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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I were to go back in time, I would 1st try to get my 9th grade self out of his depression sooner, so I would have never failed the 9th grade and had to repeat it. If it wasn't for that year, my GPA would've been highier when I ended high school. Within my 10th grade year i had recieved honor roll in 5 out of 6 quarters, which helped repair my GPA. My 11th and 12th grade year were pretty average, so I wouldn't change much there. I started off my high school carreer with a 0.8 GPA and with whole lot of hard work, I was able to fix it by the end of my high school carreer with a 2.5 GPA. I felt like if I was able to get over my depressing lump during my 9th grade year sooner, I would have given myself better opportunites during my senior year in high school.


If I can step into a time machine and go back to the year 2013, the year I graduated high school as a senior, the constant repetitive dialogue that I would have been telling myself would be to apply for scholarships, apply for scholarships, and to apply for more scholarships. College is very expensive. I regret the time I wasted in high school and wish that I can have those years back, especially during my senior year of high school. I was more focused on counting down the final days of my last year of high school than counting how many scholarships I have actually completed. I had a bad case of senioritis, a colloquial term used to describe the decreased motivation toward studies displayed by students who are nearing the end of their high school careers.


You don't need to worry, just take it one step at a time and make the best of your situation. There is always a way and as long as you are willing to put forth the effort you can and will succeed. Make sure to also get involved in activities that are offered at the school. This will help you get out there and make more friends. School groups will also be a great asset when you need to get some experience under your belt. There is also another major thing I need to mention, you may be intimidated you take harder classes and just take more classes in general. The truth is though that by getting as much classes out of the way earlier will make all the difference, so make sure to take college algebra so you will not have to worry about taking other maths that you otherwise wouldn't have had to. In all you have to just take the opportunities you can when they are thrown at you even if it may seem like it will make you worker harder than you would like to. You Can Succeed, just believe.


Don't get scared. You know you can do this. All you have to do is trust yourself. Know that you'll make mistakes, and that you'll learn from them. Sure it will be hard saying bye to mom and brother, but hey you're going to make something of yourself. Don't hide yourself like you usually do from people. Express yourself. You don't have to hide yourself for a whole semester until you can talk to someone. You won't get anywhere that way. You know, you can try a little harder and apply for more scholarships. It would make things a tad bit easier in the future. Know that the people there are there to help you in any way. Don't bottle it all up. It'll affect your testing. Know that your dad will be proud of you. He's looking down on you, watching you succeed. He'll always be in your heart. Don't forget that. Make the best of things. College is just a mild stone in life. Just have fun with it. Not too much fun I might add. I love you!


I would definetly make sure I knew how important my first semester would be in passing all my classes and try to the best of my abbilities from the begining. I would also make sure I understood early why I changed majors this way I could jump into my current major freshman year in order to complete school in a timely manner and graduate with the best grades possibly. I would also tell myself to start looking ahead in math courses so I can fully understand everything in calculus and later classes.


Try Harder.


I would go back and tell myself that I am making the right decision to go to school at Texas A&M Kingsville. I would tell myself not to sweat, that I can do this. I wouldn't tell myself any details that happened my freshman year of college because my mistakes made me the person I am today. If I told my senior self the formula to prevent those mistakes from happening, then I wouldn't be the same person I am.


Knowing what I know now about college during my senior year in high school I would have tried twice as hard in school to have had a higher rank. I missed the top ten percent by one person and it killed me to know I was so close yet so far away. One person made all the difference of recieving more scholarships and recieving more help. When it comes to making the transition into college from high school I should have mentally prepared myself that high school is nothing like college. So many things are different. I would have advised myself to not worry, to just sit back and enjoy the ride.


