Texas Christian University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


They look similar mostly.. and unfortunately, have bought into the scam. They don't question professors, the school's process, or anything around them. They do as they are told and don't think for themselves.


Most of the students at TCU are white, but there is diversity. My Frog Camp has people that literally come from ALL around the world, which is pretty amazing. TCU has a lot of clubs, organizations from everything you can think of, from academic to any kind of interests (yes, we have Quidditch club with serious practices few times a week). There are a lot of religious people at TCU, but there is a place for everyone here.


My classmates are ambitious, persistent, funny, accepting, polite, dedicated young people who are full of life and able to see their goals and go after them with the support of their classmates, professors, and mentors while balancing school, work, and social life.


My classmates at TCU are very friendly, focused, and all talented and passionate in their own areas of interest.


The students at my school are, bluntly put, white, well-off, intelligent students. There are some common misconceptions about TCU, like the fact that our mommys and daddys pay for everything, but the majority of students here are on scholarship. Most students are conservative and involved in a Greek organization. A student who wasn't comfortable associating with these kind of people would definitely feel out of place. The boys are fratty and they dress the part. The girls are typical sorority girls and wear large t-shirts and Nike shorts to class everyday, while managing to look put together. The dining hall is very segregated, with each table designated for a different fraternity and the girls they are friends with. Most of the students are either from Texas or California, and most are financially well-off. Most girls tend to talk about how they will marry into money and most guys aspire to be millionaires.


I have had many experiences with diverse groups of people. They are all excited to be a part of the TCU Horned Frog community and they are all friendly and overall good people. I don't really think any student would feel out of place at TCU because there's something for everybody. Most students wear comfortable clothes to classes. Most of the students at TCU are from Texas, but there are also a lot from out of state and out of the country. It's cool meeting people from different places. I would say that most students come from at least middle class families or a more wealthier background, but there are many students who come from not so well off families and are only at TCU on scholarship and other financial aid.


TCU students are diverse.


Students: People: There is a large variety of people from different parts of the world, from different religions, races, and cultures. I personally know people from Paraguay, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Ecuador, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Pakistan, India, Hawaii, China, Vietnam, and more. Who would feel out of place? Absolutely no one What do most students wear to class? There is an immense variety of answers to this question because everyone dresses as they please and no one judges. There are people who dress up every day just as there are people who wear gym clothes to class everyday. Four tables in the dining hall? Fraternity 1, fraternity 2, athletes with others, internationals with others


Students are nice! Definitely a southern hospitality feel here. I know a lot of people that are different races, religions, sexual orientations, socio-economic classes and more! But you will notice that most students are white. A lot of girls wear baggy t-shirts and nike shorts- it's an ongoing joke around campus. Frat guys wear polos and button up shirts and khakis. Those looks are very common, but there are people who wear different things! Everyone interacts well. I don't think anybody would feel out of place here- they would find somewhere to fit in.


The students at TCU are diverse in many ways; ranging from across the U.S. and around the world from all kinds of socio-economic backgrounds. There is a percentage of the student population who come from a lot of money but there are also students like me who are there only because of scholarships.


I'm going to be honest here and say that most of the students who attend TCU are attractive, well-off, white people. TCU students are more on the conservative side. Most the girls tend to wear athletic shorts and a sorority tee shirt to class, nothing too fancy. Although, all the girls do their makeup for class. All of that being said, if you don't fit the typical TCU student, that's ok too because the students at TCU are really nice and you shouldn't be worried about fitting in. You'll make a lot of friends here regardless.


The students at TCU are what make this university so great. I have been an RA for three years and getting to know the different classes has been great! There are a good deal of international students and also students from out of state. I came from WI and moving to TX was a challenge at first, but the community surrounding TCU is very welcoming and living in Fort Worth is always a great place to live. I am very connected to TCU and the students, they are very welcoming and love to meet new people!


Most of the students at TCU are white, but there are diversity. My Frog Camps have people that literally come from ALL around the world, which is pretty amazing. TCU has a lot of clubs, organizations from everything you can think of, from academic to any kind of interests (yes, we have Quidditch club with serious practices few times a week). There are a lot of religious people at TCU, but there is a place for everyone here.


Most of the students at TCU are white kids with money. That being said, if you aren't white or well-off, you will stick out like a sore thumb. Most students are in a fraternity or sorority. You can't walk around campus without seeing ugly oversized t-shirts (paired with athletic shorts, or, in the winter, black leggings) advertising particular fraternities or sororities or their events. Many girls carry personalized bags by Jon Hart. Many guys (and some girls) carry North Face backpacks, and it seems like everyone wears North Face fleece or jackets during the winter. You will rarely see diverse groups of students. In the dining hall, black students sit with each other, international students sit with others from their country or region, and the rich, Mercedes- or BMW-driving students will never interact with anyone who is of a lower socioeconomic status. Most students are from Texas, and many are from the DFW metroplex. There are also a lot of students from California, most of which have money and therefore fit in (despite their socioeconomic status, they are still usually nicer than the rich kids from Texas). In addition, there are also some stragglers who come down from Oklahoma (warning: none of them are very nice). That being said, if you are not an upper-middle-class white kid, you will stand out (at least somewhat) from most of the students on campus.


