Texas A & M University-Kingsville Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Friendly would have to be the word to use to describe my classmates since they are always willing to help each other out if you just ask.


Well since I haven't started yet, I guess you can say my class mates are friendly. They're not my type of crowd. I don't get good vibes from them. I know that they're being friendly, but I just don't trust them. Each time I visit the campus though I always cross paths with someone who is good spirited and has morals. It's just like high school. You don't always like everyone.


most of my classmates, are just going through the motions.


My classmates are very cooperating and work well together to achieve the same goal.


Students at this campus have many divisions, but most I seen are never secluded or shy away from certain groups. The vast area of the world that our students come from is what makes it remarkable. The different groups on campus help you connect with people that share a common interest with each other. In my experiences as being a member of Chi Alpha Campus Ministries has giving me the common interest in religion with my fellow member and the ability to look at the other members and see that all of us come from very different background but we share one common interest, that make us friends and not just organization member. I feel that the interaction between all students at our campus is critical on how smooth our campus runs and operates on a daily basis.


Every student at TAMUK is unique in every way. On a daily basis I see new people, each of them different than the last. From what I have seen, practically every student here is quite intelligent. In high school I usually was the top contender in my classes but at TAMUK things are completely different. I have made several good friends by helping each other out in tough classes or with difficult professors. Right now it is summer time but I want to head back to campus soon and start meeting new people and seeing my old friends again!


The classmates that I associate with have similar goals and purposes as myself of why we are attending college to begin with.


There tend to be a numerous amount of students that don't put in the effort they should, and they are not living up to their potential


My classmates come in many varieties; some are very easygoing, some are athletic, some just want to have fun, and some are trying to complete school while also raising a family or simply returning to school.


Classmates at this school are very friendly and willing to help their fellow classmates in anyway possible or simply by making sure everyone feels like one, big, happy family.


Everyone is friendly. More then likely you will run into some great friends for the future who will help you throught college!


A difference in classroom scene is not for the faint of heart, but is a learning experience.


My classmates tend to be very outgoing, friendly, and helpful students that are focused and pay attention to the professor. They ask questions and are involved in discussions; if another student has a question, it is very commen that a classmate will help them. It is also common that classmates will exchange numbers and get together outside of the classroom to study and go over notes to be prepared for an exam or project.


They are much like myself determined and goal oriented.


Very friendly and everybody works together and asks questions. Many tutor labs available all day in many subjects.


I love my classmates. All of the music majors get along very well, and we all support each other. When I need help with something I know that they will be able and willing to help if I ask. I am a transfer student and at my last school it was not like this at all. That's why I left it, and I am so glad that I did!


my classmates are really easy to get along with and If you ever need help, you just ask the person sitting next to you and they will do what they can to help you.


The classmates were very ambitious and eager to learn and succeed.


My classmates are very collaborative and we try to help each other succeed in our classes.


students just like me

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