If I had to talk to that girl, standing on the brink of her college career, I would tell her to keep looking forward and not get so bogged down in the past. It is true, we take our high school and childhood experiences farther than we would like, but eventually that will pass. I would tell her that I take heart from my recollection of that determination to do better, that drive to be self-sufficient and pave my way. I would advise her, however, to take help when she needs it, and not to see that as a weakness. I would tell her to keep reading, because it is a pleasure, and it has helped so much in understanding people and coursework. I would also adivise her to keep writing, an exersize in finding clarity that she knew but I had forgotten for a time. I would tell her not to sacrifice academic pursuits by seeking financial gain. And, I would tell her that moving away from home is great until you find yourself cold and lonely, making your own root-beer float, on your birthday weekend.


I would look myself dead in the eye and with a serious timid voice tell my self that i will love philosophy and psychology and not to waist your time on deciding. I would tell myself that i was right about my choices and not to feel guilty about leaving my family to go to college. I would sit down next to myself and explain that the entire world is at tip of my fingertips and to utilize it. I would quote Ghandi "Be the change you wish to see in the world." Then i would say, "Do not get that tattoo, you will regret it."


Self, i know high school seems so easy; it's as if you're there only to have fun and learn some stuff. Maybe it's alittle harder for you because you're taking your college classes; but hey, don't take that for granted. Your school is being nice enough to help you go even closer to your goal of being a dentist. Remember to listen to all your teachers and their 'boring' lectures because one day you'll understand. Also make sure to apply to ALOT of scholarships, you will see how helpful they are. Once it's graduation day, it's all over! You will then be going into 'real life' as they say. Everything is much harder, self; you will be away from home and your friends. Once you're accepted into the college of your dreams, PLEASE don't take for granted that even if you don't pass your classes, you will still be at the university. No, it doesn't work that way, you have to give it all you've got. If you don't understand something, go to a tutor or your professor. And one more thing, NEVER GIVE UP.


Of course everyone would say cherish each moment in high school, and that is true. You do not see the people you would normally see in high school, college is a lot bigger and you do not see the same people everyday. Making new friends and meeting new people was not difficult for me to do. Personally I wish I had applied for more scholarships. College is highly expensive and on a single mothers salary it is hard on the wallet. I regret not applying, because I could be recieving money, instead I am adding stress on my mother and adding unnecessary debt to myself.


At the age of 17 I thought I knew it all. If high school was easy than college was going to be a peice of cake, right? Wrong! I put off almost every scholarship possible becasue I did not want to write an essay. It was not until I had my parents grilling down my back about how much money we did not have and how I had to apply for scholarships. Therefore, I ended up waiting until the last minute to apply for scholarships. In the end I did not get much money because my process was sloppy. Now, if I could go back I would master the art of learning to not procrastinate. In college I learned to get things done early, so I could go back and revise every last detail. Also, I would tell myself it is wise to listen to your elders because their advice can help a person in the long run. If you sit down and plan everything early on things would not be near as hard in the future.


Going back ten years as a high school senior, I will advice myself to be more active in school. Tell myself that school is not all about making good grades and studying, but it is about forming everlasting relatonships with other students, faculty and staff which will help me become ready and more prepared for the challenges life ahead of me. In college, I have learned to grow and develop as an individual. I have learned to trust people but most importantly, trust and believe in myself. One big adivce i will give me is to step out of my comfort zone, think outside the box and reach for the stars because the sky is just my starting point.


I would tell myself, to fully apply to any scholarships that were given to highschool seniors. Also to remember to turn in scholarships by their deadlines. Then remeber to always talk to your college advisor, and always introduce yourself to the professors in order to get recommendations. Also you can have fun at college, but school work comes first and dont get caught up in wild parties or the temptation of alcohol.


Dear Ben, I realize you may be a little apprehensive about leaving the little niche that you have made for yourself, but don’t be. Your vast curiosity and determination for knowledge will surpass any hardships college could possibly throw at you. Believe me, I know. It would be wise however to focus that curiosity. As much fun as having three majors and three minors might be, I doubt your father would appreciate you spending that much time in college without getting a degree. Besides, you need to save some of that money for graduate school. You always did want to save the environment and graduate school would be the fastest way doing that. The other bachelor degrees can wait until after you get a nice paying job and move out of your parent’s house. Other than that, keep being you. Your future self, Benjamin Carpentier


You are going to do great in your studies. Try to relax, don't stress out. Enjoy your experience as an undergraduate. Stay focused, and everything will always work out.


