Texas A & M University-Kingsville Top Questions

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We are the only school to have a javelina as our mascot, which is way cool! The reason behind that is our president was bitten in the face by one and thought it should be our mascot. We are also the first school in the nation to offer a doctorate in bilingual language. The Texas A&M University - Kingsville Citrus Center developed the delicious the famous Star Ruby and Rio Red grapefruits. One of our very graduates include Eva Longoria!


Texas A&M University kingsville was the cheapest four year college in the state of Texas when I first applied back in 2006. It was also on the top 100 schools in the United States and had highly recognized programs in both Wildlife and Range Management and Engineering which I had enrolled in.


what's unique is that we are a small school but at the same time we are big in academic, achievement, and school spirit. When the students need help with any school work they are helped right away either by their professor and/or tutor available in the library. You feel a part of something when you attend here not just a student but something bigger.


The unique part of TAMUK again would have to be the pharmacy program.


We are extremely diverse in races and enthicities. We continually have campus events that celebrate holidays and customs from all sorts of backgrounds. We are also a small university that has small classroom sizes and it is extremely easy to create a personal relationship with a professor.


It has a multitude of different agriculture majors that most other universities do not have. It has a well known engineering program as well as a pharmacy one.


The engineering and music departments are EXCELLENT. They really need to invest more into the music department; their facilities are embarrassing when compared to other universities'.

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