Texas A & M University-College Station Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best part about Texas A&M would have to be the traditions. This school opened in 1876 and there are activities students engage in to this very day. That is most apparent in the Corps of Cadets. They work to preserve these traditions and are known as "The Keepers of the Spirit." Within the Corps, cadets are taught valuable leadership skills which benefit them in all aspects of life. They are given the tools necessary to succeed.


Texas A&M University more than anything is a family. Once you're an Aggie you will always be an Aggie and that's absolutely the best characteristic of my school. Unlike other universities of comparable size, here no student is ever forgotten. At A&M it doesn't matter if you pass away your first month of attendance or ninety years later, we will honor and recognize you individually through Silver Taps or Aggie Muster. Silver Taps is a hauntingly beautiful tradition where Aggies gather the first Tuesday of every month to recognize current students whose lives have ended.


The school spirit. It's so great to go to a school that all your fellow students love.


I think the best thing about Texas A&M is that we are so dedicated in all that we do. We are dedicated to helping and encouraging each other. We are dedicated to our academic career so that we may succeed in the future. We are dedicated to improving our campus in every way possible.


Despite the stress college life puts you in, it is also enjoyable at the same time. College life can be a blast by not only studying without being told to, but you also get the freedom you've always wanted in ages. Responsibility is a vital piece to complete my college life, and college would be considered as a paradise of opportunity. I made new friends and we help each other for studying. College is definitely a place to go.


The Aggie code of honor - "An Aggie does not lie, cheat, or steal or tolorate those who do" - sums up nicely what it means to be an Aggie. It is something to be proud of and something to display loud and proud. It is one of the best things about attending Texas A&M University because the people are brilliant and are some of the friendliest. From saying "Howdy" to doing your classes wildcat everytime your graduation year is mentioned the community at my school is by far the best you can find.


Being in the Corps of Cadets and being able to uphold all the wonderful traditions of Texas A&M is one of the best desicions I've made! The Corps is known and respected all over campus for our leadership and respect for Texas A&M. Walking around greeting people saying howdy while in uniform seems to make other peoples day better and even my own. Commisioning in the Air Force has been my lifelong goal and Texas A&M and the Corps are helping me in many ways to achieve this aspiration!


The many traditions we hold dear.


The friendliness of the people and the overall atmosphere. It's very welcoming and it's a perfext mix of city and country. I've made quite a few friends here, and it's good place to find potential jobs or gain connections.


The "aggie network" is the schools strong alumni system. Most people are very proud to have attended the university and love to help others out who did as well.


The best thing about my school is the twelfth man mentality. The twelfth man mentality is a thought that you will be ready to serve your school at any time whenever they are in need of your help. This is seen through events like Aggie Football games where all students stand for the whole game showing their readiness and willingness to jump into the game if needed. The mentality also translates to life after college, rather than devotion to A&M the devotion turns to your country in that you will always be ready to serve and help your nation.


The best thing about Texas A&M is that everyone is friendly. I am a very shy person and do not make friends easily, but within the first 2 weeks of being there, I had met so many people and made new friends without even trying.


Friendly people, good financial aid, big alumni network


From the first day that you step foot on this amazing campus, you can feel the aggie spirit all around you and slowly starting to run through you. As you begin to embrace the core values of Excellence, Integrity, Leadership, Loyalty, Respect, and Selfless Service, this is why we say that “it is a spirit that cannot be told”. This spirit that is within every aggie from the beginning of time, this is why traditions are helped to the highest honor and are respected. The spirit of an aggie is like no other.


The best thing about TAMU, is most definitely the Aggie sprirt, ranging from cheering on our sports teams, to helping out fellow students in class, to landing a job because of that Aggie ring, the maroon runs deep.


The best aspect of my school is its sense of family. Though there are many students, our sense of unity and companionship for one another is strong. We treat ourselves, our school, our faculty, and our piers with respect and generosity.


Texas A&M University is a great school. The food science department was small so my classmates quickly became my friends. Likewise, the professors went out of their way to educate the students about real world scenarios.