Why in the world did you not apply for more scholarships? Thats the most important thing i would tell myself. I could be enjoying myself with the extra money i would have received. I would also tell myself to get ready because college will not be easy and it will take so much time and dedication for the simplist thiings. I would tell myself not to get discuraged with whatever little hardships i come across and just take it one day at a time. Something else i would tell myself is to not do everything at the last minute and to finish my homework whenever i have some spare time. Other than that i would tell myself to just have fun and enjoy myself.


In college things are very different than what you are used to in high school. Get involved in campus clubs or organizations to enjoy the experience more. Make new friends and keep in touch with the old to keep yourself sane. Study hard but make sure to have fun as well. Help out other students who are struggling; one never knows how helping someone in need will help in the long run. Go out of your way to make life easier for yourself-do homework the day it is given and do not do it the night before. Get to know your teachers and make sure they know you. You can do this your first day by shaking their hand and introducing yourself. I did this with all of my teachers and now I have 7 references that can be called upon in future job applications. Go to campus activities because many of them are actually a lot of fun. Join the campus activity board so you can set up future activities for the student body to enjoy. Above all else, make yourself known around campus. Depending on the size of the campus, this may be challenging but worth it.


If I could have given myself advice in my senior year, I would have told myself to stop focusing so much on my social life and to start to focus on real life. The life that happens after the protected years within the high school walls. I would have told myself to fill out a FAFSA and to try and make up with my parents after that big fight, so that they could have my back while I went through some tough times trying to get enough money to pay for the simple costs of living. I would also tell myself to take care of my body and to take precautions to make sure I didn't get pregnant. It's very hard to go to college with a baby, but I'm managing. I think that I would have been more prepared if I had known those things then.


There is quite a bit of advice that I could give myself actually. First and foremost is coming out of your shell. There are thousands of new people you're going to be seeing so open up, meet new people, do new things, and make friends. Secondly, get involved in school activities. It may seem like a bad idea at first, but you would be suprised how knowing other students pays off in class. You will have other people to talk to and can help each other out with hard homework. Thirdly, you are paying for college so make the most of it. Go to the gym that you're paying to keep open, attend sporting events, band concerts, art shows. Do not make going to college a purely academic journey; have some fun every now and then. Fourthly, get to know your professors more, even the ones you think aren't the coolest person. You would be suprised about how knowing a professor well pays off. They will be more willing to give you extra credit to boost your grade, give letters of recommendation, and be references for future jobs. Good luck out there man and have fun!


If i could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would give myself some very critical advice about college life. There are a great deal of "what-ifs" and "should-haves" that I have overcome in college just within my first year. It is now too late to go back and alter those mistakes, but I have learned from them. If I could go back, I would advise myself to beware of certain temptations that could halt my college goals and aspirations. These include academic, social, and sexual temptations that could ultimatly change everything, including life-long goals. There will be many temptations to procrastinate, drink alcohol, cheat, plagiarize, have sexual relations, use drugs, and many others throughout college. I would advise myself to beware of these temptations because giving into them could destroy everything that I had worked for up until that point in time.


If I could do such a thing, I definitely would advise myself to become more aware of managing time wisely. I have never been the type to go out and party or engage in other non-educational activities but I tend to lose track of time during the day when I could be studying or getting ahead on course work. I would express the importance of keeping a planner handy, scheduling my days ahead of time, and sticking with those important deadlines. Not only would this improve my study habits, but it would have greatly increased my organization and management skills which, to me, are some of the most important to college students.


