Texas Christian University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


TCU is the best place on earth, they have everything you need.


Beautiful! Smaller than other campuses, but well-kept. The environment is amazing and there are always flowers in bloom. And the buildings all look the same except for two- Sid Rich and Moudy.


An extremely friendly, motivated, and school-spirited community.


TCU has a beautiful campus, especially the common!


TCU is a world class university that is teaching it's students to be ethical leaders and to help the world.


Texas Christian University is an amazing school that strives to educate individuals to think and act as ethical leaders and responsible citizens in the global community.


Firm relationships between students and their professors are essential and illuminating on campus providing unique connections, relationships, and fellowship that will serve the students and professors beyond their college experience.


My school is a combination of beauty and intelligence.


TCU is very friendly and laid back with a high standard for education.


TCU is all about pride, we are "horny for life!"


Its a medium size private school with a fun and energetic atmosphere with lots of available options for academic and extracurricular growth.


Texas Christian University is a school filled with energetic students, professors that are eager and willing to give you personal help whenever they can, and lots of great activities and opportunities to interact with your peers.


TCU is a university that provides and excellent experience in every facet of college life, from the dorms, to the football stadium, to the classroom.


Texas Christian University is a school that is filled with people who want nothing more than to make the world a better place, and is able to provide the tools and teachings that students need to grow and prosper.


Texas Christian University is a four-year liberal arts school like many other universities, but it's unique in it's focus on each individual student and the up-to-date facilities that can be accessed by everyone- I feel like TCU helps me as an individual to excel and pursue my areas of interest.


Texas Christian University is a small school enabling a diverse education and a place I can call my home. The school is small enough where I can have one-on-one conversations with my professor, yet large enough to participate in a diverse variety of activities. It is a place where you will always run into someone you know, and where men still hold doors open for ladies. It is an atmosphere which makes you feel as if this college is its own city.


Texas Christian University is a beautiful place, a friendly and encouraging learning environment, and somewhere to meet supportive, lifelong friends.


Texas Christian University is a wonderful University with a great sense of community and academic excellence along with an amazing athletic program that I am proud to be a part of.


TCU has the perfect balance of great academics, highly competitive athletics and a beautiful campus!


Texas' best kept secret


TCU is a small community of school spirited, Greek loving college students.


There is something for everyone.


TCU is a great, welcoming place where you can develop into your own person without having to compete against fellow students for attention or resources.


TCU is academically oriented, socially focused and an environment where students grow as people in a modern society. There's a sense of school spirit and pride that connect students across campus and even after graduation.


It is friendly, greek, loves football, and studies as hard as it plays


Overpriced for the learning experience, but amazing networking


TCU is dedicated to producing ethical leaders while still presenting opportunities for students to enjoy their time in college.


smaller size college that feels somewhat of a bubble sometimes than in the real world.


good education for too much money


TCU is rich and strongly involved in greek organizations but has great academic programs and strong school spirit.


The best choice I have made in my life!


My school has a freindly environment and is constantly updating itself.


TCU has a very friendly atmosphere!