My classmates are, generally speaking, well-rounded and ambitious leaders who wish to stand out in any and every environment they are placed in.


My classmates are usually hardworking, always volunteering, and always supporting TCU sports.


Classmates are very helpful and willing to share notes or set up study groups.


My classmates had positive attitudes when it came to their academic studies, as well as the classroom peers.


My classmates are very intelligent, witty, and extremely diverse.


People think that TCU has one population: the sorority girl and the fraternity boy, but our students represent many ethnicities, cultures, economic statuses, and gender, and everyone can find their place here.


My classmates are very participatory, meaning everyone is involved in some kind of activity whether it be social, academic, athletic, community service oriented, etc.


My classmates are interesting and diverse, with a real desire to learn.


A mix of different backgrounds, though mostly the same. All very friendly though.


My classmates are film majors who tend to be quirky, kind, sarcastic, and love movies. 99% of them are not Greek, though over half my school is.


Amazing people, life-long friends can be found at this school, and everyone is goal oriented.


All of the students there are great, best kids on the planet.


There are specific types of people, the majority of them are rich greek kids who wear the same uniform of t-shirt and work out pants. Then there are people who have their own style. But everyone in for worth is so nice and actually care about each other. Much different from the place I grew up.


Really eager to learn, great to get along with


I like them because I fit in with them; I would hate them if I did not.


My classmates are either rich, snobby and conceited or hard-working and genuine (it's usually a hit-or-miss kind of thing).


Accepting and humorous because we are social work majors or on the same scholarship.


My classmates are very freindly and outgoing, we tend to do many things outside of the classroom that help develop lasting friendships.




Students at TCU are enthusiastic about school and learning and it's easy to tell that we enjoy our lectures!


Disverse, liberal, but willing to accept me the way I am


Standoffish, most don't interact with others., and I'm shy so that may not help.


Nice, smart, intellegent, and helpful.


white, too much money, some friendly, some stuck up, mostly girls (ratio is bad), overindulged, take their secure life for granted


My classmates are intelligent, focused, but friendly.


Well traveled, interesting, smart, and upper middle class or above


My classmates are diverse but mostly upper class frat/soriorty girl


This is one of the most unique things about TCU. It is important to join a club of some sort to get involved on campus. I am a very religious person and have gotten involved in a local church as well as a ministry for middle school and high school kids. I have gotten to know a lot of different people through organizations and classes, but I know that each person is different in their own ways and try to accept it. Students are predominantly from right-winged, middle-class families, but each student has his or her own opinion that brings forth several perspectives.


TCU has a good amount of diversity, and I think most people can find groups that they are able to fit in with. Most students don't dress up for class. You can find most girls wearing workout type clothes during the day, and most guys wearing basic shorts and t shirts. Most of the people I know that go to TCU are from Texas.


I am actually a Student Body Officer on campus and I could not be more proud of this honor. I have served in this position for two years and have enjoyed every moment of it. Our student body is very unique and we pride ourselves in that. upon entering the main dining hall, you might see athletes, fraternity men, band students, members from the religious organizations on campus, sorority women, and students who opt out of organizations to focus on academics. No matter what you do, who you are, and what you believe in, TCU is the place for you. A great majority of students are from Texas (probably over 60%) but I have friends from other states and even other countries. Financial backgrounds vary as well - some students have private jets and other students, like myself, are quite content driving a Hyundai. There is a very strong support for all sides of the political spectrum - we have had several politicians and guest lecturers on campus and have seen a surprising support at all events. Students at TCU are driven - they look forward to the future and take pride in their Horned Frog roots.


There are a lot of white and close minded people on this campus. The other half of the campus however is made of tolerant, accepting and diverse people. I think it actually is pretty even between the two groups, avoiding any kind of major issue. There are issues about homosexuals not being comfortable being open on our campus and also a lot of negativity towards the football team. This is because most of the black students on campus are only there for sports and consequesntly the sports players get a lot of undeserved benefits that academic scholars do not get (i.e. paid for meal plans, picking classes befor honor students, better dorms, etc.)


the student body is very diverse and the sga has great representatives


You are greek or not and that divides part of the campus.


TCU is mostly white. Anyone can tell that from just stepping on TCUs campus. it would be nice for some more diversity, but I know TCU really does try as hard as possible to make the student body diverse. Main groups are separated into fraternities & sororites, the few asian/indian exchange students, black people, and non-greeks. I would have to say that stuff is pretty segregated nad people usually stick to their main groups.


We are not a really diverse campus. Most people who attend TCU are middle to upper class white males and females. And it shows around campus everyday. I'm currently in summer school at TCU and I have been around the most diversity I have ever been around in my two years at TCU. I'm living next door to three African American track athletes. It is a new experience for me, especially because I'm use to living in the sorority house.


i feel like most students here have a lot of money. i feel that the students that feel out of place are the ones who arent rich and are of a race other than white. most students wear polo shirts/nike workout shorts/big tshirts to class, of course complete with the jon hart bags. i, along with most others, notice that all of the black people know and hang out with each other. every time i see two on campus, they wave and talk... i swear they all know each other.