The first week is by far the hardest, but after you get past that first week, the days seem to go by pretty fast. The first semester flew by for me and I handled the transition extremely well. Get to know your professors on the first day of class. I did, and now every teacher knows who I am. Work and study hard because some tests are rigorous, and one never knows which test will be that difficult. So it would be imperative to be well prepared for each test or quiz. Classes that do not interest you will be hard to get a good grade in, so one must force the interesting parts out. Regulary walk into your professor's office during their office hours and strike up a chat. There is nothing like having a genuine conversation with a teacher that is not about class. In doing so, your teachers get to know you as a person and may even begin to like you more. Get involved with the campus! Make a change, no matter how little! Get yourself known! The more things you do, the better off you will be in the long run, I promise.


I was told upon entering college, that the first day of class professors never lecture, and only hand out the syllabus. I came into my first class in college feeling confident. I thought I knew what really went on in the school. To my surprise, my first teacher I had glided into the room, picked up a marker and started writing on the board. My mouth dropped open, and I could not believe that he did not introduce himself, and intimidate everyone with a syllabus. That's when I knew. College was not the "word of mouth" type of experience, but something to be present in. The validity of my collegiate experience could be described by my future accomplishments, and my past decisions. Yet, my favorite option is to live in the present. There have been times I have wanted to give up because I blame the professor, my parents, or my peers. It is easy for me to accept an accomplishment, but I have gradually learned to take my own responsibility for both the negatives and the positives.This idea can easily be carried on to my future professional career, which is a deeply exciting thought for myself.


My most valuable parts of college came from the experiences out of college. Since this university is part of the HACU program is was capable of sending me to three different sites for internships. The cities these internships took place were in Dallas, Buffalo, and Washington D.C. This area is very different from those other parts of the country. This was a great experience because it showed me that I want to live in Washington D.C. and helped me choose physical therapy as a career path. Although this may not be the greatest school for pre-physical therapy, this university is great at getting their students prepared for the real world. Most students must find their own way through scholarships, internships, and other types of opportunities. This seems to be a positive because when students leave this school; there will be no help with finding a job. This is also preparing me for physical therapy school, where semesters will be much more difficult. It will be easier to interact with other students, professors, or co-workers due to the fact I have been through any type of situation at this school or at the other internships.


As many people complete this essay, it will be realized that everyone has different college experiences. Some will have gotten friendship out of it. Others may get nothing of it. College for me, however, has taught me lessons in life, love, hardwork, and how they all go hand-in-hand. In order to come to college, I left behind a very close family. Before I left I was told that I was going to come to college to obtain a meaningful profession to become better and have more than what my parents could give me. I was also told that, in the process, I would learn what it is to work for something I want, how to be dependent, and realize that the love from family and friends would help me make it through life happily- even when I'm alone and miles away from home. Therefore, attending college hasn't just given me more friends or something to brag about later on in life. My college experience has made me realize and appreciate life, love, and hardwork; and, in the end, these are interconnected in order to live a happy, fulfilling life.


Through my college experience thus far, I have, above all other things, learned the importance of time-management and how it needs to become one of my best friends in the course of my life in order for me to be successful. Another thing I have gotten out of my college experience is something I have been craving which is the opportunity to be adround, observe, and interact with new people. It gives me a feeling of wholeness and excitedness. College has been very valuable to me to attend, and through the experience I have learned exactly what being on my own really means and entails. Every day I found myself in the situation similar to the way a new-born perceives the world-- as a foreign but intriguing place. I began to appreciate things that I knew was familiar yet new, that gradually I realized was something that I had once heard from my parents but did not give the time of day to try to understand because it was something I thought was their forte, not mine. I cannot wait to see what I discover next!


