Texas A & M University-College Station Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Though the size is great, one must not forget their sense of worth and belonging. Opportunities are everywhere, though sometimes they are hide to uncover.


In my opinion, the most frustrating thing is getting around town without a car. My parents didn't allow me to bring mine and it gets pretty frustrating every time I need to get groceries or if I just want to go out for a relaxing time. Just bring a car!


College Station, while still having its fair share of amenities/entertainment, is still relatively suburban and doesn't really give off that "big city" vibe that some people may hope for when going to college. And because of that it sometimes seems overshadowed by UT Austin and compared to them, its often portrayed as a "country town college".


The most frustrating thing would have to be that the recreation center renovations will not be finished until 2016. Another frustrating thing would have to be how old the dorms are and that there are not enough to even house the freshman class.


How big the campus is and having to walk miles across campus in the Texas heat.


The most frustrating thing about Texas A & M University- College Station is the size of the Freshman courses. As a first-year student there I was engulfed by my classmates in my Biology class, but once you find your groove in learning, it takes the weight off your shoulders a little.


What I consider the most frustrating part of Texas A&M is the word "howdy". I know that it is a huge part of the school but I find the word to be ugly. It is used everyday, from students to the teachers to just the way people greet each other. I personally do not use the word but it is a part of the school and I know that will not ever change.


Not good financial aid, was only offered loans. I would have liked to been given grants.


Frustration is an emotion that I have barely experienced while at Texas A&M. There are teachers, advisors, peers and friends to help you whenever you are unsure about something, no matter what the issue. Managing time properly can sometimes get frustrating because there are so many opportunities and experiences that you want to take advantage of, yet not enough time. Although this is sometimes frustrating, I have been able to systematically discover successful ways to participate in many different things without missing out on a deeper level of involvement in each activity and friendship.


We're not too big on recycling and I'm a recycle freak so it kind of bothers me when I see the lack of recycling bins around campus.


Being accepted into such a prestigious university I knew that expectations would definitely be high to meet, therefore, with all honesty I would say that the most fustrating obstacle as being a student at Texas A & M, is the huge transition each freshmen goes through from high school to college, wether it be technical school, a two year college, or university.


Everything about this university is very good. Probable the worst thing is that there is a lot of construvtion going on.


There is a lot of construction blocking off several of the streets on campus. Also, the meal plan options are not suitable to what I want.


The weather here is very hot and humid.


The biggest factor that could be frustrating is the size of the campus. Some prefer smaller, more individual learning environments; Texas A&M is far from this.


This is a research institution so a lot of the professors are primarily focused on their research. Some are not the best lecturers as a result. Some of the tenured professors are not as concerned with their students as they are with their research.


Freshman class sizes are big


The most frustrating thing at my school is that the irrigation is not very good. If it has been raining for a couple of days then there are spots on campus that turn in to small lakes, however there are construction plans in place to fix the infrustructure issues.


Sometimes the size of the university lets individual students get lost in the crowd.


The weedout classes, notably biology and chemistry. Except for the people who get the easy profs, there is rarely anything good to be said about those classes. They're definitely managable, and are good for teaching you how to learn- which is the idea behind college- but if you don't stay on top of them, you can really fall behind. A&M is known for having an intensive science program though. Just don't talk to the liberal arts majors when you have a rough test week. They'll only make you feel more disadvantaged. You'll make it!


Texas A & M University is a huge campus. With around 50,000 people at this university, it is extremely easy as a freshman to fade into the background in large lecture classes. As you progress in your major, the classes become more one-on-one and personal. Sometimes I feel that this system of teaching is backwards. As a freshman, you are adjusting to a very new, very different environment. I feel that the "basics" should be covered in smaller classrooms. Hopefully this would boost the success of college freshman.


The expense


The most frustrating thing about my school is the lack of professors that speak English.


There are not many things frustrating about Texas A&M, but if I have to select one, I would have to say that there are too many extracurricular activities to choose from! This can lead an already confused freshman down the wrong path and drastically cut into study time. Activities and clubs are fun but please be prudent and choose only one or two lest you spread yourself too thin and find that you have too little time to study because of your committments to a campus organization.


The most frustrating thing about Texas A&M is the construction on campus. Although it has been proven that Texas A&M is an extremely beautiful campus, it is hard to invision that because the construction blocks us from seeing Texas A&M 's true beauty. Other than that, Texas A&M is a great place to attend school.


The only drawback is TAMU is a huge campus and if you have back to back classes across campus, it is a struggle to get to class on-time.


Its a fairly large campus and since I am an Agricultural major my classes are all on the west side of campus, while the buses and dorms are on the main campus to the East and North. So its a bit of a walk. Also in some of the core classes that everyone has to take there are a lot of students, so classes are quite large.


There are some people at this school who don't take pride in being an Aggie. This is one of the proudest Universities in the South, and those who are not proud, are not living the Aggie way. There is a sea of maroon on game days here in College Station, and you will find some students mocking the football team and fans and there are students who do not follow the Honor Code. The most frustrating part about this school is not a part of the school by any means, but those who are here and don't care.