I consider the traditions here at TAMU the best thing about my school. Coming from a small highschool, Texas A&M has opened my eyes to larger oppurtunites. Traditions such as Bonfire, to Fish Camp, even Silver Taps, has helped me create a bond with everyone in the Aggie Network as well as friendships that will last a llifetime. Everyone on campus is unified; no Aggie is left behind.


The best aspect of Texas A&M is the sense of community and cooperation among its students. Once you decide to attend Texas A&M, you are part of the Aggie Family. Unlike many other schools, Texas A&M has large and diverse support networks for students before and during enrollment, and career services for post-graduation.


One of the best things about being an Aggie is the sense of tradition that can be found throughout the school and the fact that it seems as though I'm not only joining a school, I'm joining a new family. That's what I was looking for when I started my school search; I was looking for a place among a school where I really felt accepted.


The great learning community and push to excell in the things that you enjoy.


The best thing about Texas A&M is our school spirit. I have never seen or heard of another group of people come together like the Aggie family does, especially in times of grief and when our football team needs us.


Attending A&M isn’t just about attending a school, it’s about becoming part of the Aggie family. An Aggie saying, “being on the outside looking in, you can’t understand it; being on the inside looking out, you can’t explain it” stands true on campus. There is a love, trust, and friendship between the students and former students at Texas A&M that one would be hard pressed to find at other schools. I feel so blessed to have joined the Aggie family and to be able to feel this camaraderie.


The best thing about Texas A&M is the attitude of excellence academically and socially that is instilled at the university. Everyone strives for perfection but is also involved in many organizations and also likes to have fun.


I would have to say my favorite thing about Texas A&M is the traditions. It is a place you can go that has so much spirit and so much history. I love that aspect about the school. Anything you might do or might see probably has a tradition and people have been doing it for a long time. It is a place like no other school.


The best thing about Texas A&M University is the diversity of educational opportunities and the bond of the students to one another.


I feel that the best thing about my school is it feels like home. I grew up in a very small town where everyone was friendly and caring, and even though College Station is larger than my home town, I still feel safe and at home here. I also love how we have the Aggie Code of Honor, 'An Aggie does not lie, cheat or steal or tolerate those who do'. This shows a lot about our school and our student's character. I am proud to say that I am a student at Texas A&M University.


The best thing about Texas A&M is the life-long family. It sounds really cliche but once you are an Aggie you are always an Aggie. Whenever I see an Ag in another city I smile and go talk to them because I feel like we are already close. Not only that but Aggies hire Aggies. If an employer is an Aggie and the decision is between you and someone of a different school he would definitely choose you. That's just the way it is in Aggieland. We look out for each other.


The best thing about A&M is the 12th Man tradition. After attending A&M only one semester I already feel like I have a home away from home. I was immediatley comfortable with A&M and I have not had one bad experience here. I attended my first football game this past semester and I felt interconncected with all the students. I can truly say I have a huge family here at A&M and that is something I would never of felt anywhere else.


The best thing about Texas A&M Univeristy is the powerful sense of community that is interwoven throughout campus. It doesn't matter what you believe in or where you come from, when you are on campus, and even beyond, you are one collective studenty body: you are a family.


It's friendly and has quite a few conveniences for a small city.


The best thing about Texas A&M University-Central Texas was that it was diverse. Since it ws located next to Fort Hood, Texas the campus had numerous amount of soldiers and their spouses and other walks of life. I enjoyed learning new backgrounds and getting to interact with different cultures. It was a very enjoyable experience to be amongst diverse company.


The best thing about Texas A&M is the unity and the tradition that comes along with attending this school. There are so many people that have gone here and it is truly a life-long bond that holds you and the other students. I would never trade this experience for anything. There is a true sense of tradition that comes along with this school and that is where the pride for our school comes from. I cannot imagine going anywhere else! It is a beautiful, wonderful place to go to school.


They have one of the best engineering programs in the country. They also have traditions within the college family.