I chose a 2 year college to start with because I wanted to be able to get use to college life on a smaller scale. Coming from a small town this first year of college I have had the opportunity to really get to know my teachers/professors and my roommate. I believe that attending college not only prepares you for your occupation but prepares you for life. Living and going to school with people that are so different from myself will certainly help me in the 'real world'. The experience of just being fully responsible for myself and my actions is a big learning experience and will be a valuable life lesson that i don't think you get if you go straight into the workforce from high school. I plan on continuing at a 4 year university to obtain my bacherlor's degree. I don't think anything can replace the value of getting an education, not only to help myself for my future family, but to continue to help others with what I learn.


From learning how to be on my own, facing fears, finding my strengths and weaknesses, and making friends that will last a lifetime, I have gained so very much from my college experience. Granted, you also learn some of the most valuable information you ever will. This information prepares you for your career, your life, and gives you an education which is one thing absolutely no one can take away from you. Above all else an education gives an individual power; the power to think clearly, the power to make your own decisions, the power to create your own life successfully, and the power to truly pursue happiness because you know what you need and how to achieve it.


It has already open doors for me and it is a spring board for my future. I come from a home where neither my mom or dad graduated from a 4 year school. I will graduate and enjoy my college time, while I show my younger brothers and sisters that they can do it as well. It is simple, I will succeed because I don't have any other choice. Thanks for your time as time is only promised for now.


My college experience has shown me that anything is possible if you just put your mind to it. Having to focus on each semester while raising four young children was not easy, however I was determined to graduate and make my goal of becoming a certified teacher in the state of Texas a reality. The staff and faculty at this school made sure that I was able to attain that goal and were there to help every step of the way along my journey. I have learned how to juggle time and responsibility to successfully complete the goals set for myself in the time allotted. I wanted my children to see that anything in life is possible with determination and dedication. There were decisions I had to make and changes that my family had to adjust to, but in the end it all came together. Granted, I had to put some aspects of my life on hold such as social aspects, but it was well worth it, and now my family can reap the benefits of my degree. The hard work paid off and this college experience is one I will never ever forget for the rest of my life.


Growing up in a small town where opportunities, whether they were educational, financial or even social were hard to come by, attending college was not something I was going to pass up. Though Texas A&I University is also located in a small town, my experiences there were eye-opening. I learned to approach situations with an open mind and a tolerant heart. The lessons I learned during this time, both educational and social, have become invaluable and have been passed on to my own students in my own classrooms. I have now reached a time in my life where I believe I need to further my education so that I can pursue my goals to help others understand and experience their own valuable lessons in life.


I have gotten a lot of college experiance for my first semester its nothing compared to high school and the reason i say its nothing compared to high school because your pretty much on your own the teacher's don't care if you don't come to class or there not going to tell you how you cant dress and also they wont tell you anything if you have to much facial hair. And when you have to use the restroom you don't have to raise up your hand and tell your teacher that going, just walk out of the class room and go. Its valuable to attend college because you learn a lot of different stuff in your classes and you have the opportunity to make something out of you because without a degree you practically won't get anywhere in life it will be complicated for you in the long run, so thats pretty much why its valuable for me.


After only a semester here at Texas A&M University I find myself getting a better understanding on how critical thinking takes affect and how I have faced the facts that I have matured into a young responsible adult who controls his valuable time on studying, recreational sports, and more studying. Being active and spending hours of studying can really affect the way you act, whether it’s because of stress or just because you have no time for family or friends. Emotional intelligence is a vital bullet for college students. It has come to test my mind in ways I haven’t even thought of. Critical thinking has gotten me to see past the simple image and has required me to get a resourceful, structured answer for a well developed topic. Spending free time back in high school was fun, but getting to make your own schedule and writing in when you watch television or when you study gives you more responsibility, the world is what you make it. Using your Emotional intelligence to control your anger, your depression, and your troubles and leave them outside the door will in the end make you a better person.


I have learned responsibility at most. It is nothing like high school were you have your teachers telling you when your work is due. If you forget to turn it in, it is rarely accepted late. I also like the fact that you meet different people of all types of races.


