Texas A & M University-College Station Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Easy, only honest, hard-working, and dedicated individuals who want an amazing future with an amazing family here at Aggieland should attend. When you do attend, be willing to buy into all of the traditions because it makes life so much more fun and inclusive because we are all Aggies!


Academic people or those who want a strong community.


A friendly, hard working, NO CHEATER, STEALER, OR LIER, one interested in the corps, engineering, nutrition, and so many other majors. Everyone is pretty much meant for this campus, if they seem like they're not then they really never stepped a foot on aggieland before.


A conservative, academically focused student.


People who are enthusiastic about life and enjoy a fast-paced atmosphere would love this school. There is something to do all the time, so people who want a variety of activities to take part in should definitely consider Texas A&M. Also, this is a school for people who want an academically rigorous curriculum and are prepared to work hard to earn good grades, but also know that they will be entirely prepared for anything the real world throws at them.


Students who have a love of community, tradition, and knowledge should choose Texas A&M University. Campus activities and traditions bond all students together as one large community across all majors. The course selection at A&M allows students to complete their degree requirements while exploring areas of interest not necessarily associated with their chosen major.


Any type of person with any background as it has such a diversity already. People are friendly and welcoming and no one should feel ledt out at any time of the year


Conservative. Competative. If you arent an aggie when you arrive, you will be sucked in or you wont make it.


A&M first and foremost , is a family. The type of person who should attend here is someone who is not intimidated by that. Someone who is open and eager to meet new people and whose not uncomfrotable with being part of something huge and faceless. Someone friendly and ready to engage with others as well as contributing to the aggie tradition of service. It's not a place to hide behind your books, though studying is important its a place for the leaders and the bold, and hose who arent as much so, to come into their own right.


From what I have experienced so far, the school is very expansive regarding the number of students, type of education, and organizations that you can get involved in. A&M is a very large public school, but it knows how to welcome complete strangers into its "Aggie family", so if you want wide/varied options, but still want that small, hometown feeling, this is the place for you. A&M is pretty conservative when it comes to its traditions/military background, so if you want a college with a rich and respectable history, A&M is definetely for you!


The best fit for Texas A&M would be someone who loves to meet new people everyday, wants a very large social network, and desires to be involved in many activities outside of the classroom.


Somebody who has excellent work ethic and enjoys a long seated history and tradition that comes with Texas A&M. You must have some kind of prior knowledge before coming to Texas A&M because it is expected that you are an exemplary student when you arrive.


Prospective students to Texas A&M University should be first and foremost dedicated to their studies and being successful while in college. Other helpful characteristics for potential students are friendliness, as we are known as one of the most friendly campuses in the nation, loyalty as well as strong moral character are positive as well.


A person that is motivated to study well and take their grades seriously as well as someone who is full of passion to show school spirit should attend this school.


What kind of person shouldn't come to A&M. The campus offers something for people of all walks of life. Whatever you are in to you are sure to find a club or group of people who share your intresets.


If you are serious about learning, love traditions, and want to be apart of something bigger than yourself, then you should attend Texas A&M University. This school will prepare you to be successful in any career path you choose. If you want to be involved in your school and become an active member of the community, Texas A&M will give you many opportunities to achieve this goal. "Aggies don not lie, cheat, or steal, nor tolerate those who do." This Aggie Honor code, that every student abides by, ensures your future emplorers that you display honor and integrity.


To be a successful student at Texas A&M University, a student must be hardworking. Texas A&M is one of the top colleges in the state of Texas. The classes are very challenging, and require a lot of work. For someone to be successful at Texas A&M, they must be hardworking.


There is not a cookie-cutter type of person that should come here. Texas A&M will be beneficial to anyone no matter what kind of person they are.


Texas A&M University is a school for many different types of people. There are a lot of international students and professors, and the atmosphere on campus is very diverse. The school has a very good business and engineering program, but all of the other majors are also well represented in the student body. There are tons of extracurricular activities, and students who want to be involved in everything have the chance to do that.


Texas A&M is a good fit for anyone who becomes emotionally attatched to what they are a part of. Between the incredible traditions and the top notch schooling Texas A&M is already one of the best schools in the nation. Also it is on track to become literally top ten material. If you are hard working, intelligent, and friendly this is a great place.


Some who has a strong moral code. Someone who wants to get more out of a college than just a degree. Someone who enjoys traditions and will keep the traditions going even after they are out of school. Aggies do not lie, steal, or cheat.


Anyone wanting an experience filled with service, leadership, hard work, and meeting people.


You definitely need to be outgoing to go to a school this large. With just over 50,000 students enrolled, it is very easy to get lost in the crowd if you are shy. Talk to people in you classes the first day, as they will become your study buddies and friends. Join an organization that interests you. You will meet tons of new people who all share your passion for that activity. And last but not least, smile and say "Howdy" when you are walking around campus. Its a no-fail way to meet new people.


There are groups for everyone here, but an outgoing person who loves tradition is someone who would enjoy Texas A&M. Anybody who fits into that realm can find a place here.


A persone who is serious about school but also loves to be social and loves a community feel.


