Texas A & M University-Kingsville Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Texas A & M University- Kingsville is known as the hoggie nation, known for its rich javelina spirit and tradition. TAMUK is known for educating and producing brilliant teachers, engineers, professionals within different colleges. It provides excellent research opportunities, very condusive learning environment. College life is made up of what you make of it and TAMUK provides such opportunities for students to broaden their horizons and have connections to help them become better members of the community we live in. TAMUK is known for producing the best leaders and positive role models such as myself.


It is known for the quality of education and the outrageous sports fanatics especially football of which I am a huge fan. This school has some rich history that few know of in south Texas.


Texas A&M University-Kingsville, or Texas A&I University as it was called when I attended, was basically known for its agricultural programs, but in time this school has also become known for its numerous traditions and diverse learning opportunities.


Form my expericen i would say that a&m kingsville is best known for being a good size shool. The classrooms allow one on one with the professor, and more likely your professor will know your name by the end of the semester. The campus isnt huge so getting to class and getting lost isnt a problems. Also this university is know for its Engineering program, which has received a high rank among the nation, making it the best school. The last thing i would say the peole you meet from all over the country. very kind and understanding people.


Our school is best known for the only south texas university with a football team. But now we are known for more than just football; our student to teacher ratio. Our small and friendly community, our achievement in research and many other things.


From what I have heard, Texas A & M University-Kingsville is best known for it's engineering graduates who finished college. I am a chemical engineer so i expect good outcomes after i finish college and graduate.


TAMUK is the oldest continuously operating public institution of higher learning in South Texas with an exceptional agriculture program. It is the only university in the USA with a javelina mascot because of its fierce and tenacious behavior; this makes me proud to be a Javelina! We are known for our friendly environment which makes TAMUK a home away from home. We have students from 35 states, 43 countries and a student/faculty ratio of 16-1, which makes learning here such a success! TAMUK is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.


My school is best known for its strong loyalty and former students associations. Secondly, it's known for promoting research and having a strong academic program.


The college I attended was best known for it's Argriculture Department. In Texas it was a way of life for the students that attended that school.


Our school is best know for its academics


We have a phenominal music program as well as a great engineering program and an incredible Pharamacy school.


It was once called Texas A&I. For Arts and Industries. It is the only university with the mascot as a javelina.

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