Texas A & M University-Kingsville Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


One of the things that I brag about at Texas A&M Kingsville is that there are so many options of recreation when you are not studying. There is even a pool table in the dorms that you can just go down to use when you have the time. There are also other areas for recreation that include a swimming pool, bowling alley, and also an arcade area that includes pool tables and ping pong areas as well. There are always people out and about in these areas so you can definitely find someone to play a game or two.


The campus has brand new building and it's a small community of students.


Just that it's peaceful. I feel at home there. Nothing weighs me down. I can be myself.


Our classes are small so the proffesors can really help us when we have trouble with a problem or situation, some proffesors even help us with problems outside of class depending how well they know the students. We have the same proffesors for our major classes so they really get to know us and know our weak points to help us further at times.


I brag about the marching band and the music program in general. The professors at the university are understanding and supportive of their students. They always wnat the best for the students. Texas A&M University-Kingsville is known for the engineering department.


With my major it allows me to work with live animals at the Kleberg Research Institute, and at the Kinga Ranch. It also holds the Natural Toxin Research Institute that houses hundreds of snakes for venom research.


I just graduated with a degree in Music Education adn Music performance, and I was fortunate enough to study with some of the most amazing teacher I have ever met. Most, if not all, the teachers in the TAMUK music department are energetic and enthusiastic about teaching, and all my teachers were extremely helpful with in school and out of school questions. All my teachers made themselves available to me if I ever needed help or advise with my studies.


I enjoy talking about how great the professors and courses are here on this campus. It's exciting to be able to talk about how helpful my professors are with my education and how they not only teach well, but they take the time to get to know each student individually and help us achieve what goals we have set for ourselves. Not only are our professors elite, but they provide us with some of the most educational and well-developed instruction that I have ever experienced. We get to learn in AND out of the classroom which is wonderful.


If I have to brag about anything from my school , I brag about being the pride of south texas. My friends and I work hard to master our music and to perfect our performance. In the 100 degree heat of south texas, we march and rehearse our show as best we can without fail. We spend most of the day trying to perfect our technique. I have never seen such dedication and hard work before.


Our school choir is huge and they have a really good music program. We also have the biggest and baddest marching band in the south. There are some really good vocalists in our campus as well, myself included.


This is a friendly school, and the classroom size is perfect. The professors are excellent and they care about the students. Academic advising is awesome. I returned to school after being out for 10 years and my advisor helped me schedule my classes without any trouble. She informed me which classes to take to improve my G.P.A, and called different departments to find information. This advisor is not with us no more, but I will always remember her-Dr. Anderson. Also, I want to thank everybody in the Social Sciences department, because they are the very best!


There quite a few cute boys on campus!!!


The cost of going here and the ability to get things done with the administration.


It is a friendly laid back environment. That is eay to get along with people and every where you go people say "hi". For the most part the teachers are easy to get along with and the classes are small for a better learning environment.

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