The most frustrating part of Texas A&M is that the competition can be brutal at times. Sometimes you have to compete with the best minds in the country. But, this pushes you to be a better student and person.


The most frustrating thing about Texas A&M University would have to be how hard it is study with all of these awesome people here. Seriously, though, the hardest part is being about two hours away from any major city. If you grew up in a big metropolitan city like me, then you won't be used to the surroundings. But at least it is a beautiful drive up coming through Lost Pines and we still have public transportation here.


College Station is located in a very rural region, so come friday night there is somewhat of a limited number of things to do. But other than that I have no complaints about the school itself or its academics.


Texas A&M University is hell-bent on the traditions they have. Yes, some traditions are fun and meaningful, but others are just unnecessary. Some traditions here need to be changed, people here have to be more open minded and not be afraid to contradict those who pay for the school, because those are the people who dictate the traditions that are kept and thrown. We are a new generation, and no matter who or what, we will need to change.


The most frustrating thing about our school would probably be parking. Sometimes it can take from 5 to 20 minutes driving around looking for parking and can be intimidating for even trying to go to class if you live off campus. Bus routes are available but again it can sometimes be real crowded that it's hard to squeeze t get off the bus at your designated destination.


The most frustrating thing about A&M is the steriotype that others place on us. Tell anyone that you're an Aggie, and they automatically assume that you listen to country music and study agriculture. This is completely untrue, and I meet many people who are unaware of the awards and the degree of success that A&M has recieved in past years. While there are some who enjoy conforming to meet the steriotypes put forward, there are others who are trying to change the way that others view Aggies!


Artistic creativity is not common at this school. There are music and art classes, but they do not seem too advanced, and only a few artistic organizations exist. We seem to be improving on the creative aspect in recent years, but for the size of our school, not much opportunity exists to express yourself creatively.


There isn't anything frustrating only that if I don't use all my meal plan I loose the money.


Nothing! Its the best school ever!


It's hard I suppose but that is more of a matter of opinion and I'm not really that upset by it nothing else really though


The most frustrating thing about my school is that when I am having technical difficulties it's very difficult to take care of business.


I don?t have any specific frustration with the university beside personal contact with the professor and the distance between classrooms. A&M has a great transportation system that is free and helps you to get around even though you don?t have a way of transportation. But it is a hardship when it comes about parking because it is kind if expensive and there are not many parking lots where you can go but during this time they are working and constructing more.


IThe most frustrating thing about Texas A&M is that the Memorial Student Center, the major student hang out, is currently under construction. The administration decided to renovate the facility, which will take four years to complete. The MSC was my favorite place to go to on campus. It was a place where you could study, eat lunch, take a nap, hang out with friends, or even buy some new A&M gear. I am deeply frustrated that, because the renovation started in the fall of 2009, I was only able to experience the center for a meer single year.


The most frustrating thing about my school would probably be the size of it. Texas A&M has a huge campus. It takes 15-20 minutes to walk from one side of campus to the other. Usually this wouldn't be a problem, but when classes are right after each other it becomes power walk time. I have to speed walk to get from one class to the other in 20 minutes, and I have to make sure I'm ready before the teacher starts talking. This can become quite frustrating when you're walking around with a heavy backpack.


The most frustrating thing about Texas A&M University, is the enormous size. This applies to not only the size of the campus, which expands over thousands of acres, but the large student body that it is able to withhold, which number in the multiple thousands, not to mention the teachers that also teach at the university. The people, everyone is very hospitable at A&M, absolutely everyone. But the shear size of the campus and the amount of people you see everyday is very intimdating to an incoming freshman, probably not use to such campus/student body size.


I believe the most frustartaing thing about Texas A&M is how incomng Freshmen are treated better and helped more quickly than transferring students. Incoming Freshmen get the first choice into which school and major they want while transfer students(whio have proved they can and are willing to work and studyt in college) get to choose afterwads. I do not believe the school should put freshmen before transfer students. I originally wanted to go into Kinesiology major but was unable to since so many freshmen wanted to go into that major.


If I had to submit a complaint about the university it would have to be that they admit too many freshmen in the application process. This is not by itself a bad thing since I have hundreds of other bright minds to rely on; it is only bad when it comes to the new semester sign-ups. With so many students signing up for classes I got selected to be in the last batch for the semester. Being this the case I had horrible selections for classes and found myself cursing at the top of my lungs.


The lack of diversity.


It is a huge campus and it can often be dificult to get from one class to the next. However we have a very effective bus system and if utilized correctly can get you to class no problem.


The most frustrating thing about my school is every class seems to have a test the same week. Instead of being able to study for one test I have to study for three or four at a time. I spend a lot of time studying studying for one test and when I have three or four in one week I spend all of my time studying and hardly anytime working on homework.


It is very irritating when due dates approach rapidly. Sometimes I feel like I never have enough time for the assignments.


Football is only in the fall!