, programs, organizations, etc. for students to take part in, and the social scene is full of opportunities to meet fellow students and have a great time together. I would change the racial diversity, however, for it seems TAMU is full of an almost entirely White student body, with the only Blacks being athletes, and the only Asians or Middle Easterners representing the most difficult majors, like Engineering, Biology, or Chemistry. I'd say our school size is just right, or if anything maybe a bit too large, but TAMU is definitely far from the small side. When I told people I was planning on attending TAMU, and even now, when I travel and meet people that have heard about TAMU and its notoriety for unique traditions, the reaction is usually the same: TAMU's spirit is contagious - am I one of the 98% or the 2%? (98% refers to the majority that gets "caught up" in the Aggie Spirit, while the 2% refers to the few students that withhold from such behavior and remain unaltered after entry to the university). I spend most of my time on campus either in class or in the library (Evans Library is the one on campus.) Occasionally, I'll head to campus to get a bite to eat, though the best places to find lunch are all on Northgate, which turns into a bar scene by night. TAMU is definitely a College town, and the name College Station originates from the train that runs through campus, for "College Station" describes the stop it made at TAMU along its track. TAMU's administrations is good, but there are more distinguished or experienced faculty members in specific departments. Engineering, for instance, is a program that represents an extremely knowledgeable and well-renowned faculty. The biggest controversy on campus that has occurred lately would have to be last year, when a video turned up online depicting White students discriminating against Blacks; the White students were obviously making fun of and attempting to degrade the image of a Black student, and our campus was in an uproar. The administration reacted immediately to the hateful action, and tons of minority students flooded the MSC to protest the occurence. Obviously school pride is something Aggies are known for, and the notoriety of our traditions and customs isn't a secret. One can definitely expect a unique college experience at TAMU!


The best thing about TAMU is the tradition. TAMU is very rich in its values and this demonstrated throughout the school year (i.e. Silver Taps, Muster, Reveille, and the 12th Man). One just has to become a student to understand the true meaning of 'The Spirit of Aggieland'. School pride is unmatched. The size of the campus is just right. It is big enough to offer many opportunities to students yet it is not large enough to make one feel like they are a small fish in a large ocean. When people hear that I attend TAMU the first thing that they comment about is the Traditions of TAMU. When I am not attending classes, and I am on campus, I can usually be found in the library or the MSC (Memorial Student Center) meeting up friends or studying. When not on campus I can be found at home or if it is in the evening, I will be at a restaurant with friends or visiting the numerous clubs in the Northgate area (i.e. Dixie Chicken) The one experience that I will always remember have to deal with the somber events on campus. The memory of attending Silver Taps and honoring a fallen student and listening to the bugler play taps from the rooftop of the Academic Building on a cold, windless night is etched in my mind. Yet the primary memory that I will keep and share is the memory of attending my first Muster ceremony. This ceremony truly is different than anything one has experienced before it is a way of showing that TAMU never forgets its former students. It is nice to see students from 50 years prior speak of their times at TAMU and rewalize that the time I spent here is almost matches that of theirs. There is always a connection to the past with the present.


I love the spirit of TAMU. I would make the on campus roads better (too many pot holes etc). Also somehow redirect the train around College Station. I think the school is fine size- wise. The only time that I am on campus is just for class and sporting events. Everyone is impressed if I say I go to TAMU. Tons of school pride (12th man). Will always remember the football games.


big school, small town...i love it. the best thing about being here is how damned nice everyone is. everyone is your friend and you don't have to worry about locking your doors to go in and pick up your dry cleaning...this is a different atmosphere


The big picture about A&M is that we are a tight-knit student body who come together celebrating the Aggie Spirit. It's hard to explain exactly what that is or even attempt to define it, but I shall try. It's supporting the football team, regardless of the score. It's the student body coming together the first tuesday of the month to honor current students who has sadly passed away tragically. It's about being a part of something larger than yourself, and understanding that there are thousands of people who would support you if you ever needed it. I think the only thing I would change about this university would be the fact that we are growing out of the seams; this university is quite large, and it seems that there are times that the student body isn't always accomidated.