Texas A & M University-Kingsville Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Texas A & M University-Kingsville is a small college within a small town, the class sizes are small, but that is what i prefer, the teachers find time to talk with you during their office hours, the food is great, but can get pretty repeative, dorm rooms are a good size for me, and the university is pretty affordable.


Texas A & M University-Kingsville is an international 4 year institution that is very diverse, and there are many different characters and personalities at this school, that finding friends will not pose a difficult task.


Texas A&M Univeristy - Kingsville is a school that focuses more on engeneering and pharmacy careers.


An old, respected university that is breaking into the modern era with all the grace of your father in skinny jeans and a midriff.




TAMUK is neither a large or small school. I see it as a huge high school since the professors are readily available to help out and are within touching distance. There is a lot of renovating going on but it should be over by the time school starts back up for the fall semester. The campus is beautiful and every class is in walking distance from one's dormitory. The professors are some of the best teachers I have ever had and have taught me many new things in interesting ways. I highly recommend going to TAMUK!


TAMUK is a, though small and quiet, very inviting and warm environment of a school full of dedicated students and helpful faculty.


Texas A&M University-Kingsville can be described as a very unified, but extremely diverse, small town college, with many educational resources and limitless possibilities for its students.


I would describe my university as unique. during the day its very quite but in a fast past. people just minding there business and going to class or work. During the evening and though the night students tend to become more active. this school is diverse yet within it you could find alot of stories coming from all around. Even the janitors care about students, they are willing to listen and give advice. here, you always find people who care and understand regradless of your situation.


Texas A&M Kingsville is a nice growing college that has a lot of work ahead of itself in order to make it better.


My school is going to get me where I want to get in life.


Texas A & M University-Kingsville is a school that used to be called Texas A & I until it recently changed to be a branch of the main campus. The school here is pretty decent and cheaper than other Universities that are in Texas. It is also pretty far from Houston which is where i was born originally.


One of the most challenging and enjoyable experiences in my life.


Texas A&M University in Kingsville is an excellent school to start out your freshman year in college; the campus is not very big and the atmosphere is comforting.


My school is 2 blocks long, by two blocks wide.


Texas A&M in Kingsville is one of the best Engineering Schools in the state, it has a great campus with a friendly environment, along with many usefull places for me to study and keep my focus on persuing my career as a Mechanical Engineeer.


This university feels like a close-knit community!


Texas A&M Kingsville is a big city school in a friendly small town.

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