Now as a Senior, i had such a great time. I remeber when I first started, I was lost and curious of many things. I wondered who would help me get though college and what was going to be planned for me as a senior. My experience here was crazy and at a fast pace. I joined organizations,( ROTC) that made me strong both mentally and emotionally. My freshman year was blind but as i started to push forward i was able to familiarize myself with my surroundings. I got a job which has helped me gain experience for my future, until now im able to work with high school students to get them on the same track as i am now. I assist them with applying for ACT exams, Finacial Aid, Scholarship and other issues to get them to get into universities. Attending college has always been rewarding, an education no one will ever be able to take away from me. With an education i will be able to further myself in life to find a career and live a happy stabled life. im greatful for what i have gained thoughout my college experience.


What I have gotten out of my college experience so far is so many things that are to explain. I have made many friends here that I can see myself being long time friends with them. Also learned the many different assets my major has to offer. But most importantly is I have been able to know my professors in a one to one leve I never expected I would be able to achieve this once I graduated high school. I have learned how to study and do my homework with out any problems, but if I ever did I knew there was always help available for me, which I take full advantage of. Also becoming responsible for myself financially and academically getting everything done on time with out hesitation. over all I would not trade these years for anything nor this university.


I have gotten a huge amount of life that i would have never gotten unless i have lived on my own, and the college experience that you can only recieve unless you attend college for the first time. There is no experience in the world like the one you experience in college.


As a freshman in college, the best college experience I've had so far involves the ever dreaded subject of English. More specifically, my best college experience is a result of an English Composition class. Due to my instructor's ingenuity, I have overcome hurdles in writing I've had as a result of high school english. Instead of writing to a standard, my teacher inspires me to write for the sake of writing. As a result, my writing has become more developed, my ideas more understandable, and my overall attitude to writing improved. Although I will not, if I were to discountinue my college education at the end of this semester, then I will leave with a more developed command of the English language in general, because of my English Composition instructor teaching me to love the vehicle of communication just as much as communication itself.


I believe I deserve to win this scholarship, because I have the motivation behind me. I have a good foundation, and I know what my goals are and what I need to achieve them. My biggest fear is failure, but it is also my motivation. It is extremely difficult trying to handle a baby, job, and school, but I know an education can get anyone practically anywhere they want to get in life. My dreams and goals for my family and I are set and I will do nothing less. I disagree with anyone that tells me that I'll never achieve it, but slowly and surely I'm proving them wrong, now entering my Junior year at Texas A&M University-Kingsville. I've filled out over 100 scholarship essays and applications, and have yet to hear from any one of them, but I have faith that there is help out there and I will stop at nothing to pursue it.


What i have gotten out of college is a sense of accomplishment. Just knowing that I am out there on my own and going to school. I have learned that education is extrememly important and is needed to find a job that I can keep for many years to come. Friends and family look up to me and ask me how am i doing it? They ask "isn't it hard?" Yes it is hard, but it has taught me discipline which I will need later on in life when I have finished school and working as a pharmacist. It is valuable to attend because one can experience different cultures and the diversity of those cultures. You learn how to stand on your own to feet and it prepares for life ahead.


Well for one thing that I have gotten out of my college experience is the need to find time to study on your own. I cannot stress that fact any more. It is not like highschool where you go to class and study time is hardly needed. College is a different process. The need to study is very important. College is very important to attend for those who want a better lifestyle for their future. Statistics state that people who graduate from college make more money than those of just a highschool degree. I plan on graduating college in the near future so the world had better be ready for my reign.


Ever since I entered Texas A&M at Kingsville it has been one new experience after another. There has not been one day where I have not learned something new. Every day has had a different lesson that has taught me something new either about the world or about myself. The knowledge that I have acquired throughout my attendance here at Kingsville is very valuable to me. Along from the experience that acquired through the college , I discovered how independent I can be. This experience was valuable because I realized what I can do on my own and what I need help on. In my first few weeks here i discovered that if there was anything that I am not good at, I would be able to improve in this college. I would not place a price on the amount of experiences that I have acquired from Texas A&M at Kingsville.