I think the best thing about A&M is that they encourage diversity and students to study abroad. This is the reason that I decided to change my major to International Studies and I am planning on studying abroad in Spain this coming summer. Without the support from several staff at A&M I would not be able to fully understand the process I need to go through in order to study abroad and transfer my credits.


I love that Aggies have a bond through school spirit unlike any other school that I visited, everyone is connected by it.


The incorporation of very diverse groups. It is to my inderstanding that Texas A&M wasn't always the diverse university that it is today and I am a proud Aggie in knowing that they have put many efforts in to making diversity on campus a high priority.


I consider our traditions to be the best thing about Texas A&M University because it sets us apart from other universities. At Texas A&M we have deep-rooted traditions that have range of emphasis from athletics to remembrance to the community. One of my favorite traditions is "Howdy." "Howdy" is the official greeting at Texas A&M and we say it to students and visitors on our campus to make everyone feel welcome. As we walk across campus, we say "Howdy" to each other, even to complete strangers, to create a friendly environment.


The football games.


Fighting Texas Aggies, Aggie Bonfire, and the burning desire to BTHO Bonfire and BTHO t.u.


Texas A&M offers so many different opportunities for students, which is the best about my school. I consider this the best because Texas A&M not only do they offer academic help opportunities but also help search for jobs for when a student is ready to graduate the Universtiy. These kind of opportunities is very benedficial for students for we have so much to stress about that Texas A&M offers to help.


The best thing about A&M is the deep rooted traditions woven into all aspects of our college life. They keep us connected to the past and present, and unite us for the future. It doesn't matter where you are, once an Aggie always an Aggie. Unless you've walked the capmus and breathed in the A&M sprit it is hard for one to understand the camaraderie that envelopes everyone on campus.


After a wonderful first year at Texas A&M University, I have learned that tradition is one of the most prized values about my university. My most memorable experience last year was an event called "Muster", where Aggies honor and respect other Aggies who have passed away in the previous year. My school displayed pictures and honors that the individuals had recieved while they were students, and held a wonderful memorial service in our basketball arena in the evening. I felt so honored to be a part of such a meaningful event.


The same factors which could deter others from attending Texas A&M are, to me, the school's greatest strengths. Its rich military history fosters an atmosphere of respect and professionalism, led by the cadets who attend class in uniform and preside at most school functions (including the football games). The large engineering, business, and pre-medical programs attract career-minded students who contribute to the professional atmosphere and create an excellent learning environment.


The sounds of Aggieland is the best part of A&M. Nothing compares to the sound of the Corp of Cadets drilling at the crack of dawn, the WHOOP!'s yelled by upper classmen, the Midnight Yell's, the BOOM of the cannon when our boys touchdown, the solemn silence of Silver Taps, the splashing of Pond Hopping, the soft call of "Here" at Muster, the roar of the Student Bobfire, "HOWDY!", the official greeting of A&M, the ringing bark of A&M's First Lady, Reveille, and the chants the we, the 12th Man, make at every game.


The professors at Texas A&M University are among the best in the country, in my opinion. They love to teach. If you have a question or even a theory you came up with, they are always there to listen. Keeping a good relationship with the professors is always a beneficial aspect of being a student. You learn so much more when you ask questions and, at Texas A&M, no question is a ridiculous question. I truly believe that even the simplest questions lead to a higher understanding of the material and the professors love that.


The best thing about this school is the sheer amount of school spirit. Whether its the yells at a game, midnight yell practice, fish camp, or any of the numerous traditions on campus, you always know that you are a part of the family of Texas A&M. This school spirit brings pride to your academics, builds a desire to succeed, and constructs friendships that will last a lifetime.


If I had to choose one thing, I'd have to say that I love that even though our University has over 50,000 students, our campus still maintains a very homie feel. I can go across campus and not feel lost in the abyss of college because everyone is friendly and really all enjoy being there. I like being able to stand in a line or wait outside of a classroom and have an entire conversation with a total stranger and it not be akward at all.


Students and teachers here are very friendly. School also provides a great environment for study.


The school spirit.