Texas A & M University-College Station Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


lier, cheater, stealer, and one who tolerates those who do!


A person who doesn't want to become socially involved with the school and who wants to remain to themself and focus solely on academics.


When you hear Texas A&M University words such as: conservative, traditional, or southern might pop into your mind. Yet, just because someone doesn't fit that mold does not necessarily mean they shouldn't attend my school. With over 47,000 undergraduates you can find a plethora of student's from different cultures and back grounds. Truly the only person who shouldn't attend A&M is the individual who isn't ready to represent something greater than themselves, because once you become an Aggie you're expected to embody our core values and represent us forever.


A person that is narrow minded, rude, inconsiderate, selfish and mean should not attend this school. Texas A&M is a family that welcomes others with open arms and we are always looking to encourage and help others.


People that shouldn't attend Texas A&M Unversity are people that don't feel comfortable with living in a town predominately made up of college students and don't like to follow traditions. A&M is made up of mostly college students, because the campus is located in a small town; whereas, compared to other universities that may be located in a big city and are surrounded by a crowd of all ages. There are a variety of traditions that are upheld by the student body at A&M, and you're highly encouraged to participate.


If someone wants to slack off and breeze through college, this is not the place for you.


Texas A&M is a wonderful university and widely popular in many areas of study, that being said, you have to be able to put forth the effort and actually work. If you happen to be a University of Texas fan you might get messed with, and soon be converted to aggie life, but other than that unless you are not a hardworking or friendly person, I feel Texas A&M would be a good home for anyone.


The manner in which Texas A&M is set up welcomes all kinds of people. I believe that any kind of person could attend this college and not feel uncomfortable or out of place. I am quite a reserved and quiet person, yet my experience at Texas A&M has been nothing but the best. There are all kinds of people at the university even if in small amounts. The only reason someone shouldn't attend this college is if they are looking for a small campus to attend.


Liberals and anyone in the LGBT community. Not saying that Texas A&M University is harsh (I had many friends who were gay, bi, and transsexual) but there is a more welcoming crowd at the University of Texas in Austin.


If you are an individual who is obstinate or disagreeable, Texas A&M University is not for you considering the student population is mainly friendly and personable. If you lean toward liberalism, it is difficult to attend Texas A&M. A significant portion of the student population is Christian, and if you have different religious beliefs it makes daily life at the university a struggle (considering the Biblical verses written in sidewalk chalk, etc).




A person who is unmotivated to work hard, meet new people and sees mediocre efforts as a comfort is someone who shouldn't attend this school.


People that shouldn't attend this school are people that are not willing to get involved. A&M is a BIG school, so if you don't make an effort to get to know anyone then you will probably start to feel alone in a crowd. Getting involved is not difficult, however, because there are people of all different sorts here. Any interest or hobby you may have, there is probably an organization for that. Also if you are a Longhorns fan or partial to the color burnt orange then you also shouldn't come here. Just kidding.


Anybody that does not have respect for others or our traditions should not attend this school.


Someone who isn't willing to work hard and meet new people should not attend this school. Much is expected of the students of this University. There is a place here for anyone who is willing to work hard and embrace diversity.


If you're a BIG football person but aren't the type to stand the ENTIRE FOOTBALL GAME, you probably shouldn't come (but don't let that deter you if you really want to come!). I really can't advise people not to come because I don't know what they are thinking when they are searching for schools - I was just thinking of what I wanted, nobody else.


Texas A&M University is a state and nationally known as the university where people talk to you. While walking to class people say Howdy! In class, the complete stranger that sit next to you on the first day talk to you. If you do not like talking or interacting with people this university is not for you.


Anyone is extremely liberal with a closed mind.


I would say that Texas A&M is a very conservative school. While there are students who go here that are more liberal, I believe that it is more difficult for them to find other people who share their views. If a person is very liberal, I would suggest possibly looking at other universities to attend.


No one shouldn't attend this school. Despite its reputation Texas A&M is becoming quite diverse, anyone can belong here.


Those who are going to college to only "have a good time". Those who have to have a big city type lifestyle


Texas A&M University is a astounding university. The campus allows for students with many diverse backgrounds to feel welcomed and able to learn at their greatest ability. This school also offers a wide variety of programs to choose from to accomodate everyone's career interests. I am not able to answer what kind of people should not attend Texas A&M University because it is a school for everyone.


As one of the friendliest campuses in the nation and one that displays extraordinary diversity, there are few people, if any, that wouldn't fit in at A&M. As it is the case with most situations, however, there are exceptions. It is my opinion that the kind of person who does not understand the value of hard work and candor should not attend A&M. A&M is a campus that values integrity and hard work above all else. If one is not willing to put forth the effort, then Texas A&M is not the school for them.


Students should not attend this school if they do not uphold Aggie core values. These values include, excellence, integrity, loyalty, respect, leadership, and selfless service. For excellence, Aggies set the bar in defining who we are and what we believe in. For integrity, Aggies honor a code: "Aggies do not lie, cheat, or steal nor tolerate those who do". Aggies are loyal; we are all family. As family, we respect each other. Aggies are leaders; if you don't want to be a leader, this school is not for you. Lastly, Aggies serve for the greater good.


If you cannot live without big city, metropolitan life, then A&M probably is not the place for you.


Slackers, liers, cheaters need not apply.