During my college experience, I have found that college has helped me focus on looking toward the future with goals in mind. College has also helped me think critically about the world that I am currently living in, and weigh the outcomes with the acts that are done to achieve them. It has been valuable to attend college because of the things that I have learned, people that I have met, and memories that I have made.


What I have gotten out of my first year of college at Texas A&M University-Kingsville will keep me set on the path towards success. Attending college has sharpened my skills and has taught me the value of truly working hard by putting in extra study hours,doing extra credit, attending all classes, talking to my professors and occasionally giving up recreational time. Knowing now that this is what it takes to be a great student, I will not do otherwise in my Academic journey. I have also developed socialably and independantly. I have met alot of people,made new friends,learned who not to associate myself with and have made good relationships with professors. I have seen people not only succeed but also fail and they have been a guide book to me. I do more things on my own and if i have a problem I discover new ways to get myself through. I have learned so much and attending college has been so valuable to me because it is making me into the person I want to be, a hardworking, friendly and succesfful person. I have learned to not strive for nothing less than the best!


College is expensive and also essential for me. I am currently enrolled at Austin Community College. Going to a community college allows me to save some money by getting my basic classes taken care of for a cheaper price. The thought of waiting a year or two to go to college was a nice idea. I could work and save money, and then go to college. But knowing how my mind works, I knew that if I waited, I probably would never go to college. Going to college is important to me. Taking classes at ACC is giving me the continued education and support that I need. ACC offers many student-interactive clubs and organizations. In fact, I have just been invited to join an honor roll organization through ACC. I am planning on transferring to a 4-year college or university and there are counselors at ACC who will help me gather the necessary documents and help in the transition. ACC gives you the opportunity to take college classes while also being able to maintain a life/job outside of school.


I was never under the impression that I was going to a University because my family doesn?t have the finances to put me through college, but they found a way. With the help of loans and grants I am able to attend college, and my experience has been one of the best things that could have happened to me. Going to college means that I am on my own; no mommy and daddy to tell me to do homework or do my laundry for me. I had to learn to rely on myself to get things done and wake up for class because no one was going to do it for me. I've learned to manage my time so that I have time to study, eat, hang out with friends, and go to work. I never had a job before I went to college because my parents wanted me to focus on my school work so when the time came to apply I would be well prepared for college life. College forced me to grow up and act like an adult because kids don't belong at a 4 year university.


First of all, study. Study more than you ever thought necessary, then study some more. To do that, you need to focus. So when studying, limit distractions - no television, no food, no talkative friends. Elimination of these distractions will aid in focusing, and that will improve the quality of your study time. Why is that important? Because you ARE capable of becoming a physician. But you have to work for it. Nothing good ever comes easy. So if you want to be a doctor, you must EARN IT. And since I know you, I also know that you won't listen. I know you're thinking "It won't happen to me. I'm too smart and lucky for that to happen.", but it does happen. I left school because it wasn't any fun. Then I lost the woman of my dreams. Then I dropped out of school. Now I'm thirty years old and starting over!! No scholarship, no girl, and tired of not being the man I am capable of. I've lost everything I care about. So listen to what I'm saying, study hard, focus do your best and never give up


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would stress the importance of applying for scholarships. It is a lot less stressful going into college knowing you already have a little bit of financial help. Often times people try to tell students that they cannot get any money because their parents make to much income, but this statement is not necessarily always true. I personally let those statements influence my decision to not apply to very many scholarships in high school. I have been in college for 3 years now and have paid both out of pocket and with loans. It puts a lot of stress on a student who is struggling to find funds or worrying about where they will get the money from this semester. Now that I am a senior and planning on going to obtain my masters degree in Psychology, I am scrambling to find scholarships to help me achieve that goal. I know now that without financial assistance my goals are not going to be possible.

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