Anyone who has a love and appreciation for tradition belongs at Texas A&M. It also is a great place for anyone who enjoys a thoroughly friendly environment, as our campus is considered by many to be one of the most welcoming in the country. A&M also is a great place for anyone who views themselves as being more conservative, or supportive of the military.


To be successful at Texas A&M University, a student must be responsible, diligent, and hard working. The classes, especially if you are going into a science or math field, are tough. One must be dedicated to their school work 24 hours a day. A student has to learn how to learn in the most efficient way to complete as much work as possible. Texas A&M does not provide easy rides for students. If a student cannot handle the work, they will fail. It is best to plan ahead and always stay ahead- nothing is ever easy here.


While A&M is accepting of everyone, the typical student is a Caucasian, Christian, middle-class student. That's nto to say that other's aren't welcome though! I think the environment is also more accepting than others because only around 10{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of our campus is Greek, and there are over 800 other student organizations to get involved in.


Because the University is so large, any person can find their niche no matter how small or diverse. I am a perfect example of someone who does not necessarily conform to the majority of students here- my politics and lifestyle are perhaps more liberal than my more conservative peers- and yet I have found organizations in which I can thrive and my voice can be heard. I would encourage anyone with an opinion, a heart for humanity, and a commitment to excellence to come to this University and shake things up for the better.


People who enjoy a rich school tradition, and who like to become close to former, current, and future students by the simple word "howdy." People who want a great education and to have fun while doing so. People should go here if they like to make new friends, have great professors, and who want a college that is big, but "not too big."


A person who is well motivated and actually wants to attend college. It's a large school and you can get caught up in all the partying so if you're not disciplined then you will fail out very easily. College is about knowing when to have fun, but you also have to know when it's time to get your work done.


A person who is dedicated to school and willing to work hard but also receive the rewards of attending a school full of tradition. This school is where you start your career and build connections. It will teach you unity a prime example is the 12th man.


Someone who is prepared for the full college experience.


Someone who is: friendly outgoing smart places emphasis on schoolwork hardworking


conservative, want a good education


Driven and academically focused Conservative Not artsy


Texas A&M University is known for the "Aggie Code of Honor." An Aggie does not lie, cheat, or steal; nor tolerate those who do. All Aggies uphold this code, and it is written in many places around campus to remind us. A&M is very welcoming to everyone, and as long as you uphold this code, you can succeed at Texas A&M. Aggies are also very proud of their school. I feel that our strong alumnae is most willing to offer a network to students and to give back to the school.


Someone who is highly motivated. It is not an easy school but one where you are expected to study a lot. It is a conservitave school where high values and ethics are taught. You are expected to not steal, lie or cheat. Not that these do not happen some but if you are a person who has a problem with any of these, it might be better to go somewhere else. You also need to be a person who is proud of their school. Once an aggie, always an aggie!


Some one wanting to learn and grow as a person and experience life.


Any person/ student committed to excellence that desires an education from the best of the best. Texas A&M offers more than academic education, it provides a community of resources for a well balanced education and future. Being an Aggie bonds you to a network of tradition and comrodority that benefits you beyond the classroom. Texas A&M offers students an opportunity to learn from the nation's best faculty and staff. Texas A&M is committed to excellence.


Any type of person can attend this school. there is many opportunity for any career choice.


Any kind of person can attend this school and fit in


Anyone who wants a school with a tremendous reputation for academic excellence. Texas A&M is a unique college experience , rich in tradition, honor and school spirit. There is also a bond among it's alumni that is unmatched anywhere else in Texas.


Texas A&M is a place for anyone who is looking for an extremely supportive and welcoming group of people. At A&M you are not just a student, you are part of something much bigger. No matter what your background, aspirations, or interests are, there is a spot at A&M with your name on it. You enter as an individual and leave as part of a family.


A person should attend this school if they want to be in a fun town that is typically all about the university. Also, if you love sports and a school rich in tradition and school pride Texas A&M University is definitely the right place.


Students with a love of tradition, strong moral values, and conservative world views whom are dedicated to leadership.


Any person that is willing to experience new things and learn different and various cultures should attend Texas A&M University. Also, if you truly want to learn and attain a complete grasp of the material that you are learning in your career field, then Texas A&M is the place for you.


If you have high school spirit and have an outgoing personality then this is the college for you! Sure, you will have time to study and go out with your friends. You dont have to worry about working with study buddies for the whole day and not get a single breath of fresh air. Strive to get out of your own social bubble and make new friends because they will help you in the long run whether for homework, emotional breakdowns, or just to say a friendly "Hi" to brighten up your day.


The type of person who should attend texas A&M University is anyone who has the drive and willingness to put forth the effort to learn, work hard and who has the desire to be taught. Also someone who is looking to major in business, or the mathmatical field or even arts. I believe if you are willing to learn and work hard you are the kind of person to attend Texas A&M University.


The school is leaning more towards diversity than even before. There is a state and national image towards A&M that is false; we are not a school of cowboys and hicks. In a school this size, there are all sorts of groups and types of people; there is an active GLBT on campus, and all different kinds of organizations. There is a place for any kind of person in Aggieland, but more and more the type of person is leaning towards one who is open minded enough to atleast leave others alone.