Texas A&M University is school that promotes diversity and respect in all aspects of life. This school is great for everyone, in my opinion, but if you are not into traditions then this is not the school for you. This school is all about traditions and school spirit and I would recommend it to anyone wanting a high quality education and a connected network when they graduate.


Texas A&M is accepting of everyone. Any person of any race, religion, interest, sexual orientation will be accepted socially here. The only type of person I wouldn't recommend is someone who can't handle going to a big school. A lot of people attending A&M are from small Texas towns, and considering we are a school of about 50,000 students, its pretty huge! To some people, such a huge school can be pretty scary. In my opinion, which is quite biased, A&M is for everyone who wants to learn.


Any person who is willing to work hard and wants to pursue higher education at an academically advanced university should attend Texas A&M University because it offers many opportunities to student willing to take advantage of the resources given to them. Many resources are provided for us as Aggies including social aspects as well. Tradition is big at A&M and it really makes you feel a part of something and helps for students to feel unafraid to ask questions. Other students as well as faculty and staff are very willing to help students in any way possible.


Someone afraid of people, or dislikes walking long distances. Someone who isn't into school spirit, and can't even pretend to be interested- you will be frowned upon.


People who are used to really big cities will probably have the most trouble adjusting to the seclusion of the campus and surrounding town from other larger cities. Although College Station is a small city in itself, during the summer the place sort of clears out so those from big cities out of state will be bored and out of luck if they don't leave as well.


A lazy, undetermined, and undriven individual.


Ability gets you in, but hard work gets you through. If you aren't willing to treat school like a job, you don't belong at Texas A&M or any other university. A&M also has a large ROTC program and many traditions remaining from its time as an all-male military college, so those without a healthy respect for the military need not apply. There is a slight emphasis on engineering, business, and pre-medical programs, which could be a concern for students of the liberal arts.


Texas A&M was undergoing a major evolution during the time I attended. When I was a freshman, it was a very close minded place, but by the time I graduated it had opend itself considerably. I wouldn't recommend this school to anyone who needs a larger city setting in order to keep themselves entertained or feel comfortable, or anyone of especially liberal political views.


Someone who plans to attend college for the fun and has no desire to do the work.


Someone who wants to keep solely to themself, no school spirt, does not want to work for a good grade. Someone not willing to be open to the Aggie community and network.


Some who is looking for a constant party. This school is fun but you must put in the work to enjoy the play. An individual who is not dedicated to their schooling should not at all consider this school. There is not much tolerance for lazyness.


Texas A&M is great for ALL students. There are many different degree plans offered by the university that there is certainly something for everyone, ranging from engineering to agriculture, and from business to medicine. Our campus was also rated one of the most diverse in the country. It is a place where students from all walks of life are accepted into the Aggie Family.


liberal and artistic people


If you are not very hardworking or outgoing this school is not for you. A&M has difficult academics. Additionally, you must make a conscious effort to make friends. There are 50,000 people on campus so the average person knows more people than they can spend time with. Many student organizations are very competitive so you must work hard to join and participate in those. However, everyone here is friendly so it is not difficult to become friends with people.


Because our campus is so friendly and accomodating to all visitors and guests, I really do not think anyone would not get along here. The school is deemed as one of the most conservative schools in Texas, but that should not be a deciding factor when students are thinking about his/her future college. There are many different organizations on campus, so it is almost absolute that any student, no matter his/her views, can find others who have the same views as he/she. Any student would be able to find his/her own niche.


The kind of person who shouldn't attend this school is someone is not independent. It is a small town, although it has everything to do. You can feel alone and homesick often if you are not an independent person. Also, a person who does not like to be pushed should not attend this school. This school is very competitive, so if you do not have self-motivation, do not come.


People who wouldn’t like Texas A&M are those people who would afraid of doing hard work for school. People who are content with second-best drop out. Every person that I met in my first semester had a plan, and bristled with the confidence and energy needed to fulfill their goal. People without dreams just would not fit in.


One that can not cope with weather changes. One day it can be sunny, then next day it can be freezing, then rainy. The weather is extremely unpredictable. Also those kinds of persons that pick school based on the look of the campus can be somewhat disappointed.


If you're not focused academically, you'll strugle at this institution. There are many opportunities to spend time doing other activities, and you can get overwhelmed by the temptation. Also, there are certain student organizations that have yet to evolve to include tolerance of different races and genders. Often, this dosen't cause a problem. None the less, thoroughly research any organization before you join.


If someone wanted a more urban environment or does not like large class sizes, especially in general education classes, they could be turned off by TAMU.


Attending A&M is not easy. You must be commited to your degree. You will face many tough challenges, especially if you are entering into a science, technology, engineering, or math centric field.


Somebody who likes to be lazy would not do well at Texas A&M University because there is a lot of work involved in each class. The work is not hard, but it is time consuming. You have to be able to balance each class with the amount of time in a day.


A person that isn't open to meeting new people and stepping outside of their comfort zone. A person that tends to have a introverted character might not be suitable for this campus. In order to experience all that Texas A&M Universtivy has to offer, students need to be willing to get involved as much as possible.


Someone who is not socially outgoing or has little school spirit should not be attending Texas A&M. At Texas A&M, studying is not everything and partying is not everything either. You need a good balance of both to succeed. If you avoid making new friends or gatherings, then you are what we call a 2 percenter. Being a student and being a sociable friend is what an Aggie is all about. Also, an Aggie does not lie, cheat, or steal, nor tolerate those who do! and we stand by that message as the Aggie family.