Texas Christian University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


TCU is best known for winning the Rose Bowl in 2011, and also its strange mascot. A few media blowouts have also given TCU a not-so-fantastic reputation for drug problems, a facet of the school that is easily avoidable and forgotten. As an insider, TCU has an excellent reputation for its near ivy league academics, highly competitive acceptance rate, and top ranking business and nursing schools.


TCU is probably best known for the school spirit on and off campus. If you say you're a graduate from TCU at a job interview or something, people are very proud to say they went there also.


The Tree Lighting before Christmas. We have a huge tree in the Commons and everyone comes out to see it light up. Mr. and Mrs. Clause come, there are carolers, and there is an endless supply of hot chocolate. And reindeers!


It seems that TCU is best known for its athletic programs. It's great being at a small school that has the capability to compete with the bigger schools


TCU is mainly known for its excellent business school, its amazing football team (Rosebowl champions!!!), a big Greek life, and a big support toward all sports. It's also known for being a midsized university with great individual care.


Texas Christian University has an excellent, well-known business school and journalism school, however, at the moment we are best known for our football team.


My school is very well known for academics. It is very career based and people are willing to try new things. Teachers encourage students to take part in leadership roles and be involved on campus.


TCU Football, Neely School of Buisness, Harris College of Nursing




Football games, and things to do with your friends.


The school has a very strong science and business school. The nursing school puts out a huge percentage of nurses in the area.


Fine Arts, Engineering, and Nursing


The Neely Business School seems to be the most popular aspect of TCU. It also coincides with they stereotypical student: in a frat/sorority, rich, and white.


The Neely School of Business and their Nursing program. These are the msot difficult programs to get into on campus. However, from listening to students who are in these colleges it's worth it in the end.


fraternity and sorority life


Football, the nursing school, the business school, a great theatre department, small class sizes, great professors, beautiful campus, greek life.


Horned Frogs LaDamien Tomlinson Ranked #11 this year in football


Having extreme pride. Bleeding purple! Some spoiled rich kids. Beautiful Campus. Horned Frogs.


The Neeley School of Business. It is ranked nationally and provides multiple programs for students on campus. Some of the brightest students here decide to give most of their time to the business school programs.


Ladainian Tomlinson and Bob Schieffer


Rich, beautiful girls and LaDanian Tomlinson


nursing and buisness and health studies (chemistry biology nutritional science etc). Also greek life is a big thing. It's great because it's a smaller size so it's more of a family and if u dont know someone you will somehow know someone they know. It's not too small though and everyone can find a little place to fit in.