Texas A & M University-College Station Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend Texas A & M University-College Station?


lier, cheater, stealer, and one who tolerates those who do!


A person who doesn't want to become socially involved with the school and who wants to remain to themself and focus solely on academics.


When you hear Texas A&M University words such as: conservative, traditional, or southern might pop into your mind. Yet, just because someone doesn't fit that mold does not necessarily mean they shouldn't attend my school. With over 47,000 undergraduates you can find a plethora of student's from different cultures and back grounds. Truly the only person who shouldn't attend A&M is the individual who isn't ready to represent something greater than themselves, because once you become an Aggie you're expected to embody our core values and represent us forever.


A person that is narrow minded, rude, inconsiderate, selfish and mean should not attend this school. Texas A&M is a family that welcomes others with open arms and we are always looking to encourage and help others.


People that shouldn't attend Texas A&M Unversity are people that don't feel comfortable with living in a town predominately made up of college students and don't like to follow traditions. A&M is made up of mostly college students, because the campus is located in a small town; whereas, compared to other universities that may be located in a big city and are surrounded by a crowd of all ages. There are a variety of traditions that are upheld by the student body at A&M, and you're highly encouraged to participate.


If someone wants to slack off and breeze through college, this is not the place for you.


Texas A&M is a wonderful university and widely popular in many areas of study, that being said, you have to be able to put forth the effort and actually work. If you happen to be a University of Texas fan you might get messed with, and soon be converted to aggie life, but other than that unless you are not a hardworking or friendly person, I feel Texas A&M would be a good home for anyone.


The manner in which Texas A&M is set up welcomes all kinds of people. I believe that any kind of person could attend this college and not feel uncomfortable or out of place. I am quite a reserved and quiet person, yet my experience at Texas A&M has been nothing but the best. There are all kinds of people at the university even if in small amounts. The only reason someone shouldn't attend this college is if they are looking for a small campus to attend.


Liberals and anyone in the LGBT community. Not saying that Texas A&M University is harsh (I had many friends who were gay, bi, and transsexual) but there is a more welcoming crowd at the University of Texas in Austin.


If you are an individual who is obstinate or disagreeable, Texas A&M University is not for you considering the student population is mainly friendly and personable. If you lean toward liberalism, it is difficult to attend Texas A&M. A significant portion of the student population is Christian, and if you have different religious beliefs it makes daily life at the university a struggle (considering the Biblical verses written in sidewalk chalk, etc).