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Describe the dorms.


I currently live in Sherley Hall. It is one of the newer Freshman dorms. I love living here. Sometimes it gets pretty loud and the community bathrooms can get pretty gross, but it's not so bad. Most of the Freshman dorms have a fairly small room you share with a roommate and community bathrooms. Some of the dorms feature bathrooms you share with your roommate and the 2 people living next to you.


each dorm is different all underclassmen dorms you will share a room with at least one other person and have community bath. upperclassmen dorm you have you own room and share at bath with no more than one person. i live one of the newer freshmen dorms as an RA and we also have a theatre


The resident halls are ok, there are rooms that are huge but there are somes that are tiny. But that's college, don't expect to have a huge room like the one at home. Most of the halls have suite-style room, which means you share the bathroom/restroom with your suite mates and roommate. Some other, like Milton Daniel, has community bathroom (the best part is: the housekeepers come in and clean it everyday). Most rooms have sink inside so it's pretty convenient. Overall I have not heard any complaints about rooms or resident halls, except when it's too faraway (Brachman)


Tiny, noisy, no privacy. Horrific community-style bathrooms still in freshman dorms. No kitchens in any dorms, and the MicroFridges in the underclassmen dorms don't cook well. No parking anywhere near the dorms. Most of them are landlocked as well, so expect a long walk in.


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